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Do u think the boys will add more US tour dates???
I hope so
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does section f6 have a good view ??
Depends on the stadium
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Do one direction have kiks  Sarah Yeager Loves Harrystyles
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which bromance do you ship most??
It used to be zarry but now i can't choose between zouis and zarry
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Do you know if its true that Ariana Grande is going to perform JALBOYH (written by Harry) on the Grammys tonight?
I honestly have no idea
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which color iPhone 6 do you think is the best??
When do you think the boys will leave for Brisbane ?
Feb 10 i think
Are they going to keep the stage gap for Europe and North America? Cause I really don't want that big of a stage gap and do you think they will change the set list
They will most likely keep the stage and change the setlist
Do any of the boys follow you on Twitter? If sohave you ever had a group chat with them?
Yes and no
Austin Mahone's LA hotel is the Sofitel
Good to know :)
sorry babe! I'm really annoying but would you mind answering my question about the South African insider
Could you please resend your question?
What was your favorite video game?  Amrita Karmakar
I didn't have a favorite. I loved all car video games
you think the boys will do another tour after 5th album is out?
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Did the boys sing Stockholm syndrome?
unfortunately no
How do you know their addresses??
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Who's the girl with Niall in the pictures of him going into the stadium in Sydney?
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Sorry if you've already answered this, but do you have applications for US insiders? I'm going to 2 or 3 of the concert dates & I'd really like to be one
Not yet!
I'm going to be in Melbourne when the boys are, do you have any tricks to help me meet them?
Go to their hotels!
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Yeah I too find it difficult to wake up in the morning. Hope their could be a good solution to it. By the way, are you a directioner? I don't think so.  Amrita Karmakar
Yeah im the biggest directionator and i run an update acc
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Hello! :-)  Amrita Karmakar
Hii there!
When niall or harry gets a girlfriend when do you think think will confirm it. like a month or 2?
They will want to keep it in private for as long as they can
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the merch is so expensive://
I totally agree
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I should be asleep rn cause I'm getting up at 4 AM for a 1D concert that is 600+ miles away from me
I feel you
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You post the same pics like the only difference is they are zoomed in
You got me
I think 1000 isn't enough I mean we are talking about ONE DIRECTION
Sorry modest isn't paying me enough. I'm broke but i could give you $1001 do we have a deal?
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