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What is the cutest Pokemon? Dendron

I dunno why, but Sandshrew is just adorbs to me.

Ok well if you liked those two episodes may I suggest New Game +, a PUA book for nerds? http://www.idontevenownatelevision.com/2016/03/31/052-new-game-w-rachel-millman/ (I swear I'm not a shill for them, you've just showed me many cool things and I'd like to return the favor)

Oh god, this sounds good. Thanks, haha :)

Do you think there will be more games for children like Spyro made in the west, or do you think video games are going to remain mostly marketed to male twenty-somethings? Some Tough Beans

I mean, there's Minecraft, Skylanders, and Angry Birds, those are kind of a huge phenomenon. :P

But I think I know what you mean: I hope traditional platformers come back a bit more. I mean, Yooka-Laylee and Psychonauts 2 is happening. Although funded by 20-somethings, I feel they're very kid-friendly/focused. Shovel Knight is also kid-friendly, but the 20-somethings were more the market they had in mind, I think. I just want more kid games that aren't shovelware-feeling or super paired up with soulless merchandising (good luck). I want them to have gameplay, craftmanship, and fun in mind first, and not have the marketing/toys angle overshadow the game. That'd be nice, but why would people actively choose to make LESS money? :P

If you could fix Spyro 3 by changing as little as possible how would you do it? bobjr

Hmmmmm, okay... I think maybe if Spyro's jump height was slightly higher, a lot of the pixel-perfect feeling platforming would be alleviated. Then you don't have to change levels to make individual platforming sections easier!

And just... like... scrap all the side-characters' levels. Not a single one of them was fun. :(

And make it so that when you die in the "Slip Sliding Away" style bonus level, you DON'T lose lives. This made no sense, especially because in an earlier, similar bonus area, you were not punished for falling off the track like that!

Good on them for making the Speedway levels fine though! They felt very similar to the previous speedway levels in Spyro 1 and 2. Fun, a little stressful, a little challenging. The races were a bit tedious though, they didn't have to be as long as they were :(

I know you streamed A Machine for Pigs, and it was quite good. Are there any other horror ("horror") games that you would like to stream? Horror here not including what happens to Spyro in the later games, that is... Jenjabenja

I'd much rather be a co-commentator on a horror game stream than actually playing it myself. I'm a nervous nelly D: I'm interested in Back in 1995 and NightCry, but only because they're supposed to be not very good! I want Bob to stream them so I can guest with Damehasclass and TomatoGrandpa and have a grand ol' time.

whats the game that you want most on a console that you dont own? fey

Does The Silent Hill Arcade machine count...?

You'd think actual gamers would be happy about less sexualized games because it's less insulting to them. Tits and Ass in game ads were made with the stereotype of the zero-friends virgin basement gamer in mind so they'd include all these sexy poses in the trailer and game so they'd buy it. (1/2) H G

"(2/2) And now that basically everyone plays games and it's no longer some weird loser thing ads need to evolve too. But these weird butt-centric gamers keep trying to slamdunk us solidly back into the "show them tits and they'll buy it, sheeple" realm. Stop ruining it for the rest of us guys. please"

Forming that idea would require introspection, though.

Hey VB. I want to thank you for putting up all your streams on youtube. I means a lot to me that even though I miss them live, they'll be waiting for me in a day or two. Thanks and thanks again! :) Also btw, I've got a coworker whose natural voice sounds exactly like your Hunter impression?? Haha Jamly

Nice, I'm glad you're enjoying them even though you can't be there live! Also lol that would weird me out. I once met someone's dad, and he sounded exactly like Ralph the dog from Animaniacs, it was EXTREMELY WEIRD.

Hey Void! Since you are doing more Spyro streams I was wondering, have you seen this video of Tim Schafer and Ted Price talking about Spyro? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrPBCh-xDsQ Paul

Yes! Very cool stuff :)

Do you worry about the people you know online closing up shop on social media and disappearing without a trace? I was going to ask someone else... but they've disappeared without a trace. Greg

Yikes, that sucks :( I don't often worry about it, but if it were to happen, I'd be pretty confused/sad.

Dear VoidBurger, which of these two images is more adorable http://i.imgur.com/0NQmvQ7.gifv http://i.imgur.com/KDECw3q.gifv (I genuinely can't decide) Lord Licorice


Worst burger topics (personal or general)? Jenjabenja

Topics: "Is a burger/hotdog a sandwich?"

-Mayo :( Mayo just kinda makes me feel a little sick, even if I enjoy eating it! Most "secret sauces" have a mayo base, so even though they taste awesome, I usually feel icky afterwards.
-Spicy stuff, like jalepenos
-Barbeque sauce? Just usually overpowers the burger
-Olives, ew
-Peppers is just a little weird, though I like them normally.
-Cheeses that are too strong. I like nutty/fruity/mild cheeses, not the strong n' sharp ones.
-I haven't tried avocado on a burger yet, but I feel like the texture wouldn't mesh well? I'm on the fence. It's not a very strong flavor either, so I'm like "what the point?"

You do great stuff with a great sense of humour and intelligence. Would a Void-cast be a possible goal for your Patreon? Jenjabenja

Aww shucks :3

I'm considering it? I'm not sure what it'd be about though. .__. I can't just talk about ONLY Silent Hill, that's too niche and it'll be boring after a few episodes, haha.

Really interesting to read your thoughts on the election, wish more people thought like you. And Bob's right omg, you have to watch El orfanato, it's so great! Don't worry about the scariness, I think it's right up your alley with the creepy vibe instead of scary. Surprisingly emotional story too. S

"Babadook on the other hand, reached Shatmemz levels when it comes to s y m b o l i s m™"

Oh thank you~~~

And hmmmm..... I'll take both of your suggestions under consideration. I'm just really easily spooked by certain types of things D: (Ghosts mostly! Boy, I hate em)

Hey VoidBurger! Have you ever listened to the podcast I Don't Even Own a Television? They tear down bad books like Ready Player One (http://www.idontevenownatelevision.com/2014/06/19/010-ready-player-one-w-mike-sacco/ ) and Armada (http://www.idontevenownatelevision.com/2015/07/20/034-armada/ )

"I don't know. Don't mean to come off as an add for the show, but they're p cool guys, smart and funny, and I just thought it'd be something that would pique your interest. stupid loser"

Actually I listened to these two episodes a while ago, at the suggestion of another internet buddy! :) It was some pretty good shit, haha.

I tried asking this a month ago but I guess it didn't go through. I'm a nooblet looking to get into LPing - what do you recommend for an audio set-up? Should I have a separate microphone, or would a good gaming headset be enough? Or, since I have an undeniably female-sounding voice, (1/2) A Box of Shovels

(2/2) should I even bother given attitudes toward women gamers nowadays? =/

Sorry, I've been accidentally ignoring my ask.fm for a while. D:

Tech questions: I'm not sure if there're very good mic/headset combos out there now or what! I personally have a Blue Yeti mic and some rando headphones that work fine. Check out the Tech Support Fort for more nitty-gritty tech stuff. http://salp.wikia.com/wiki/SA_LP_Tech_Support_Fort_Wiki

But yeah, PLEASE do "bother" to do this stuff! The people you'd be "bothering" are entitled shitheads, and gaming would benefit if there were more of you and less of them. Those dudes are purposefully trying to scare ladies and minorities away from gaming, so I say fuck em, don't give em what they want and don't let em stop you from doing a thing you wanna do. In the end, it's up to you and your tolerance for bullshit/stubbornness/passion for gaming! Don't let the bastards grind ya down.

What was the emulator you used for the Spyro streams? Oisin Kelly

Retroarch using the Mednafen core!

I'm laid up in bed with a bum leg, and I've already blazed through the last of your recent vids (thanks, by the way, Great stuff!). Do you have any LP recommendations? N

Sorry bout your leg, bud! :( Have you gone through Bob's stuff yet? Loads of great vids, along with really long streams featuring yourss truly. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY3dk5-6NtOsWjMs_iXvQBA

I'm not an American so I probably haven't been immersed enough to know, but doesn't Sanders have a much closer distance to close than it actually looks like, delegate-wise? Hbomb

He apparently does, but there are MANY stupid reasons why Americans are silly shits about this election, re; Sanders:
(a) The biggest thing with the delegates is that Americans will believe their TV over every other form of information, and many media outlets are pro-Clinton (many of them are owned by companies that support Clinton, btw). Americans are too busy/lazy/complacent to research stuff. They think that if the TV says it's happening, it's probably true! So why vote for Sanders if he's not going to win because of these super delegates? People like backing a winner. (Btw, if I'm not mistaken, the media didn't invent the term "superdelegate" until Obama's run. I feel like now that we even KNOW about them, it's discouraging people from voting.)
(b) Americans are into brand recognition, and seeing familiar things makes them comfortable. I feel like a corporation could literally run for president and get a shitload of votes if it were a company that people like a lot, lol. Americans don't like change. "Clinton" is a familiar name from a time when America was mostly A-OK (in their eyes). Sanders brings scary, new things like "socialism!!" Why vote for Sanders when he represents scary, new things?
(c) Americans are extremely uninformed about what socialism means, and seem to think that those greasy millennials/minorities/whoever are voting for Sanders because they want "Free Stuff", the lazy, entitled shits! Why vote for Sanders when These People I Hate are voting for him?
(d) Americans see themselves as "temporarily embarrassed millionaires", I really do believe that. They really are into the bootstraps shit. They like bootstraps in the same way that Alex St John likes 80-hour workweeks in game dev: If millennials are allowed to work LESS, that's not good or fair because *I* had to work A LOT and I need to transfer my pain onto the new generation. *I* worked harder than is reasonable, so *all* other people ought to too, or else my suffering was pointless. Americans are selfish. Why vote for Sanders when he cares about all these lazy people that don't work as hard as I do?
(e) Related to "Americans are selfish," Americans cannot understand helping other people out with taxes, and think that money coming out of their taxes are going to poor people who are poor entirely because they are lazy or are gaming the system. In their minds, people on welfare are either gaming the system or are misusing the funds by buying..... unhealthy food, or having a laptop or tv. The nerve of them, living in poverty but having a few items that only "Normal People" are *supposed* to own. Why vote for Sanders when he's going to increase my taxes so that poor people can buy flat-screen TVs and *I* have to continue to toil at these bootstraps to get anything?
(f) Americans are extremely apathetic with voting. There are no penalties for NOT voting. We vote mostly when we're angry (a reason is why Trump is winning, I believe.)
(g) I'm a pessimist

I'm trying dating sites. Have you ever used one? ThatPazuzu

Nope, but my best boyfriends have been dudes I was friends with online first via IRC channels, forums, etc. :X

Did you ever read Junji Ito's manga about his cats? Paul

Yes, it's the best :)

With the Bern having to beat pretty astronomical odds to win the nomination, do you plan on voting for Clinton in the general election, if only to vote AGAINST Trump? Some Tough Beans

Yep. If it comes down to any democrat vs. any republican, I will vote for literally anyone who doesn't want to outlaw abortion, doesn't wanna deport/waterboard/register Muslims, doesn't wanna treat trans and gay and queer peeps and minorities like garbage, etc. I think it's self-defeating to be so blinded by hatred for Hillary that you won't vote for her even if she's running against fucking Trump or Cruz. Like, seriously, those guys are borderline anti-christs, for fucks sake. It sucks to choose between the lesser of two evils instead of the candidate you actually genuinely like/respect/trust/etc, but if it comes down to the lesser-of-two-evils scenario, choosing the least evil candidate is still better than abstaining from choosing and letting others choose a racist, sexist, shitlord president for you instead.

I'm just praying for a 4-way presidential race now. Cruz gets the nom, Trump runs as an independent because he's a egomaniac, splitting the Republican vote. That way, Bernie will have a chance running as an independent when the shithead-powers-that-be choose Clinton.

Hello. I asked a political question and I realized that you get harassed for having an opinion on literally anything else, so consider my question rescinded. In its place: do you think that indie games will move past pixel art anytime soon? Some Tough Beans

That's okay, I will answer it anyway, it wasn't a big deal kinda question!

Yes, and many have branched out into other styles already! I don't mind pixel art at all though, I think it's just as valid an art style as anything, and I think shrugging it off as pure nostalgia bait is a disservice to the art form!


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