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The Uk isn't one country...
it is
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have you ever met the boys?
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when you get insiders, do you talk to other update accounts and make sure you dont have the same ones?
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when will you have your u.s. insider apps out?
in june i guess
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are u still going to update 'bout zayn?
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What's ur fav country?
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you think that the boys are gonna notice greece on the next tour? :''''(
i hope so
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Whos ur fav?
used to be zayn
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Have you been in brazil??
Do you believe rumors which say that it was programmed since 2013 that zayn leaves the group ?  Lyds Bel
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the elounor is over huh..?
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Whats ur personnal ig?
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What is the titter acc of naughty boys?
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When do you think harry will cut his hair?
he won't
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Where are u from???
Or like, do you think it's marketing from modest! Like many people are thinking?
i believe it's marketing, they are doing this on purpose and basically everything we see right now is what modest wants us to see
You seem like a rigght bitch damn
thank you
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Is liam the only one who is still in a relationship? (Out of the boys that are still in the band)
Opinion on Narry?
they are adorable
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They broke up because the album was called FOUR and zayn thought he wasn't needed :-(
no lol
Are u angry at zayn? Because we havnt got a reliable explanation, the truth yet, he just left. He couldve made a vid talking about his experience with the lads, the happy times, how much fans meant to him, but nooo
i could never be angry at him but we deserve an explanation
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are you serching for a south european helper for the account?
naughty boys tweets before all of us have always been shady, wrong direction, the futures bright, i know something you dont(about his and zayns song) when he posted pics with zayn he put "11:11' tf we know what you wishing for
we will have to wait and see
do any of u guys have a skype or anything?
they do but they're private
Is it true that he's doung solo now?
rumors rumors rumors don't believe everything you read