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Vernesa SugarAddict @VernesaSugarAddict
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Have you seen my bear Tibbers? OwO
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are you from East View? (:
Yep, I'm from East View a long time agog
Do you use double eyelid tape or glue? If yes, mind sharing which brand you use? Domo arigatou! *^-^*
Nope, I don't use double eyelid tape or glue~
Where do you get your cosplay costumes from?
Usually from Taobao ><
Will u be attending EOY this weekend?
Hmmm, I should be. Just unsure of if I'm going on both days. @@
How old did you start cosplaying xD  Tsubaki Hibino☆
Hmmm let just say I started pretty late compared to other coser. ><
What cosplays of mine do you like the most?(just asking because I am curious hahaha)
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Hello ^o^ Would like to ask how did u start cosplaying? I really liked ur cosplays and feel like trying cosplaying too!! But I have no experience wif makeup and no friends to cos with >< did u start out as a group haha, thanks for replying in advance!!
Hey! I started cosplaying because one my friend needed a partner for Cosfest. She knew I was interested to cosplay so she called me up and ask if I wanted to tag along with her.
Thank you for liking my cosplays! >////< /honoured/
Eh, it's fine if no experience with makeup and no friends! When I first started, I didn't know anything about makeup. My makeup was real bad and I didn't have any makeup then. (Refer to photo below) My friend used her whatever she had on me and I tried my best to figure out what each product does - not very successful though HAHAH. But I went to learn how to apply makeup through reading magazines and tutorials on youtube! There are many helpful tutorials on youtube. If you prefer picture tutorials, you can google them! There are many people who put up tutorials! (: And, you can always meet new friends during your first events! I didn't know anyone but my friend when I first started but after awhile, I started to meet new people.
Most important is, don't be afraid and have fun. We all start somewhere.
If needed, you can always send me in a tweet or pm! ^^
Hello ^o^ Would like to ask how did u start cosplaying? I really liked ur cosplays and feel like trying cosplaying too!! But I have no experience wif makeup and no friends to cos with >< did u start out as a group haha, thanks for replying in advance!!
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Yumii59610 add me please :)
I dont mind adding but I need to know who you are first~ owo
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do you have beetalk ? if have what your id ?
Nope, I don't use beetalk. :X
I've heard of it but never used it before .
Is your boyfriend handsome to you?
Yes he is.
He may look really dumb or old sometimes but still cute. That's why he's my boyfriend. /laughs/
Are you going to cos Nico from Love Live? I think you suit her very well :)
Hmmm, as of now I have no plans to cos Nico from Love Live! ><
I considered cos-ing her once but I decided against it because I have other plans.
What is the strangest dream you've ever had?
I started watching CSI Miami recently and there was this episode about a hurricane.
That night I dreamt of myself running from a hurricane. I thought I was going to die LOL.
I hope this is weird, hahaha :X
Do u speak Japanese
Not really. I can only make really simple
hi, bye conversations. @@
Have you kik or skype ?! :D
I don't have KIK but I do have Skype (:
What's your favorite thing about where you live?
3 shopping malls. Hell yeah. 8D
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You have a youtube channel?
It's not really a channel, more like an account. I don't post anything there.
Actually I know you from all 3. We met in school, added on Facebook and introduced you to League.
Introduced me to League? OAO
Well, there is only one person who introduce me to league and he always make me want to be a better player. I guess somehow he's the one of the reasons why I'm still playing League. OwO Still trying myself to catch up and/or be better than him -3-
Are you single? Can I ask you out?
I'm attached so, nope.
Yes you do
How did we know each other? League, Facebook, school ... Etc.
Want to guess who am I
OAO hmmmm. Do I know you?
hello senpai! your cosplay photos are very nice~ do you mind telling me how you contact the photographer? is it through sgcafe or how do you do it? I was hoping a senpai would help a newbie like me! much appreciated x
Hellohs! Thank you! @////@!
I contact the photographers I'm shooting with through facebook. I'll leave them a message and ask about if they are available and if they are interested to help me shoot the character. OwO
I hope this helps! <3
Are u all performing tmr? =0
Nope ~
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Is your team going for cure festival on both days?
Nope. We'll only be there on Saturday (; We have our own respective plans on Sunday.
hey whats upp,are u gonna go to cure festival next weekend and if so what are u cosplaying
Hi (: I might be going down to Curefest with my team. Hmmm, The characters we will be cosplaying are still a secret! ><!
Sorry anon!
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