Vernesa SugarAddict @VernesaSugarAddict
Vernesa SugarAddict @VernesaSugarAddict
Have you seen my bear Tibbers? OwO
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Wah lao. take so long to reply. Anywayz. Glad you are back!!! ^^
Sorry :x Cause I deleted the app awhile back since I haven't been receiving / answering any questions :x
why malaysian girls is better than local girls?
Hmmmm I have no idea why anyone would think that . I think local / Malaysian girls are both fine. OAO
Any tips on how to look better in photos? OAO
I did think the camera angle is very important! And always find a bright place your photos! Nature sunlight is always the best! (:
Do you have any favourite local cosplayers?
Yes! I don't know many of them personally so I just admire them from afar ;x
Who is shorter? Vivian or you? :3
If you happen to meet the both of us at a event, you will know owo
what is ur lol name
Is it hard to you to cosplay at the beganing or it was difficult ?
Hmmm it was slightly tougher at the beginning given that I had to learn to do my own makeup, buy my costume, fix my wig and what not.
Happy new year Vernesa~~  Nicholas tan
Happy New Year :X
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can u cosplay kurumi from date a livr
I don't think I actually fit Kurumi. And... she's isn't my favourite DAL character.
So, nope. I'm not cosing Kurumi.
Any advice for having bangs? I've never had bangs before but i thought I'd give it a go. Do you have any good advice on how long it should be, or any styling tips/advice on how to keep it looking nice? :)
Hmmm, I don't actually have any tips. I been really lazy and I'm actually pretty bad at hair styling 8'D
I know it it still early but whats ur plan for 2015? :D
To my life back together back in one piece.
2014 was a horrible year and I hope things finally get better in 2015.
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Best League Of Legend Friends, 5 of them
What kind of fake lashes do you use?
What kind? Hmmmm the lashes I currently use is either from Daiso or Dollywink! OwO
Hello!! What are you going to cosplay as at afa ?
My only confirmed plan at the moment is Kotori from Love Live! Winter uniform Ver. (:
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Who is Halim to you!
A good friend who I have not seen in a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time.
Or at least not anymore.
What sites can we see your cosplay pics?
Hmmm world Cosplay!
Do you miss halim
Yes I do, hahaha. He is very nice to have around. His positive and happy aura always make me feel better (:
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Are you a blogger?
Nope. I cannot maintain the habit of blogging. More of a Instagram-er.
Sorry if this is personal but why did you remove some pictures with your bf on instagram? OwO the two of you looked really sweet together ^^ you two still do though :3
Eh... Several personal reasons , haha.
Thank you, we appreciate it ^^
You're really pretty *.*
Thank you o////o
are you from East View? (:
Yep, I'm from East View a long time agog
Do you use double eyelid tape or glue? If yes, mind sharing which brand you use? Domo arigatou! *^-^*
Nope, I don't use double eyelid tape or glue~
Where do you get your cosplay costumes from?
Usually from Taobao ><
Will u be attending EOY this weekend?
Hmmm, I should be. Just unsure of if I'm going on both days. @@