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Whos on rn?
What do you think of Dylan o'brien
He's a babe!
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I love your account so much!!! xx
Love you too
awwwwhhh have fun on your birthday
Thank you haha
If you were in a situation where one of the boys were on the streets and you want to go up to them but you see a pap and now he looks agrivated, would you A, continue to see him 4 a pic B, ignore the whole situation or C, go up to the paps and tell them to leave him alone cos he's clearly not happy
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People are saying from the snapchat it's Nadine, I don't understand how the back of someone's head can tell you that but no pics no proof
do u watch faking it
Yea i love it
How many days after Saturday will they be staying in nyc ?
Louis is staying till 22-23rd as far as i know so i guess maybe two or three days after saturday
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Is it True that Harry went to NYC early to be with that blonde model Nadine Leopold? The one he was in LA with? And Spain? And they're dating
As far as i know they are just friends but you never know because it's december. And there was a pic of him standing behind a blonde it could be her but it can also be a random girl
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Where abouts are you from ?
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What made you want to be a update account?  grace
I had a lot of free time
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do you know any update accounts that may need one? I'd love to be an insider and have soooo much fun on your birthday
Sorry i don't
Thoughts about ramen noodle
How long are the boys in New York for?
5 days i guess. It depends
do you need an insider for New York? I'm going early Saturday morning and staying all night and j have a car and know some info
I don't sorry love i will be wasted on saturday morning bc it's my birthday
Do you like Fifth Harmony?
Not really
My daughters birthday is soon... Who should I contact to have Harry or Niall come to see her??
Ask her who's her fave
Your fave update accounts
‎@the1dscene @_1dslovakia @1D_Swiss_Team and ‎@niallofficial
It's 1am bro
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Do You think Germany gets OTRA Dates?
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why's your favorite zayn?
Hard to explain it was love at first sight
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When wil the boys be back ? Like will they be in US for Christmas or UK ?
What do you think about taylor swift ?
I like her songs
Where is harry rn?
New york
What is one direction af? I know that it is stupid question but i really have no idea what it mean...
1d as fuck