Walaa Elnozahy @WalaaElnozahy
لو فاضى اتفضل اسال واعتقد مش فاضى صح :D :D
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What makes someone attractive?
His/her character and the way he thinks.
Who do you think asked your last anonymous question?
wafaa :D :D
ana mo3gb hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoxoxoxoxox
Fofa ❤ Me too Ana b7bny 😜😂
da ana har42lek hena hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Meen b2a?
et8adeto eih el naharda :D :P
Anhy naharda? 😃
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so funny of course u r not scary , but each one is different from the other i m happy for talking u :)
ya ppl differ. anyway good to know that one of us is happy :) "whoever u are"
thanks for ur honesty :) but have u ever think if this one (he \ she) knows u well but cannot ask u face to face , even between closer friends there must be a sort of borders . sometimes we want to know our friends but we have not the courage to ask . anyway i know u but not that much u think :)
A friend of mine should have the courage to ask me face to face about anything. I'm not that scary, u know. but after all, u r right ppl are just scared of what u would say to them, and that they will feel bad about it at the end of the conversation :/ :)
situation that u Will NEVER forget ..
A Situation that will NEVER happen again.
why do u want to know who is asking ??? he \ she will not bite u :D ( i respect your point of view ) but i think it's more comfortable when u talk to someone u don't know . it's look like u talk to the air :) oh, actually it's more interesting to ask people u don't know to get experience u search
I don't believe this. :D I believe that he/she knows me well and knows what to ask.
Usually, I do not get curious about who is asking.
anyway, u deserve an answer :)
the difficult challenge was knowing for sure that no one will ever put you before himself, no matter how many times u did that to him, and that I am the only one who will ever be there for me.
Ok , so why did u make this account if u will not answer the questions ?
I do answer questions. but some questions better not to be answered. and sometimes u wanna know who is asking first.
what was the most difficult challenge you faced ?
why should I answer this ?!
Do you ever regret something you do \ or decision you take in the last 2 years ?
who is this?!
However, I never regret a decision.
mostly I regret that I had to go through a thing to change and think differently, cuz I used to be smarter than that.
Who do you admire the most right now?
Myself !! :D
طيب على مقدرتى تزاكرى الحاجات الناقصاكى مضيعتيش فرص !! بمعنى انك قاعد فى البيت وبتزاكر بس ده ميضيعش وقت وفرص شغل حواليكى ؟؟
وايه المشكله لو ليا نصيب مكانتش ضاعت ده غير اني مكنتش بضيع وقتي عشان اعتبرها ضاعت لا انا كده او كده مستفيدة.
مجالكيش احساس الفشل وانك فاشله !!
مش فشل بمعنى فشل
انك تفشل محتاج انك تبتدي اصلا.. بس انك لسه مش عارف تبدأ ده مينفعش يتقال عليه فشل لأن الكلمه دى كده تعتبر تعجيز وبس.
الفكره بس ان تعرف تحدد المشكلة بتاعتك وانا كنت حاسه ان ناقص كتير محتاجة اعرفه وده كان مدايقني وده اللي كنت بحاول اصلحه واذاكر حاجات.
الفكره ان مش من اول محاولة تتكسر الواحد لازم يجمد شويه ويثق ف ربنا اكتر. :)
What is the longest you've ever gone without any sleep?
2 days.
خلال ال 3 شهور قدمتى فى شركات غيرها واترفضتى عادى !!! وايه العملتيه خلال ال 3 شهور ؟؟
تقريبا كنت بقدم في اي حاجة الاقيها. واكيد اترفضت عادي محدش بيتقبل في كل الأماكن والرفض شئ طبيعي أبسط حاجة بسبب توتر في الانترفيو.
تقريبا لما رحت انترفيو الشركة دي كان وصلت لمرحلة أن مش فارقة معايا انا هعمل اللي عليا و خلاص وكده كده ربنا هيعملي الخير.
اشتغلتى بعد قد ايه من التخرج ؟ واشتغلتى فين ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
بعد 3 شهور في شركة civilsoft..
Do you pick and choose your friends?
Sure I do, everyone does.
Even though sometimes you make the wrong choices .
I'm sorry.
Who? And why?
What was the best movie of 2014?
Divergent <3
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Do you prefer to talk or to listen?
to sleep :D
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Hi ♥  Dody ʚïɞ
hi :*
How would you describe your style?
Moody Unique style :D
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
can't remember exactly :D lots of things i guess :D :D