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what if rick was dreaming the whole time, how would you feel?  little.lamp.light
Disappointed, but completely shocked! That'd be a major plot twist, hahaha.
Will any more of the group die? Pls tell(:
Well, I think some people in the group will have to. It's pretty much inevitable, but we don't know for sure yet, and who don't know who, so we'll found out when the time comes!
What will come in the next season?? O_o
I foresee death, tragedy, and many feels. I think we'll need lots of tissues.
so is beth goin to be revealed in this season?! #antwait
Yeeep :) #MeNeither!
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<3  # Cyśka .
do you like Shane from 1 and 2 seazon ? i hate him. . and i Dont like Andrea :/  # Cyśka .
I really did like Shane! I didn't like what he became at the end, though. Sort of wish he was still around, we probably wouldn't have had to deal with so much crap if he were still alive!
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what would you do if you met the creator of walking dead?
That would be fantastic. I'd tell Mr. Kirkman how much I admire his work, and to keep it up! We basically live off of TWD now, so I'd ask him not to give it up any time soon, lol :P
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do you think Eugene is lying about knowing how to cure walkers just so Abraham will protect him?
Yeeeep :)
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I miss TWD. Do you miss it too? :)
I miss soooo much!
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Who is your favorite character at TWD?
Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Maggie have consistently been my favourites!
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Have you ever met someone in the walking dead?
Unfortunately, no! But I definitely intend to one day!
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can you please follow me on instagram its Brandon_Fitz  Brandon Fitzgerald
Sorry, we don't have an Instagram!
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What made your day today?
All of the birthday wishes from the #WDA! Love you guys :)
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i was thinkin instead of just escapin Terminus they will decide to take it over. a good start would be to set the other prisoners free. the ones that were yelling for help.
That would be pretty smart!
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Has anyone from the walking dead ever responded to you? Chandler riggs responded to me.
A couple times! Norman Reedus has, Glen Mazzara, Gale Ann Herd, and I think IronE Singleton and Chad Coleman have! Nothing special though, just a few words, haha. But Glen Mazzara is a fantastic guy, and when he was show runner I used to DM him often about what I loved about his episodes, and he'd reply every time. So yeah, it's awesome that Chandler has replied to you! They're all just so kind, I love them.
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Where i can wach The Walking dead season 5 in internet?
You can't, because it doesn't exist yet!
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Where i can wach The Walking Dead 5 season?
On your TV in October! :P
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what's your favorite episode of the walking dead
Right the last of Season 4! Absolutely love that episode.
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What do you think about more than anything else?
The Walking Dead season 5. UGH!
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Hey (:  The Walking Dead
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Keeping in mind that Rick admonished Carl for using profanity to prove to Rick there were no Walkers in the house in Alone (Hey assholes, etc.) . Don't you think that Rick's last line in A, (They're screwing with.the wrong people!) would have carried more impact if he had dropped the F-Bomb
Oh yes, I think if it were allowed, that line would have been 10x more staggering than it was!
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Tremendously talented cast...can you picture anyone else in these roles? If so, who would you recast?
I definitely can't picture anyone else in their roles!
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Did you HAVE to kill off mika
Well, I didn't, but I say yes, according to the comics!
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Who is your favorite character of all time?  :o
Ugh, hard question! It's always changing, but as of now it's Rick.
Daryl and Michonne have super stealthy ninja skills and either one of them can retrieve the weapons Rick buried.