can i make suggestion about your youtube thumbnails? maybe change the number from the bottom right to the bottom left? it gets cut off by the timecode. not a big deal but yknow

Ohhh, that's a good idea and something I hadn't noticed! Thanks a lot for pointing it out :)

So, what do you think is a good horror series of games besides SH? I'm looking for something in that vein, but I don't have much experience in that genre, and I trust your opinion a lot. Cooper Miller

Nothing is really quite like SH, for sure. Closest thing is probably the Siren series, which is honestly TOO SPOOKY FOR ME because I hate ghosts a lot. Not a lot of games make me nervous like SH did, but I've still had a lot of fun with other horror games. I mentioned a few horror games that I generally like in this question here:

What's this rando's point? Are you secretly not-a-good friend, and lying about your personality on youtube?

Dunno! And I don't know where you got those friendship/fakery ideas, but HEY, maybe that IS what he's going on about and I just can't comprehend it because he can't keep his argument going for long enough without being distracted OR answer any question in a manner that is clear and concise, so he can't communicate whatever his purpose is here.

How do I accept my mom for being an Inuyasha poser? She keeps saying she loves Kagome but I don't even know if she's watched a single episode. It's tearing our family apart :( Also she keeps saying she's a furry because "she likes his cat ears" and I don't know how to have "the talk" with her.

We all dread "The Talk" with our parents :( Just be brave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off: absolutely play WKTD if you can. it's really amazing and not too long. Second off: what are your favorite non-SH2 horror games? Kind of in the mood for some recommendations, and I thought I'd ask someone with Good Taste.

I hope to play it soon!

Ummm does Deadly Premonition count? haha. I liked Soma a bunch, I liked Dead Space 1 and 2. I've played (and loved) the post-4 Resident Evils, but haven't really given the older ones a decent shot yet. Amnesia and A Machine For Pigs were pretty good too. I'm not big into the jump-scare focused ones, ala 5 Nights At Freddy's or Slender or whatever.

Is it *possible* that this rando is just such a huge fan of yours that they are willing to, Andy Kaufman-style, create and a rambling crazed character just to convince ("neg"?) others into supporting you? Jenjabenja

BY SAYING THIS, YOU ARE SYCOPHANTIC IN THE EYES OF THE ALMIGHTY ANON. Also nah, bizarro-supporting me would be a whole new uncomfortable level of absurd.

I am sorry, Void... uh... Burger, if that's your real name, but according to *pulls out calculator* calculations, you are only allowed to make THIS MUCH based on your output, I say this as an EXPERT on all content matter, please understand, I only want to PROTECT your fans from YOU!


Have you you looked at Umbrella corps at all? That game came out of no where. T. Ryan Arnold

No actually, I should probably check it out!

How dare you accept money from people who give it to you of their own free will and accord, when Literally One Person on the internet doesn't want you getting money for it?!? How do you sleep at night, you Charlatan?!?!


Since you are clearly dismantling the internet by accepting money willingly offered to you by strangers, at what dollar amount will you be satisfied with your utter destruction of men? Axikal


is he mad that chip gets paid to do video editing/streaming at volition? what about the monster factory boys at polygon? (watch it if you haven't) What about Twitch's subscription/donation services? I don't get why they deserve to get paid and you don't when you're doing the same thing.

He only barely answered the part about other SA LPers (saying he would definitely call them out (he won't)) and not about anything else, proof of his unwillingness to honestly analyze his own bullshit opinions AND/OR testament to his impressively poor attention span.

"i like voidburgers videos and genuinely enjoy them" SYCOPHANTS!! (literally the only thing i gain from watching your streams is a good time)


what kinda pizza did you get and was it good

It! Was! Great! It was a white pizza with crimini mushrooms on it and truffle salt :P'''''''' Aw man. I also had a *fantastic* Mint Julip, it was really delicious. I love those things.

I would 100% call Chip/Bob/TieTuesday/Psychedelic Eyeball out too. Good idea, Void! There are male LPers who do less and get paid more. My problem is not because you're female. Thanks for accusing me of having double standards though. I mean, at least ChipCheezum has an actual job, too.

I've been told to forward you to Tie Tuesday, where he will accept your rambling, bizarre callouts with dignity, unlike me:

you are doing the same things that men do and yet people are wondering why you're getting money and they arent wondering about any blatant double standards with that line of thinking or anything

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ dem feminine wiles o mine

You record videogame footage for the internet (and you can't do that right), and your fanbase (like the rest of streamer fanbases) is composed entirely of sycophants who want to be your friend. You know this, and you take advantage of these pathetic people. $891/m is a pretty sweet deal.

I record things fine except when crazy weird shit happens. Even Chip and Bob have glitches and freak things that ruin their footage sometimes. Do you get this mad at them, TieTuesday, PsychEyeball, etc?

Sycophants: This is a word people throw around a lot when they have nothing else to critique about someone and can't understand why they have fans - the fans must be trying to gain something from them (fame, money, etc). I tune out that word because it's thrown around so much, PLUS I really don't think I'm likable enough to have more then a handful of earnest sycophants, let alone HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of them. Like, what a compliment, really!

Take advantage: The exchange of money for goods and services sure is Da Worst. *slowjerk* Especially when I often insist that people don't give me money if they're not financially comfortable doing so. So predatory!

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go eat fancy pizza with some buddies, so I won't be able to keep talking to you. Check twitter for screencaps if you want more calm and measured dunkings to the email notifications I'll get from you if you continue this silliness.

It's not about my expectations, because I don't expect much from you, it's about you/your audience. Let's see: If your audience collectively gives you $1000/m, you will make at least one thing each week. If you actually did that, I'm 100% your white knights/fans would be entirely okay with it.

Here's the thing: There's nothing actually wrong with that. I don't think you understand that there's nothing wrong with that. You're not my audience (because you said it's not about your expectations, so I'm putting you in that box, ok?). They don't need a HERO like you to defend them when they seem to be A-OK with stuff. You're whiteknighting nothing and nobody, here. "People are OK with this??" you think, and the answer is "Yes, or else they would stop funding me, clearly."

Another question-asker is wondering:
"is he mad that chip gets paid to do video editing/streaming at volition? what about the monster factory boys at polygon? (watch it if you haven't) What about Twitch's subscription/donation services? I don't get why they deserve to get paid and you don't when you're doing the same thing."

wow he crenky

so crenk

why are rude randos so willing to stick around and continue to insult you? what is the point

That's the -- *peeps over at my Patreon* -- $891 Question, I guess.

Second of all, I'm not personally offended, I just think it's stupid. And saying "YEAH, but you're upset about it!!" is really dumb. Finally, this has nothing to do with the original argument, and you have derailed, dismissed and glossed over it on purpose just because you know I'm right.

It used to be "One last thing" and now we're back to "Second of all"? This is just all so backwards! And that "Finally" is so totally not a "Finally" for you, let's be honest here.

I've asked you once or twice to arrive back at your original point, you're the one with the attention span of a goldfish here. I'm still wondering what the crap your point ever was, it's just that you keep getting distracted. I can't "know you're right"*** if I don't know what you're going on about besides "I DISLIKE YOU AND YOU SHOULDN'T MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU DO. YOU SHOULD BE BETTER AT THINGS." What am I supposed to do? Go "k"?

Here it is:

***(PS - lol, you're like a little kid resorting to things like "you know I'm right!", that's adorable. "He who smelt it, dealt it!" "Whoever denied it supplied it!")

I love how stupid you/your fanbase is, because you misinterpret/joke about what I'm saying but then you prove me right. I'm just saying the amount of money on your Patreon page has risen more than it normally should in the span between the thing I originally said and now. But you'll deny this.

Has it occurred to you yet that I don't define myself by some rude randos expectations/opinions of me? Maybe I should clue you in: I don't define myself by some rude randos expectations/opinions of me. With that knowledge, maybe consider fucking off at this point?

you should stop putting so much effort into your responses to the weirdo obsessives. just respond with one or two words like "fuck you" or "asshole" and don't acknowledge them further. I say this mainly because it'll piss them off and I'd think it would be hilarious. Don't even read the whole thing.

It's very little effort for me and I usually find it fun, so it ain't no bigz.

man anonymous asks are GREAT aren't they Hbomb

You know how it is now, Hbomb. lol

Here is a question unrelated to any other questions you might have been getting: What sort of complex does it take to believe that people supporting something one doesn't like are only doing so to spite one's obviously good taste/rational mind? Jenjabenja

I just plain don't know lol

what's the oldest food you've eaten

A week-old pizza slice probably -_-


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