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Can I still buy the vip ticKETS in regular sale
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Who will be the openers on OTRAT?
The boys havent announed it yet
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Do you know Harry's address in LA? I want to take a pic with my mom outside of it!
I do but it's in private area
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Is presale only with a certain password? And can I get vip tickets only during presale or can I still get it during original sale?
Sometimes there's a code sometimes there's not. And you can still buy tickets in regular sale
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what is Bs?
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How do I become an insider for the future(San Diego show). I've asked accounts before and they never answered.
We will post an insider application and you can apply
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Where are you from?
Are the thing about Niall and a groupie true?
Ask niall
Haylor rumors!! Do you know something?
How did you get involved in managing your Twitter?
What do you mean?
what are the boys doing tomorrow? just filming Kimmel & ellen? Do you know if they're filming Ellen at the 3 or 7 show
are you looking for co owners¨?
No sorry
what phones do the guys all have
Iphone 6
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Are you going to have sydney insiders
Probably no
did you ever met one direction?
When did the album come out?
do you have the link to the Zambo interview with Niall and Harry? the only one I can find is the one with the guy talking over the original audio in a different language
There's only that one
What song you like the most in FOUR?
Do you still do insiders for the otra tour?
Will do
Are you planing on it?
Planning what?
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I feel niall is a really cuddly person hbu?
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Whis your favorite in 1D ?
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Do you know anything about when the boys will announce new OTRA dates:)
Not yet
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Why can't I meet Niall Horan???? :''''(
You will one day
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We. Are the on kimmel?
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