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Hi gov! Pansin mo naman akooo :p

Hi. Ang tagal na neto pero Hi pa rin :P

kelan last sex mo? hihi

Wtf. Hahahaha last week? :P

Hello, Gov! May expose ka na naman po. Hehe.

Tungkol ba to sa recent fb post ko? Lol. Oo eh. Medjo nainis lang ako sa nalaman ko. Ganun talaga sa politika.

How did you move on from your past?

Tough question. I'm definitely not in the mood to answer. Next.

Good Morning. :D Stay Safe.

Thanks naman!

hi. :) keep safe.

Yow! Thanks!

maliban sa current girlfriend mo at kay anne curtis-smith, sino pa ang naging crush mo? name them

Ah eh

Sino crush mo? :D Aside sa mga artista and the likes

Lol. Intriga man. Haha. Next question please

Describe your life in five words?


what does the fox say? :P


nagkiss na kayo ni mae?

Again, I don't kiss and tell.

Kailan kapa hindi virgin?

None of your business, I guess.

Nagkiss na kayo gf mo sa lips?

I don't kiss and tell.

Anong masasabi mo sa mga girls na mag shorts, sleeveless, dress pagpunta town? Do you label them as "malandi" agad?

It's their taste of fashion. Society must learn to dwell with it. So long as she knows how to carry it with much moral and self-respect.

Ma'am Marylou Cirilo

THE GREAT, Mam Marylou Cirilo. She has to be the best English Teacher I have ever had in my life by far simply because she does not only capture the attention of the students with her captivating style in teaching, but also, she could surely touch your soft side with her motherly care, in terms of advice, and even when you meet off-campus. She's so devoted to her field that she wouldn't mind skipping her lunch break just to attend to the needs of her students. I personally, am a testament to that. If ever i'd be given a chance to choose who among my teacher would I want to be my mother, it is definitely her. She does not only educate your mind. She touches your heart and life. She's gives too much attention on her students, that she would always remind us to be more refined with what we post on our social networking accounts. You call that invasion of our privacy? I call that being a concerned mother. After all, she wants our dignity and our image to be maintained. At the end of the day, wherever my journey will lead me, she will be a part of my life every time i'd look back to how it all started.


I'd rather keep it within me. I don't want other boys will fall in love in the way I describe this one in a million lady. In short, she's the rarest fine <3

brian Rodri?

The EARS! Hahaha. A teacher whom I have never been fortunate to be under his class. But that didn't hinder us from being very close friends. If there's one thing I admire the most about Sir, it is perhaps his ability to inspire me because of his openness in praising me on my achievements and for telling me that he's very proud of me. He was one I consider my deepest mentors in high school. And forever, as I look back to my high school memories, he will always have that scene in the picture. :)


Definitely no.


Ooooooh. Intense.

kita naka sa chito neri?

Hindi eh.

Jessibel casamis?

WAAAAH. Okay. Dapat seryoso ito. Haha. So, here.. Ma'm Casamis is one of the few highschool teachers who I consider my lifetime mentor. I highly appreciate her way of speaking words that'd definitely get through your system and mostly, your ego. Though in a positive way. I'd forever be grateful an blessed to have been mentored buy her. Lifetime lessons, indeed! :)


The thing I would not indulge and devote my life's focus into.

Dee Vargas

The ever sweet-childish-chick friend of mine. Yeah. She remains to be my friend despite of the "almost" love affair we had. I don't know. Maybe, we're better of than friends :)


Hahahaha. Wala akong matandaan. Pero diba eto yung artistang parating nasa gitna ng Solar System? Yung kalbo na may pedestrian line sa noo? Hahaha Dejoke.

Joni Amora

The immature teacher who happens to be the bestfriend of the entire student body. Hahaha. Immature in such a way that she'd always act childish but in a sweet way. It never annoys us, though. Perhaps it is because of the charm she has. But most importantly, on a personal note, she's always that mother-sister-teacher person who wouldn't be hesitant to tell you about your mistakes in a light way. And I appreciate her for that. We may have had rough times when I was still her student, but I'm glad we're able to catch things up with the lost times and starting anew and building a better relationship as "barkada". Though the respect of mine towards her as a teacher will always and forever be there. :)) I just love this gal :)