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Have you seen my bear Tibbers? OwO
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big eyes
Hmmmm? OAO
What is something you find hard to stop once you have started?
Once I pick up a good book, I can't stop reading it until I'm done with it.
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Fries or potato chips?
OAO is this a trick question?!
I can't.... GAH. Potato chips I guess, for the sake of variety QAQ
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Favorite old Chinese song? :D
Depends on how old is old to you. :X
Not sure if this is considered "old" but I do like Jay Chou's zui chang de dian ying (the longest movie) a lot.
When are you cosing yoshino? ~
Hmmm, I hope I can get the costume by cosfest. Gonna spent the earlier half of the year on Suzuka, Yuki and a secret character . ><
Do you wear your costume and wig to photoshoot? like on mrt
Dependent on the character I'm cosplaying. (:
Eg. Namine's dress is pretty ordinary looking so I usually wear it out if I'm cosplaying her for an event or photoshoot.
What's the best cheese to eat with crackers?
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lol...? *if double post then sorry, my internet is in problem T_T  Andika Pramudita
:X I don't get most of them but thanks~!
Haha, no worries about double post~ (:
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I'm fine too ! :D How old are you ? :3  Samirophile ♥
I'm 80.
Nah, just kidding.
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How are you ? (^O^)/  Samirophile ♥
I'm fine I guess @@
How about you? (:
You're too skinny, vanessa o_o
Nope. I actually still have yet to lose the weight I gained during my internship (╥﹏╥)
And anon... It's Vernesa, not Vanessa (>人<;)!
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Hellooooo ! :3  Samirophile ♥
Hellohs ~! (^ω^)
imagine we both trapped in the elevator and u need to fart? what u gonna do?
imagine we both trapped in the elevator and u need to fart? what u gonna do?
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Your eyes looks so big~~~~~ xD  Peh Xisheng
The power of contact lens 8D
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What do you usually eat to maintain your f igure?
I try to minimize my rice intake and resist the urge to snack.
Eat slowly.
But do not stop eating entirely. That will only cause gastric problem @@
And trust me, you will not like having gastric problems.
How small is your waist? You have a small one *3*
It's not small, you can trust me on that.
/cries in a corner/
Teach me to be skinneh pwease T.T
The most important thing is to exercise! But if you're lazy like me and you're too lazy to do so then try to walk more and watch your diet! (:
Height and weight? No offense
Height: 170
Weight: 40
.... I wish
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Ohh finally~~~ Tskkk. T_T
I thought it might have been someone else QAQ FORGIVE MEEEEEE ~
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You forgotten ? ): my club !!
Kawaii Caleb Fan Club?! OAO
Where's my chairman of my fan club??
OAO hmmmm?
Where's all my fan girls?
Not exactly sure if fans have gender but you can ask the salesperson at your local electronic stores (e.g Courts )
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Genius Detective Vernesa. xD  Peh Xisheng
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Jie !!! HELLO
OAO hellohs~?