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I don't have a creditcard and bc of that i can't buy the ticktes on pre-sale. But i want the Vienna VIP early entry standing package. Do you think they'll still have some at the actual selling date (01.11) ? Or do you think if they're sold out at the Pre-Sale, i cant buy them on the 1st?
You can still buy them november 1st
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Hi! Do you think that the people who are selling tickets that they already bought (like front section catwalk tickets) will drop their prices? Right now some of them are like $4,000?
I think most of them are scams
This may be hard to understand BUT on presale you can't click on the seating chart it just "searches for tickets" on normal sale will I be able to click on the section I want and order?
No idea it was my first time buying tickets for 1D and i bought vip standing tickets
No price. I mean How many VIP EE tickets are there? :) 1k, 2k or more?
No idea babe
So harry is clearly not a virgin Ya?
Defo not
You have vip ? does that mean U meet the boys?
You've got VIP EE ticket, I'm right? And are you gonna pick it up in the evening box office on the day of show? If Yes (I've got VIP EE ticket too) could you help me, where I can find this office? Outside the stadium? Thank you very much for your answer! Xx
I have no idea ive never been there
Do you think more us dates like texas will be added
They are defo adding more
how do you know harry doesnt have groupies any more?
I dont know
PLEASE ANSWER Are the boys coming to miami for OTRA?
Hasnt been announced yet
Hii:) Do you know the total amount of VIP Early Entry Tickets for Vienna show? Thank you for your answer:)
Like the price?
Do you know if they are announcing more North American dates because they kinda skipped the whole south and niall promised nashville that they were coming back so...
Im pretty sure they are
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Are you secretly one of the boys
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how many tickets do you get with the vip packages?
Why hasn't niall had girlfriend in a while
He's busy i guess
Do you think there have another signing ?
Dont think so
do you know when the people who have preordered four get those five tracks????
No idea love
Can you wish me some luck for Saterday pleas?
Break a leg :)))
Who all have they interviewed with for four?
Sugarscape, yahoo and others
Does harry still have groupies or was that a while ago
A year ago
The tickets go on sale for all ticket websites Novemeber 1st?
Not all
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Why is harry so pretty
Noooo idea
Zayn isn't a dj? But why so many people call his 'dj malik' ?
Because he likes to be a dj
Are the boys filming the night changes' video clip?
do you know anything about uk tour datss? when? where? how much?
Nothing yet