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When will we bake our totally innocent cookies?

Well you know, when they aren't looking. >:)

Do you even like Snorlax?

William Sanders

Oh, I love Snorlax, one of my favourite kanto Pokémon, in fact!

How much wood wood a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Doomed Follower

Woodchucks don't ACTUALLY eat or throw wood. Instead, they eat grasses and insects and pretty much everything else at ground level they can get their hands on.

Would you rather control time or space.

I would rather control time, because I really want to see how I was as a child. Apparently I was a wild child, so I want to see that firsthand.

Can I kill you with it then

Only if you want me to overheat yo ass.

Why do you like volcanora so much.

Well, ever since Black and white was still leaking in japan, I fell in love with Volcarona, and I really just loved it's moveset and type. My favourite Pokémon till this date!

What are you most proud of?

The day turned 18, a great memory!

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