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Some pissed off fan from Australia that didn't meet niall is saying he has a bunch of groupies there, some models and he was with them in the club. Are you calling bs? She's pissed bc she didn't meet him bc he was mobbed. So she starts rumours.
They were friends of niall's cousin so i think she was just really pissed and made niall look bad
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Can I apply to be an insider for otra Sydney in feb?
where is my boys?
hi i'm from another country, i just wanna ask some random question. do you know a watch by DC Comics? according to you, is it good quality? please answer
Sorry love i don't
Are the boys going to be doing an album signing in LA anytime SOOn
how many 1d concerts you've ever been to?
Are the boys still in America or London
Do you have any info for when the boys go to NY on December 20th? Are they going on GMA?
Well apparently the show will be prerecorded
really love your account, so soo good! I remember when you had like 86k or sth and look where you'r now :)
Thank you i really appreciate! Never have i ever imagined it would be this crazy
How do you know Harry has the iphone 6?
Because there are pics of him having one
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Are u happy?
i don't knoe
what's your favorite 1D song of all time. Including covers and all.
i really like 18
How did you make your internet friends.
we just started talking. it just happened idk how to explain it
Do you know if the boys will go on any other talk show for the release of FOUR ? Like GMA ? They did for midnight memories last year
Can you please help me meet The boys when they're in San Francisco for OTRA or when they come to LA anytime. I'm driving to San Francisco to try and meet them I'm begging you
i can try
Do you know if we were even close to breaking the vevo record with night changes?
vevo hasn't announced it yet
No does harry live in a private neighborhood in LA?
Do you have any close internet friend. if do, how did you meet.
i have a few but i only met one of them.
What song are you most excited to perform on the OTRA tour?
sorry love but i can't sing
what awards to the boys in at the ama's?
best album
artist of the year
best pop/rock group
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what is a groupie??
usually a girl who sleeps with group members or celebs
what does HQ photos mean? where can u find them?
high quality
4-5 per concert?
Maybe this will be the year without a winter girlfriend :/
he usually gets them in december
What's somethings the insider do?
we just share info and i usually tell them where to look for the boys, hotel info, jet info