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Will Josh be there for WWA?
yes he is there
When Harry's in London who does he usually hang/go out with? Who is he seen with? Can you give names?
Ben & crew and Grimmy & crew
When Harry's in LA who is he seen with going out at town?
Cal and Jeff Azoff
do you guys choose insiders on the same date as their show or a few days before?
on the deadline dates!
Hey love I sent an email to your insiders request, I was just wondering, how long until you guys pick the insiders or reply to the email so I know I was picked?
we pick insiders on the deadline dates
can you help me and tell me how to buy consert tickets or which website i could buy ticket from PLEASE I BEG YOU IM CRUING SO JARD BC I WANT TO GOT YO WWA TOUR SO BAD IM SAVING MY OWN MONEY BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO BUT IT I BEG YOU
check @1dtickethelp and stubhub
Have you noticed how Harry enjoys the company of much older men
yes haha
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Hi when are you going to choose the insiders for São Paulo, Brazil?
on the deadline date
Is it confirmed that 5SOS are the UK support act?
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will you guys have a USA insiders app?
not yet
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are you looking for any insiders yet for the US leg??
not yet
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How much do you weigh?
about 55kgs i think
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Haha the girl whobsaid ive been drinking watermelon sang drunk in love by beyonce :p
ahahah didn't realise that
Do you know when they are leaving to Colombia?
tonight or tomorrow
i've been drinking watermeloonnn
that's cooool i love it
have you ever been to a concert stella
i saw them at brit awards this year but not at a concert :////
Ahoj přijedou 1D do Česka ? Hi will be 1D in Czech republic? In wwa tour?
neprijdu ja som písala manažmentu už asi dvesto razí ale proste na nás seru s prepáčením :/
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wait when will they go to the hotel?
what country do you come from?
Did One Direction already left to Colombia?
not yet
are the boys ever going to come to Africa arggsdh WHYYY????
they will just keep praying im doing the same because they are not coming to my country
Im bored....whats your fav ice cream and gum flavour?
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What time should i go to the venue to try to meet the boys?
not sure if they come out i'd try to meet them outside their hotel
Do you know what hotel the boys are staying at today?
they are at their apartments today as far as i know
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whats your fav fanfic?
i have way too many favorite fanfics
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stella where are u coming from?
slovakia x