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Luvv uu <3  3Minna
love u more
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Hey beautiful (:  Jason
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Omg I love you, Victoria.
Love u more
selfie for me bc today is my bday <3  Zendaya's and Bella's photo
happy bday,have a good day❤
selfie for me bc today is my bday <3
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do u have a tattoo?
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Can u sing in video gold please
I'll make one, but now i'm super busy on some projects
how I wish we were friends
we are
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Ti voglio bene ❤️! "Ti voglio Bene!" would be like "I love you" only in Italian ❤️ you're SO pretty! Kiss kiss from Italy ❤️  Follow Your Dreams
ti voglio bene❤
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You want to talk me?
and u?
how are you? <3 i'm italian <3
i'm good,thanks
I love u bae  Chris White
love u too
Your my inspiration to achieve my dream and I thank you from the bottom of my ♥!!! Love you sooooooo much, Xxx
thank u so much,love u too
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hi Victoria do you like Italy?
i do
Hi victoria <3 <3 <3 I love you <3
hi,love u too
Hiiii ❤️❤️❤️ U'r so beautiful! I love you! A big hello from Rome ❤️
Much love to my friends from Italy❤
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Selfie plz!! Ps I love u ❤️❤️
Love back❤
Selfie plz!! Ps I love u ❤️❤️
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I will do everything to make myself known to you!  ~fizzy❤
U did it
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Is this really you?  Alex Sprague
Really am
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Hi Victoria. Its my birthday today, and your my favorite star❤️ my biggest dream is that you answer this❤️  Jenta
Happy birthday!
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Hi Victoria  Khalique Styles
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Hey guys! So i am finally here,and i missed u'all  Victoria Justice
Hey guys! So i am finally here,and i missed u'all
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My Italy! Aww,youuuuu
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How often do you smile?
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hi victoria!! how are you? <3 <3  Carmelo D'Angelo
great wbu?:)
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I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️  Jenta
love u too x
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