Ursula Presgrave † @UrsulaPresgrave
Ursula Presgrave † @UrsulaPresgrave
21, straight as a bendy straw, anti christ & humanity disgusts me. Subscribe your twats off. http://www.facebook.com/ursula.presgrave27
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You should get a tumblr, won't get banned constantly there and i bet you'd get an army of followers coz you're actually interesting
Nuh can't be asked, thank you for the compliment though.
Inboxed you on facebook might be under other x
Do you own any sex toys?
You should star in a porno..
Uh no
shaven or a strip?
Wearing underwear; yay or nay?
Since your TV debut how many desperate offers for sex have you had ?!  Charlie Evans
A lot.
That Madeliene McCann jibe you made was wrong on so many levels. Do you regret it now?
I regret nothing.
you're a tart
I'm not made out of jam.
Did you really hate the call centre as much as your making out?
Hate is an understatement, I despised the circus run by a fat oaf self indulged grim senseless bloke called Nev.
Im gay n i wud go shopin wiv u neday as long as you take me in and out of loads of shops and show me how you shop il bring my card mwah x
Welcome any day x
I like shopping too , I want to go shopping with you and you can spend some of my money x
I wouldn't want to spend your money I'm not a scrounger but by all means if I knew who you were we could go shopping.
what do you have pierced?
A fair few places.
Do you play an instrument? Which?
I don't play none.
i loved you on the call center !!
Do you talk to yourself?
Fuck no
good work on dealing with that call centre dickehead
do you fart a lot?
Do u like sex in morning look :p
No cause that's an ugly look
Do you like me licking ur bum hole
Ew creep
What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done
Pissed in a blokes mouth.
Yeah you ever played with yourself on snapchat over someone xx
Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?
Most definitely.
What's your Instagram?
It says on my last post on Facebook.
What kinda guys dyou usually go for?
Definitely not the kind that sit behind an anonymous button enquiring about my preferences.