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I know someone will connections on the today show do you think there's a chance the boys might be going there? If so I could possibly meet them and I'm JW if u think there's chance they'll go there
No idea love
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Who does niall live with
I think he lives with his cousin right now
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Why does Harry like long legs
He just seems to be hanging out with models and he follows a lot of girls with long legs on Ig
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your favourite on the xfactor?
I don't have a favorite i love almost everyone
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Has anybody leaked the album yet?
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How do u Become a groupie I don't want to be one but how do all these girls get to be one I don't get it
You just have to be at the right place at the right time
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Did you ever hear of 1D having groupies in like 2012 2013 or even 2011
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Did 1D ever have groupies
Not all of them but yes
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Do you believe in God?
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I can't wait for FOUR to come out!!!!
Me neither
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have Zane and Perrie set a date yet?
No as far as i know
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Who out of all the boys do you think will have the most kids
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Why did you start this account
Because i wanted to run an update account and help people meet the boys :)
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How do you keep up with always tweeting and stuff like that
I have no idea haha
What type of girl do you think either Niall or Harry would be attracted to?
Niall is a boobs guy, harry is a long legs guy
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Out of the boys who do you think will get married last
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Is your best friend a girl ? Isn't it awkward cause i might think i'm a lesbian but i'm scared of how my friends wil react
No he's a guy :/
Do you think it really bothers Zayn that they didn't use his songs?
I'd be pissed
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Hi im going to 1D concert in singapore and im so excited :D ok just saying tho...
You are gonna have so much fun
Do u think four is going to be there least album that's bought because of the promoting
No they still have time to promo the album
Is it wrong to hate on Modest for not putting Zayn's songs in Four?
I hate them for that i dont really care whetever it's wrong or not
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What dobyou thunk about homoseksuals ?
They are awesome my best friend is gay ;)))
Do u think Harry is dating anyone
He might be
You guys are really helpful! Thanks so much for all you do!
Thank you awwh you're so lovely
Do you think Modest is doing a poor job with SMG and Four?
Yup awful job