Are there any old LPs that you like to re-watch\re-read? Not necessarily ones you've been involved in, but those too if you care to share. C K

Sonic 2006 by pokecapn is still really funny. I rewatch that every couple of years or so. There's a few instances of unfortunate word choice, but it was 2007 or whatever, everyone was in college and nobody was big on that stuff yet.

When are you going to do a full LP of Mankind Divided?

I'm not into Deus Ex

What's your favorite King of the Hill episode?

I didn't like King of the Hill when it came out (the humor's so... dry? Is dry the word I'm looking for?), so I haven't revisited it since. I've seen gifs that are kinda funny.

Heya Void. I love your Silent Hill LPs since Origins. Since Chip and ironicus did a drunk history of MGS, any chance of you and Seashells doing one for SH? It'd be pretty awesome, since SH is just as crazy as MGS.

Probably not because (and maybe this is a controversial opinion, I don't know) Silent Hill's plot is way more complicated than Metal Gear's. At least you know FOR SURE which events happened or didn't happen in Metal Gear. Silent Hill, you don't know if half the shit in it is imagined by a protagonist or imagined by the player or whatever. I tried recording a Drunk SH thing once, many years ago, but it was just a mess and I was forgetting things left and right and huffing into the mic and all sorts of mess. A MESS.

are there shifts for gextra life? I sure hope you don't all plan to be around for 24 hours! think of the children!

Not planning on shifts, we're hoping to just go the whole way through! But if people wanna duck out for naps, that's okay.

How much of Gextra Life is going to be available as VOD? Durham Harris

Probably all of it, I'm assuming?

what do you think about the burkini ban in France?

France is passing discriminatory, racist laws to discourage that race from living/working there, how do you think I feel about that? lol

do u fight against social injustice?

Omg yes. I'm being purposefully dense because I'm expecting you to be a shitlord, like people always are when they non-ironically use the term SJW/ask if I am one. Get on with it already, lol.

To translate, do you believe in equality for all people? Does the plight of the marginalized move you to affect change in what little way you can, even where people will ridicule you for caring? In short, r u willing to fight for justice in society?... at least, that's what I think they're asking.

ohhhhhhhhhhh! I was told it stood for Sassy Joke Woman, which I definitely identified as. But yes, this works too, I do that stuff sometimes.

r u a Social Justice Warrior?

I'm sorry, I don't know what that is. I know those are WORDS, but?

r u an SJW?

Sorry, I am not familiar with that term.

How does it feel to raise a fifth of your charity stream's goal two weeks before the stream even starts?


Hey I don't know if you heard but Flint will run out of the money it needs to keep buying bottled water and water filters for residents in 51 days cus donations have slowed - I was wondering if, as a donation incentive for Gextra, you might considering donating some to that cause as well?

The Extra Life website doesn't work that way :( You can only pick children's hospitals. We can advertise a Flint water-related charity DURING Gextra Life though, and probably will! Just gotta look up some legit ones so the money's definitely going to the right place.

I just finished listening to the spoilers video for SH2 on my route, and that totally rocked. You and Bob made me laugh so hard, it was great. 🙌 Michael Elliott

eyoooo thanks :)

What are some must see Martial Arts films? Clearly Jackie Chan movies are up there, but The Transporter was fun, as was the korean film A Company Man

Equilibrium is hilarious. GUN-KATA.

Hey have you thought of streaming Va-11 Hall-A? I've been playing through and realized it'd probably be something you'd dig.

I dunno, I heard it was like Cook, Serve, Delicious, but with a LOT more Read Only Memories style yakkity yakkin. I lost interest in ROM because it was just a visual novel with very little gameplay, so i got bored with all that talkin'. :( And CSD is already great, so idk why I'd wanna play a version of it that's combined with a game genre I got real bored with :\

what is silent hills opinion on memes

SH probably saves memes only for joke endings

I just thught i should ask for curiosity's sake. Were you the one that beat the BS race in the Duck Dynasty LP. If so.... Wow those races looked real crappy to play. L

yep it me

I always thought chip was married???? could've just made that up myself tho lmao very happy for you two anyway ❤❤

You're thinking of Ironicus! He's the married fella!

Just out of curiosity, how'd you decide on Hurley Children's Hospital as your charity for the Gextra Life stream? Did you already want to do something for them, or did you decide on them after you decided on the stream itself?

Nobody in the group (that I know of!) had ever been in a children's hospital themselves, but being that Chip and Ironicus both grew up in Flint, MI, it seemed a fairly logical choice, given both the location thing, and the fact that Flint, MI is in currently in fairly dire straights considering that there's a shitload of lead in their drinking water due to government/corporate fuckery :( Goddamn bastards running that town, I tells ya.

Both Chip and I (and probably Ironicus, but I haven't asked) have been itching to do an Extra Life for a few years now, and it just kept passing us by when the time came around, so we were all determined to really do it this time!! The deciding of the specific hospital came afterwards, but was a natural choice.

This is sort of a relationship question I guess, sorry?? Anyway, did Chip actually come up with a zero-latency screen sharing solution for streaming or was that also part of the cover up? If he did, what is it?

It's real! Chip had to figure it out due to relationship stuff though - all our in-person streams had zero latency, and it would have been VERY obvious (when I left to visit home) that the Sanitarium streams would suddenly have huge lag.

Nitty gritty deets:
"Xsplit works as a "webcam" source, so we used that as a source in Google Hangouts, we mute the mics on Google Hangouts and use Skype (or Discord I guess would work too) for mic-audio separately, that way you can share the game audio by itself over Hangouts. We were also using a program called VoiceMeeter Banana to route and balance all the audio sources, so we could send only the game audio over Hangouts so the person on Skype doesn't hear themselves.

It's more complicated than that, but that's the gist."

How did you and KC Green become friends?

Shit, I don't actually remember. I think it was just a pretty gradual thing... like, we went from joking-around-on-twitter stuff... and Bob invited him onto some streams/vids... and also I met up with him at NYCC a couple of times??? I don't remember the actual progression of it in a solid timeline though. I have a genuinely terrible memory in general :(

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Some Tough Beans

We've been watching Cowboy Bebop (I've only seen like the first 7 episodes or something, many years ago) and, I gotta say, Spike is one handsome boy.

By any chance, have you checked out Mob Psycho 100? It was originally a manga by the guy who wrote One Punch Man, and it's being made into an anime right now. So far it's been gorgeous!

It's on my to-watch list due to many recommendations!

If you had to pick one colour for your hair to be for the rest of your life, what would it be? N

Ummmmmmm I thiiiink a coral pink maybe! It looks good on me!


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