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Louis has his own label? but what does that mean? sorry x
It means that he is doing the same thing as Simon C
whats up with the harry and chelsea hander pic on twitter and his new tat
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When will you be choosing insiders for the U.S. part of the tour?
Still a long time ahead
Is bri apart of this account anymore?
Who's Bri?
Do you think Harry is leaving the band?
Don't read tmz
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will you be having insiders?
Most likely yeah
I did donate but didn't get a "personal thank you" more like an overall thanks for donation does that counts as a i donated?
Yes of course
You thought it was funny that someone invaded Niall's privacy? That's actually not funny at all
I said it was disrespectful
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omg Melissa followed Nadine Leopold
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Do you get paid for these updates you post? Or something in return? I say you do a pretty good job figuring out where the boys are and what they do! Love the account x
Not for updates
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does all the boys follow each other on fb, instagram, etc.
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I notice that Harry has his guitar with him a lot... Do you think he will play it on stage eventually?
I don't think so
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Is Harry going to coachella?
Who knows
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Just google niall smoking and talk to me later
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Gimme a damn picture of him smokin , always tellin is not to believe that fake shit you do not know what ur talking about
Of who?
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How do you become an insider for your account?
You can't atm ! We will let you know in advance when we post an insider application
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okay personally id say niall!! :)
He's a babe :))))
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i love ur acc
Thank you! I love you too
Who smokes in 1D?
Louis and Liam smoke. Niall used to smoke occasionally but i'm not sure if he smokes occasionally now and Harry doesn't smoke
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SAME i love you
whos your favorite after zayn
Hard question i guess it's harry
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who is harry, Liam and niall girlfriend or boyfriend? (catching up)
Liam is with Sophia, the rest is single
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Are you looking for any admins????
Not atm
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is niall still single?
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I followed my crush a few days a ago but his account is private and I been waiting. what should I do?
Wait is all you can do
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