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What are the names of Niall and Harry's bodyguards? I know Louis and Liam's, lol, it's just those two aren't pictured much. Also a picture would be very helpful :) thanks
Dale is Harrys. and Niall swtiches sometimes. I know he has Basil, and Joni. -T
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Are early entry tickets for everyone who is on the floor?
no, not that I know of . -T
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I'm so excited for the Ottawa show! I'm going the Tuesday! what night are you going?
I pretty sure thats the show im going to as well! i dont remember what day i bought tickets for lol.
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I know the tickets already went on sale but I meant if there is another tour, are those the tickets I should buy when they go onsale
VIP is usually the cat walk seats. But sometimes you can go lucky and they just give out cat walk seats, when you just search for a normal priced ticket . -T
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Where in Canada? I'm from Canada! I'm going to the Ottawa show and possibly the Toronto one :)
Yes im going to the Ottawa show as well. Im road tripping to the Toronto show but dont have tickets yet . -T
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where do you buy tickets for front row seats or seats along the runway for 1d shows in the u.s.?? Are they the platinum seats?
no. Tickets obviously already went on sale. So either someone has them or they are selling them, so you can look online and see if anyone is selling cat walk seats. -T
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I'm not sure if you've answered this, sorry if you have. what otra shoes are you going to this year?
I only have tickets to one show right now in Canada, but I plan on going to alot more, mostly on the east coast. -T
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hey could you please tell me if the following seats are good ones,like to see the boys good and all that?i have tickets at o2 arena :Section BK 106 Row W Seats 175 - 177 are they good?will i see them good?i am really worried bout the view.its my first time ill see them  Popa Yasmina
Ive never been to the O2 arena before, but you will be able to see them. Arena shows are smaller. -T
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Does any of the boys follow you?
yes Harry follows me . -T
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Ur beautiful!
thank you :).
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Have you ever been to Florida?
yes actually! Most of my family lives there! -T
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how old are u ?
ive answered this already but Im 21. -T
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How tall are you?
5'7 . -T
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Do you have Twitter?
yes, its _taylornoelle
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I love finding people closer to my age that also believe in Larry ☺ I know you probably won't talk much about it on here, do you have a different account you're comfortable with people following?
yes you can follow my personal. _taylornoelle :).
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If you could travel to any of the boys hometowns, Which one would you go to?
I actually just went to england in april, and I went to doncaster. So ive been there. But I really think I would want to go to Mullingar. Ireland seems beautiful. -T
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How do you keep up with an update account when you have like 3 jobs. Omg I have one job & could barely keep up with 1D 😰 I get so mad cause I can't wait to get home from work, to catch up on 1D. I have 1D withdrawals hahaha.
I actually go to college to, so its tough . :/, but Im on summer break right now, so I can make it work. -T
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did you meet the boys ?
Yes I have met the boys, all of them. I was fortunate enough to get pics with Harry and Louis :). -T
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Wow you're a tutor, what are you teaching btw?
I tutor in mostly math and science. Pretty much everything, as long as I had a B+ or higher, im capable of tutoring in that subject.
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are you looking for any insiders for Seattle by any chance ?!
I honestly dont know if we are doing insiders this year, only because Stella usually handles them and she will be away the month of July. -T
what are your fav 1D songs ?
idk there are so many different ones I like off each album but my favorite of them all I think is Through the Dark. -T
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r u seeing the boys on this tour this year
I am, im road tripping again. - T
Is floor general admission?
no. -T
What jods are you doing? :O
I work at Subway, an insurance business, and tutor. -T
when was your first one direction concert like which country or state and which year
I went to Mohegan Sun in 2012, which is in Connecticut . -T