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Does Sophia (Liam Payne girlfriend) live in London or even the uk?
she used to live in his house but not anymore
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What's a fuckboy?
a guy who fucks everything that has two legs :D
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Whats Niall relationship with laura Whitmore
best pals
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remove pictures with ZAYN. he's not IN THE BAND
don't tell me what to do with MY ACCOUNT
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can you guys help me in meeting the boys when they come in la for the ellen tapping please?
it will super hard because im from europe and the timezones are different sorry
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The boys in 2013 or 2015 ?
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What song has been on your mind lately? 😘
temporary fix
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Awww it's almost Niall and Melissa one year anniversary! When they were frist seen at the ARIA!
was that rumor about them being on snl true??? do you think they will
I mean everyone is talking about it, its not confirmed but I do think they will. -T
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How are you doing today!!? 😊😊
good thank you, how are you ?
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did you meet the boys in ottawa?
I saw Liam go into the hotel, after the end of the tour party they had. And I missed Louis by like 2 minutes when he stopped for people :(. -T
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How many days are left to donate to Louis' charity?
today is the last day I believe !- T
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Between the boys, who do you think would be the first to marry and who would be the last to marry? Just want to know some random opinions xx
Liam would be first, and Niall would be last. -T
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What's the boys snapchat? Or do they even have one yet??
the boys may have individual snap chats but i dont know them. I know they have a group one, and its Onedirection . -T
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I went to the first Ottawa one as well! Where were you sitting?
right by the b stage. -T
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You prefer Harry in 2013 or 2015?
2015. Harrys my favorite, and though ever Harry stage was great it's great to see how much he has grown, and how comfortable he is with himself. He is truly beautiful. -T
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What do you think they will do during the long break?
probably just hang out. They have been working constantly for years. But maybe writing cause they like to write, probably vacations. Really whatever they feel like. -T
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if i bought seats for otra that should be vip but i bought them through platinum will i still get the vip gifts?
I dont believe so. Thats something you would have to contact Ticketmaster about. Though it should have said what was included when you bought the ticket.
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What do you think will happen after the boys' long break? They'll be back since they promised? They'll be off for good? 😘
It's hard to say what they would do considering so much can happen in a year. I do hope they get back together, if not then I hope they are happy doing whatever they decide to do. -T
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When they're taking a long break, it means that they will not be performing at any shows or awards too?
yes correct, they wont be performing at any shows. They could be nominated for awards but dont count on them going to award shows. -T
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It's literally 2a.m. here where I live. Have morning classes, but I'm just checking for my favorite update account. 😘
aw thank you ! -T
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What is included in the VIP card at the concert of the boys ?💖
are you talking about the VIP package? I got one in america and it came with a t shirt and a portable phone charger. I dont know about the UK tho but im assuming the same thing. -T
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larry , you shipper or believer
lol im both. -T
How long do you think Harry would be single? 😘
for however long he wants to be lol. -T
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I'll dm you :) I love discussing Larry lol :)
okay! -T