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Who was the last person you kissed?
i can't remember kissing anyone EVER before. maybe my mom but that was AGES ago
Who is the craziest person you know?
Julia Mari Codera ^_^
How do you communicate most with your friends?
facebook chats :)
Have you ever got into trouble with the police?
What celebrity irritates you the most?
famewhore, two-faced, liar
What is your opinion about same gender relationships?
actually, i don't really have an opinion about them.
kung makakapag-varsity ka, san ka mag-aaral???
uste or admu.
Where should you never take a first date?
best volleyball player ever ?
Rachel Anne L. Daquis.
Who would you call first if you won the lottery?
mom. or dad.
What smell brings you back to a childhood?
the smell of bread bc food
Who is the cruelest person in history?
Do you prefer Instavideo or Vine?
vine because they're funnier
If you could be half man half animal, which animal would you choose?
a tigress
What should a real woman be able to do?
make people speechless :)
What is one thing that many people don't know about you?
i'm supposed to be in Grade 6 this year :3
What is the Universe made of?
planets, comets, stars, orbits, moons, and the galaxy
What have been the most important decisions in your life?
to continue playing volleyball i think
What's your favorite seafood?
no i dont like seafood
Are you afraid of falling in love?
Do you care what other people think of you?
yep a bit
What things do you use every day?
phone for music because music is <3
Do you talk to yourself?
hell no
What makes you really sleepy?
boredom and medicine.