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Hey Victoria! My name is Leah. Will u attend the kca?
Hi Leah! Yep;)
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When will Season 2 aired?
Unknown yet.
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I love you too. Xo
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Have you seen the trailer for Paper Towns? I LOVE it and I love the book too.  Taylor Raimer
Not yet.
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cake or pizza ?  Vicky Masuma #
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I dont know if you use this at all but i wanted to say that you are extremely beautiful and everyone is jealous of you and your personality as well. It would mean a lot if you answer this, but i understand that more than likely you won't. Thanks though. Hope everything works out with your career  Nick
Hi. Thank you so much for your kind message, I appreciate this, your love and support, all that I do, I do with all my heart and with great desire.
Every day I get a wonderful message from my fans, and it motivates me to positivity and love.
Have a great day. Xxx
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You're beautiful in your own way, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ♡ If you need someone to talk to, i'm here. I'm ready to listen, i'll be your friend. ღ If you need advice, don't be shy to ask me. I love you, always put a smile on your face because you look even more beautifuller.  Vicky Masuma #
thank u sweetheart. much love x
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Your/s name is Dawn? :))
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oh how I wish we're friends!
We are:)
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When comes out eye candy?
January. 2015
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Do u miss being on victorious? Ily
yes I do
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you love someone ? and why you love him ?
I love u
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I love you  Jenniferaam
love u more aw
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Vickyyyy!! I love u so muchhhhhhh❤️❤️ u'r perfect.. The perfection itself .. I want to be like u!
thanks so much. I appreciate❤ love yourself
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Mercedes amg or BMW m6
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I would like to be in your tour!
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have you ever been in rome?
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Love you Victoria❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  Giada Tonini
love u too
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Photo please
Photo please
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what is eye candy?
New movie
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Love you victoria your so pretty and I love your show victorious
thanks so much❤
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i love you Victoria❤️  Nicolò Cartieri
Love u too x
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My mother's name is Fatima .. lf you r brave.. tell us your mother's name :)  Hassan Suliman
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❤️victoria❤️ I love you sooooo much! You're so pretty and so beautiful! You're my idol! Kiss From Italy! ~Costy~
Aww thanks so much,means a lot to me❤
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