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Thoughts on the season finale?
Loooved it :D
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Is Carol bad ?
Absolutely not, in my opinion!
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Who's one person in the walking dead that u wished never died?? :)  Bree
I wish Andrea had never died!
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What has been your favorite moment out of all the seasons?
That's way too difficult, so many good moments!
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You think Glenn gonna die??
Ohhh I hope not :(
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Do you think Carl will get a gf
Possibly? :P
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Do u think Rick and his people will break the new community
Probably :O
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Is Rick alive? I had a basketball tournament so I didn't get to watch the last 2 episodes...but I think someone said that Rick is dead..?!  Taylor Hankins
Haha, yes, Rick is alive and well!
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How do you think, was it wise to trust Aaron?
I think so!
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what impresses you the most about TWD?
The sheer talent of the cast and crew! Never ceases to amaze us :)
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rick could have survived because on a webisode a lady was there helping people still alive so she could have been looking after him and the room had changed around since it started/shane gave him the flowers but the bed being against it could be from the lady moving it back every time
Hmm, good catch!
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ok so i watch the walking dead on netflix so i have only seen up to season 4. what has happend since then
Ohhhh man, lots. I'd advise you to Google it, I'll be here forever if I try to explain ;D
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you all watch the walking dead, why? get a life! it will NEVER happen!!!!!
Millions of people watch The Walking Dead? Haha, it's just a TV show :)
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how did Rick survive at the hospital at the beggining? i mean, nobody feed him or something aha sorry for my english, i'm french
I know, some of that still doesn't make sense to me either! I guess he got lucky :P
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favorite season till now?
I really enjoyed Season 3!
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"You're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone, Daryl Dixon." ;-;
*Wipes tears*
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Will carl ever cut his hair?
Not sure?
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I knnnoooww!
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Hi, what do you think is gonna happen in the mid season finale?  the walking dead
I have an idea, but I won't tell! :P
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Do you watch TTD afterwards? (The Talking Dead)  Jazzy C.
Yes, usually!
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Favorite walker?
I don't think I have one, honestly! The well walker always sticks out, though.
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Favorite charachter?
As of now, Carol or Rick!
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do u miss B or G more? (dont want to spoil it by saying the full name)
I think I'll miss 'G' more :P
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does the person running this account have a twitter?
Yep, personal is ‎@Xeroxed_ !
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Is it bad that I answer too many random questions and most of the answers have to deal with TWD? I don't think so but my friend thinks I have issues.... :l Do I? nah..... o,o  Jazzy C.
Lol, I've done the same! :P
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