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have ya ever helped someone meet the boys?
of course i have
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do you think the boys will ever visit the Arab world... (places other than Dubai )
i hope they do
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Where are you from?
What advantages do you get from running an update account?
you know things about the boys that not many people know, you make new friends and also you can get some cash or free stuff for promoting other websites
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Are Zayn liam and louis the only ones who smoke?
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Are the boys going to make a new music video soon
yes they are!
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U ship larry or nah :)
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How old are you?❤
Who is you're favourite girlfriend of 1D Danielle Peazer, Eleanor Calder, Sophia Smith and Perrie Edwards? (I know dani is not a 1D gf anymore)
i like sophia the most she's so lovely
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Why do you like running an update account?
because it's fun, i want to help others and it also has its advantages so why not :)
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Do you know when the new album is coming out?
november 17
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What age do you have to be to attend a concert ?
there are no age limits
greetings from Greece <3<3
do you need a co-owner?
How many days are the boys playing at Rose Bowl?
Do u have info for WWA New Orleans bc I've been waiting to see the boys in concert for the last three years and I have no chance of meeting them without you, if you could Please dm me!! - ‎@alexsternie99
not yet
How much does it cost to get a wristband for wwa?
i dont know sorry babe
hi.. do you know the cheapest hotel / hostel for backpacker nearest central park, New York?
im sorry but i don't know any. I have never been to nyc
What is your dream ?  ♥Besho George♥
go to australia
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Do you think niall will go out tonight? Maybe with those girls that we're backstage
naaah they are gonna go to vegas
What's your opinion on larry?
i don't ship it
Hello how are you?! ^_^
Hiii i'm fine what about you?
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do you know what shirts are sold at wwa?
check this out http://t.co/DFJ1O0Pa3Z
Are instax mini 8 cameras allowed into the rosebowl??
yeah they are!
what time does the wwat concert usually end?
10:15pm usually