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is holly ok? why she left?
Yes shes fine. I wasnt on the account when she left so idk.
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Do you think he's actually pursuing being an actor?
I dont know, but I do know he loves music, and I dont think he would leave one direction to be an actor. If anything it would be a side thing. If he wants to be an actor tho, and that makes him happy, then ill be happy for him. -T
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What do you think about Harry pursing acting career?
if thats what he wants to do then good for him. -T
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Have you ever met them?
yes I have. -T
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hey hey hey you are amazing, your account is amazing and I love you
aw thank you! Im not the owner tho, Stella is, and Im sure she would appreicate this ! -T
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Since when you know the boys?
i dont lol. Im going to try and meet them. -T
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How old are you?
21. -T
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Road tripping to meet the guys?
yes, and to go to shows. -T
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yess. -T
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What shows are you going to? I want to meet you!
I currently only have tickets to one show, but im road tripping for the entire month of august. -T
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Where are you from?
Rhode Island.-T
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What's your favorite tattoo from the lads? x
idk thats a hard one tbh. I really like Harrys butterfly, and rose. Louis I like the dagger and bird. Liams feather.
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Do you think niall and brooklyn beckham look alike? Because i do think theyre look alike😂
lol sometimes. -T.
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T, what's your name again? sorry I'm really bad with names😂  Luek
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5. album is coming and there is no 5. member what do you think?
that life goes on, and their album will be great with the four of them. -T
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So I got backstage passes to the Chicago concert and I was wondering if that means I'm meeting them or if it's just seeing what's backstage.
It depends. Im assuming if you werent told you were meeting them then no. Im sure if you see them tho and they arent in a hurry you could ask for a pic.
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did u see them live? when they was five? i didnt and its makes me cry  malia black
yes I did. And im sorry you didnt get to see them live as a 5 piece :(. -T
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do u miss zouis?
yesss one of my fave ships :(. -T
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preston is still there for guys right?
I dont think he is main security anymore. The boys do have other security guards with their team, so he may be still part of that. I think he was with Niall the other day. -T
Girls, you need another co-owner?
no not at this time, thanks for asking tho! -T
Hi loves :) where's holly? i dont see her tweeting on this account anymore x
Hollys not on the account anymore. -T
Do the boys still do meet and greets? If not, why?
no they dont, and I dont know. I mean its time consuming, and they always show up to shows last minute.I dont even think they sound check anymore lol. I wish they would do meet and greets again tho. -T
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Why hasn't Dale been around Harry lately?
Idk honestly, Harry hardly uses a body guard as it is tbh. I do think Dale will be here for the American tour tho. -T
Who was Zayn's past bodyguard?
Preston. -T
who's Liam's body guard?
Liams is Paddy, and since either you are asking me all the body guards names, or someone else is doing the same. Someone asked me for Nialls, and he switches its between Joni, and Basil. -T