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I can't really see on twitter it's really small pic, what did Harry replyed on your dms?
Ahh don't worry it's nothing
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Do you know loom bands ?
Nope but i'm gonna google it
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I accidently ate one of those toothpaste round things at lush wHOOPS
Hahahahaha are u okay?
Your very nice in doing this. I just hope the guys are rested well enough for the tour in North America . Good luck to them. My grand daughter and I listen all the time to them.
Aww thank you i enjoy doing this :)
Why is lou and lottie whith 1D are they stylist or what
Lou is their stylist lottie is louis' sister
C'est cool t'es bilingue alors :) moi j'ai fait 8 ans d'anglais à l'école et pourtant j'arrive à peine à dire une phrase lol :)
Hahaha il y a 10 mois que j'ai commencé à apprendre le français mais mon français n'est pas bon
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Quel temps fait-il chez toi (fast french)
Il fait chaud mais nuageux!
please don't speak french i don't understand at all :(
Don't worry it's nothing important
Are u zerrie shipper? Cause i am , they r so cutee love them xx
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Tu es française ou alors tu as appris à parler français à l'école?
J'ai le français à l'école :))
Do you like 5SOS? If so, what's your fave song of there's?  Natasha Smith
Yes i do and i just answered this my fav is amnesia
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who are the three that u ship him with?
Alexa chung, lou teasdale , kara marshall
soo harry never was in ny?
why is #lottiebelike trending all of a sudden what happened?? did i completely miss something?
Bc of this she put this on IG "loved my hair" and now everyone's making fun of it because harry's there
why is #lottiebelike trending all of a sudden what happened?? did i completely miss something?
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You can also speak Dutch
Nope sorry
How your account became popular?
I don't really know hahah
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Who is your favorite member?!
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hey hey , what your favorite 1D song and 5SOS song ?
5sos - amnesia and 1D - more than this or moments
soo, are u respect about zerrie?
They are hot!
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tbh Lou is the only girl that i ship with Harry haha u can sue me
I ship him with like three but lou is my number 1
Is prince Niall dating anyone ?
Single pringle
T'es allé voir les od en concert? si oui, quand?
Oui je le vu jeudi à Vienne
I don't like lou teasdale i just don't know why
She seems nice and lovely and she's pretty :)))
heey ot's my birthday todayyyy
Happy birthday have a mint day
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Hello you are a amazingg :)
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