I was thinking about replaying Silent Hill 2 since I haven't played it in years but honestly watching both version of your LP, especially the Nerd Commentary, has been much more rewarding. Thanks for being an awesome Silent Hill LPer!

Aw jeeze, thanks :D Glad you're enjoying them and sorry for the big delay on the last episode :(

I'm hoping to get the last update bits talked-over real soon, as soon as Chip helps me record these last few cutscenes that the emulator is chewing up and spitting out at me! :( These are advanced, next-level bullshit tech probs that I've never seen before and need expert help on -- these cutscenes are a blurry, fuzzy, gross-looking/sounding wreck! x___x

As unfortunate as it is, I think keeping your relationship quiet has actually helped the reception. There are a lot of couples, especially online, who feel the need to remind you at every opportunity that they're so happy together. This, I think, is what starts the negative reaction somewhat.

Yeah, that's pretty annoying. We don't wanna do that. Streams/tweets will be the same except we won't be secretly terrified about accidentally calling each other "honey" or something.

Why do you care so much about what gamergate thinks of your relationship with chip. They are a bunch of asshole on twitter im not really sure they can do anything to you. Sorry if im being rude im a little drunk. :/

When you sober up, maybe reflect on the fact that, at around the time our relationship started, those people were known pretty much only for ruining the life, career, and family ties of a woman for the crime of allegedly fucking people to get ahead (despite that not being true). They've gotten people fired, doxxed people, sent credible threats, sent scary things to their houses, called them and their family at all hours of the night, gotten family members fired from jobs, made people unemployable by ruining google searches for them, etc, etc, etc. I don't care what these illogical people *think*, but it does matter what they do with those dumb ideas, and they were beyond a loose cannon at the time, searching high and low for the next target to add to the Unethical Bitches Who Are Fucking Some Guy For Fame (No, We Don't Care If That's Actually True) List. Why would I risk that if I didn't need to, why would I bet on a rabid dog NOT noticing me when I could just keep it on the downlow until the threat was less present?

Think instead of drink on this one.

Very best wishes with your relationship and everything else! (I don't have twitter, but I wanted to share some positivity). What shocking secrets will be revealed next!? Jenjabenja

Thanks! It's been an almost spookily positive reception! It's awesome!

Okay, here's one more behind-the-scenes secret: I watched Chip play Watch_Dogs for the first time and we laughed at so many stupid fucking things, I suggested he should LP it. Sorry, but he didn't have any Uncharteds/Metal Gears to handle at the time!

If you could have any physical form you wanted, what would it be? A giant burger? A lizard with giant bat wings? A third eye? Or do you prefer your current form to anything else you can imagine? Zylphia Mitotic

I wouldn't mind being a little more in shape (I'm easily winded and have noodly arms) but that takes work :( No dragon-butts or anything, I'm pretty much fine with myself.

Whats your creepiest fan interaction?

Thankfully, I haven't had any that I would qualify as creepy, at least not IRL. The worst it's been is awkward, which I get! Social stuff is hard and weird sometimes.

Creepy internet fan-interactions is another topic, but I don't want to single out people or draw attention to harassers more than I already do, so fuggit!

The other night, I had a dream that Bob accidentally called you by your real name on stream, but in my dream your name was Paula (I have no idea why). I guess my question is, have you ever almost called someone by their irl name when they haven't made it publicly known?

Probably a couple of times, but they weren't harrowing enough for me to remember specifics!

I'm sorry, I hope I didn't come across like an ass. What I was trying to do was bring attention to an under reported topic, obviously I knew you'd be against it as a whole. Sorry. Some Dude

It's okay, sorry if I was too rude about it, but it read like a "gotcha" question where someone wanted to bait me into saying something ridiculous because they think I'm a strawman of some sort!

No, it was definitely a movie. It was a while ago and it just came into my head yesterday.

Was it Phantoms or The Cell? I didn't shut up about those two for a while there.

So if Chip is the Metal Gear guy and you're the Silent Hill gal, does that make CheezBurger the Betrayed By Konami Double Decker Duo?

Jeeze, I guess it does :(

Adding the chat to recordings is a good addition because of the reasons you listed. It's not a video ruiner. THat's my vote, since you asked in general. An actual question though: What does VOD stand for exactly that people aren't saying just "video?" Declan

VOD stands for Video On Demand! And I dunno, it's less characters and kinda sounds a little cooler >B^)

you ever play ghost trick. that game is b-o-m-b bomb. it has a dog in it and a cat in it and you play as a dead person. and a big chicken. the dog and the cat are important

Yeah man, I loved Ghost Trick!

between all of the questions about you dating chip - what sort of kitty would you get if you dont already have a kitty?

Just a regular domestic shorthair or two would be great :3 We don't have kitties yet, sadly.

I have been in a horror mood lately and remember you recommending some movie and sayinf its Silent Hill-like but forgot everything else. Any idea what it might have been? Or just horror films in that vein that you wanna share?

You might be thinking of Stranger Things, which I've been recommending to EVERYONE because it's a really great horror/mystery series. It's not a movie, it's a Netflix show.

How do you feel about being compared to a female Jack Skellington?

I like Jack Skellington so it's cool

So, that picture of Chip sleeping with his key blade....are you actually a key blade and not actually a burger...or is that his ex?

No, but I took that picture/helped in its arrangement.

What is your opinion on the sadly unreported statistic that is men raped by women? It's shocking how little is said about this, some stories online of how it's handled by law enforcement is disgusting. One story I read, the guy said the police thought it was hilariously funny. Some Dude

What do you honestly think my opinion of it is??????????????????????????????

IT SUCKS, IT'S BAD, IT'S A REAL UNFORTUNATE SIDE-EFFECT OF SOCIETY NOT TREATING RAPE LIKE A BIG DEAL AND SHUNNING PROBLEMS THEY TYPICALLY ASSOCIATE WITH WOMEN AND NOT MEN. Like 96% of all "rape stories" are disgusting and mishandled, it seems. Like, duh? What did you expect me to say? I'm just baffled.

Does this make you Monica the Mongoose?

"Did I inspire Monica the Mongoose at all?"
"I don't think so."

I know you're likely inundated with chip questions so please excuse one more, was chip the one you let get scared by the lying figure from under the van? You mentioned it on nerd commentary

Yes, I let Chip get startled by that Lying Figure on purpose and it was the absolute best.

So, Slowbeef roasting you and Chip seemed really funny! That was all good natured joking between friends right? I'll just feel bad for laughing if any of it offended you or Chip is all.

Yes, do not worry, beef is cool.

Just wanted to say, I always thought it was cool that you two were dating. 😊 I had actually kind of wondered if things might have been leaning in that direction during the ShatMemz LP, but hadn't wanted to ask in case I was just imagining it/being nosy. Michael Elliott

Good move keeping those suspicions to yourself! We weren't dating at that time anyway, so that woulda been pretty weird/awkward!

So when can we expect a History Honeys Double Date (/ε\*)

I guess that's up to @HistoryHoneys if they wanted to do anything like that! :O !

Wow. Uh. I somehow called that you and Chip were dating through height difference... (You mentioned your bf was shorter than you and he mentioned he was shorter than you... It felt like jumping to conclusions at the time and honestly isn't my place to make any public assumptions XD)

Yeah, totally don't make assumptions! FYI (Public Service Announcement!), just cuz you suspect people are dating, you should probably keep it to yourself anyway! Cuz if you're wrong, you look like a creepy weirdo! And if you're right, those peeps might be keeping it private on purpose and you should respect that privacy and not be conspiratorial about it cuz that's weird too!

Also! Me dating Chip doesn't mean that guys and girls can't be "only friends"! I am still buds-only with loads of dudes online and off (ie: Bob, who I collab with a lot!! Still have not ever dated him, nor do I intend to!!)

I think the most important CheezBurger scandal is that Chip couldn't do the airboat race but you could. VB: SECRETLY BETTER THAN CHIP AT VIDEOGAMES???


It's this race:

Is it possible to break down a timeline about this intricate Chip Cheezum dating heist you pulled off? Not to be snoopy, honestly, just super impressed by the long game and admiring the finesse to it. Declan

I don't think it's necessary to know the whole timeline in detail (nor do I remember it in great detail, since it was a gradation between friends and more-than-friends). We started being like "we should date, actually" after my ex had broken up with me. This was during a time when Gam3rG4te was still basically in full swing, so it was a no-brainer and not even a discussion that we had to keep the relationship a secret. Accusations of having fucked pretty much every male I had ever collaborated with over the years (Chip, Bob, Slowbeef, Psych, Tie) were still fresh in my mind, and we didn't feel like dealing with any drama that might arise if I WERE actually dating one of those people. We figured it was (a) too dangerous to be open about at that time without inviting harassment/stalkers, (b) nobody's business anyway, (c) too early in the relationship to announce anything anyway. Like, what if we broke up in 4 months or something cuz long-distance relationships suck?

But, over time, when one's life becomes intertwined with another's, it becomes very difficult to have individual stories. We're always present at each other's stories, so we'd have to decide "Who's tweeting about this? Are we BOTH watching this show at the same time or is that too suspicious? Who's has dibs on this dumb thing that happened?" We'd have to surprisingly react on streams to stories that we knew all about, because we were there when it happened! It felt fake, our stories started getting messed up (ie: The Medieval Times falcon story that I told in an SH2 episode, forgetting Chip had told that story in a podcast months prior), and it was becoming too much work to keep it straight. It's already hard enough not to slip up in streams and call each other "honey" by accident, or not do any PDA stuff at C2E2 (will fans we meet notice we're always sitting next to each other?), or whatever. Plus, with Gextra Life happening soonish, how were we gonna keep our platonic behavior intact for 24 hours - no "honeys", no caring mannerisms, etc? Too difficult. All this, plus the idea of "What if someone finds out an "EXPOSES" us, as if this is a scandal?" pushed us to open up about it. It's not a scandal, but just by virtue hiding it, some drama-thirsty idiot could think it is. We decided it was better to "expose" ourselves on our own terms rather than hope someone else doesn't do it for us. Plus, moving in together is pretty serious, so fuck it, huh?

tl;dr: It was annoying/stressful and not worth doing the facade anymore! We'd rather be ourselves now. Thanks for being cool about it, everyone.


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