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Hey, ily
ily too
Can you give me your Twitter but not personal i mean as a group
ahh right ww1dupdates
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Where is the insider application? Could you give the link x
there is one but only for south american leg of tour http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s189ep
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As a group
no idea
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Have you ever met the boys
yeah saw them all at the brit awards and met harry at the burberry fashion week
Do you know who are going to be the boys opening act for the south american tour?
there are a lot of them, some local groups and singers i think
Can you give me your Twitter??
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I was wondering if i could possibly co own ? please dont stop reading there.. I am active 9-10 hours a day, trustworthy, have PLENTY of experience, can help alott with insiders. please ? ill even trial co own if i need too .. please it would mean everything to me ?
not looking for any co-owners atm but maybe when the tour starts you can apply to be one
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Is this your Twitter?? @1Dupdates ??
What are insiders?
As an insider we help you, to help us! We provide insiders with information (such as whereabouts), while insiders send us any information, pictures, or inside scoop that they may find!
Do you need an insider for London?
right now? nah just for the tour
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I want to be an insider from spain what i have to do?? And when r you gonna chose them?
we will tweet about it later
Hold old r u?
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Are u a girl?
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How old do you have to be to be an insider? What are like the things you would maybe have to have/do? Would you probably meet them? Would you miss/have to leave early the concert? Btw i love your acc xx
we can't promise you that you will meet them but there is a bigger chance of meeting them because we provide you info that not many people know! no you don't have to leave early and basically all you have to do is share what you know and such stuff it's all mentioned in the insider application
What happened to your old icon? :(
needed a change i guess x
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I love you<3  Maddi Gramolini
love you too sweetie
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are u doing insiders for WWA ??
yes of course we are!
What makes you wake up each morning?
my alarm clock that makes me want to kill myself
25 likes for the first person who likes this?
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you sure you have his number
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why did Holls deactivate?
personal issues
What kind of girl do you picture harry and Niall with xx
difficult to say hahah probably a funny girl with a nice personality
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Can I please be in your iMessage group chat tonight?
hahah we are not having any tonight sorry
Do you know any update account in need of a co-owner?(:
sorry but no i don't
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