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Where do you get your information? :D
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Hiiii <3
how is your name in your another accound?
is the boys in the studio now ?
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Nadine have a boyfriend? Is that true?
Have you guys picked an insider for any of the U.S. shows yet? If so which ones?
Not yet
wait do u actually ship elounor
So what?
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a woman who's next to Harry in last pic that you posted on twitter is Nadine? what do ya think?
I honestly don't care whether he is seen with a girl or naah
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Do you have another accound?
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When do you think One Direcrion is going to stop making music?
I honestly have no idea! They seem to be enjoying song writing
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Why is Harry so cute
Don't ask me
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zouis or zarry?
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Was that Nadine in the car with harry??
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Do you know why Liam and Louis flew into LA recently?
Song writing appaz
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Harry's in LA?! (heart face)
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You could never love me more
Well i do (:
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Do you think after their 5 year contract is up at the end of this year they'll sign another one or do you think they'll stop making music and go on with their lives?
Sign another onw
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have you seen harry's newest pict in the car? do you think it was nadine on the passanger seat...
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Larry or Elounor?
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Is that Nadine in the car with Harry?
It looks like her
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You don't have insiders for when the boys come to LA for events or to visit?
Nope just the tour, they are on their break after all
Love you more
Canada vs America. What country do you like better and why?
Haven't been to america nor canada....
When will you be looking for American insiders?
Later this year i'm not sure when exactly
Who is your fav?
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