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Ask me mannnn (:
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Add a pic of you pls
Add a pic of you pls
H  reagan
you meant what
You are a beautiful person inside and out. :)
ty xx
well the skype videos say otherwise
stop saying dat. zayn loves perrie no matter what.
zayn is still a cheat
noo no way the videos of ant and zayn are here.. were u not on for the drama last night when these were posted? lmao
probably i was sleeping hahah
havent heard about any drama sorry
Anthony Riach deactivating his twitter just confirms that the videos are of him and zayn
asdfghjkl ty x
just saw you on ask and even tho we don't know eachother, I can tell you're perfection. A girl like you is one in a million, and I can't let this opportunity pass me by. <3
aww you're so cutie xx
What do you notice when you walk into someone's home for the first time?
you are beautiful xx
ty xx
Hi :) Assalammualaikum , mcm mana raya ? :D
You're rude. Byeee
im not mannnnnn.
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Can I see your tits out of a bra? I would love to see them sorry xx
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Who do you trust more, your friends or your parents?
parents ofc
what's your name on facebook?
do you really need it? i thought she holds vibrator in her hand
Can I see your tits in a bra?
can you please ask me sweetie?<3
no sorry xx
haha ok thank btw
no probs x
haha you say it's good haha idk if i should ;d what if he wants sth more?
just say him you're not ready or you just don't wanna do it. :')
Aw thanks for the compliment (;
yawn you're bored.
Hahaha jealous! My bf wants t lick me Oo
go for it bbe heh x
Haha didn't denigh it
go away bitch, none likes you.
The best thing that ever happen to you
is dat a question idk ima confused