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Hey (:  The Walking Dead
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Keeping in mind that Rick admonished Carl for using profanity to prove to Rick there were no Walkers in the house in Alone (Hey assholes, etc.) . Don't you think that Rick's last line in A, (They're screwing with.the wrong people!) would have carried more impact if he had dropped the F-Bomb
Oh yes, I think if it were allowed, that line would have been 10x more staggering than it was!
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Tremendously talented cast...can you picture anyone else in these roles? If so, who would you recast?
I definitely can't picture anyone else in their roles!
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Did you HAVE to kill off mika
Well, I didn't, but I say yes, according to the comics!
Who is your favorite character of all time?  :o
Ugh, hard question! It's always changing, but as of now it's Rick.
Daryl and Michonne have super stealthy ninja skills and either one of them can retrieve the weapons Rick buried.
Joe didn't know who Rick was... Tony was the only person that saw Rick at the house when Tony was pushed off the bed and Rick was underneath it.. Tony pointed him out to Joe and that's how Joe knew it was him
It’s incredibly ironic that Rick was a deputy sheriff-- but now he’s not just any prisoner but a “Ringleader” that’s leading his fellow prisoners on a good ol’ fashioned jailbreak. Can’t wait for season 5— let the escape begin!
I can imagine that world could turn you into anything! I love this Rick, personally! Me neither, it's going to be amazing!
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How did joe know it was rick?  Erin Little
I believe he probably saw him running off.
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Regarding the Bruce Campbell post you had a little while ago. If you look at the comics and then at him he looks just like neegan. It would be awesome I see him on it.  BAMF_walker
Wow, good point! I wouldn't object to that!
Yeah. Very possible.
Well, we'll see very soon!
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Yeah, a Mary account on Twitter told me about it on Monday. It's sad though. I liked Beth.
Agreed, I love her! Nothing is set in stone, I don't think, but it's a very possible theory.
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Whats your favorite episode from this season?
Hmm, that's hard to say! I've really enjoyed every episode of this season. I think The Grove was definitely a shocker, though!
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Alright well, You know how she got kidnapped, right? Cannibals took her to Mary at Terminus, who is also a cannibal, and she got turned into "Beth Burgers". The meat Mary was grilling.
Yep, that has been my theory since I saw Mary!
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Hey I know what happened to Beth!
Care to elaborate?! ;D
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Carl gets into bad trouble with a member of the Joe gang-- yes?
Yes? No? Maybe so? We'll see!
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hav u saw the neptunic shark suit. it would b awesome in the apocalypse. even if u only had the shirt piece it would still offer a lot of protection from bites. http://neptunic.com/sharksuits/neptunic-c-suit/
I have seen it! I've also talked about a shark suit like so would indeed offer a great amount of protection! My only concern would be the weight, but you're right, just shirt piece would be fantastic.
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do u follow other zombie shows like the evil dead and if so do u think a cameo or a role with bruce campbell would be cool or just distracting?
I do! I can't say that I've seen any of the recent, zombie/apocalypse movies, but I do enjoy the oldies. Do I think a TWD appearance by Bruce Campbell would be cool?! Hell yeah! I don't think it would ever actually happen, but I would definitely enjoy it, haha!
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Do you know how it started?
Nope, no one does, I don't think.
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Why hasn't anyone asked Eugene what started this and how he can end it?
I'm not sure? If it were me, I'd definitely dog him until I got an answer. I'd want to know before I just agreed to take him to Washington DC!
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is rick getting killed off
No, I never see it happening. Not until the end of the show completely, at least!
What could happen in the season finale?
I think the better question is "what couldn't happen?"! As we all know by now, basically anything, ha..
What is something you find hard to stop once you have started?
Watching The Walking Dead. #Truth.
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terminus: good or bad?
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What would you do if Maggie and Glenn dies?
I'd be extremely upset and confused! Mr. Gimple and Mr. Kirkman would probably receive a STRONGLY worded letter, lol.
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