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do u miss B or G more? (dont want to spoil it by saying the full name)
I think I'll miss 'G' more :P
does the person running this account have a twitter?
Yep, personal is ‎@Xeroxed_ !
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Is it bad that I answer too many random questions and most of the answers have to deal with TWD? I don't think so but my friend thinks I have issues.... :l Do I? nah..... o,o  Jazzy C.
Lol, I've done the same! :P
WOW GAME CHANGER LAST NIGHT!!!! Who do u think Daryl was talking to when he said "come on out?" He said it very wearily.  Jazzy C.
I know, so scary! I'm hoping it's Morgan, but we'll see!
RIP Bob <3.
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Would you trust Gabriel?  ℒℐℕⅅЅᎯᎽ #5days❤️
I don't know if I'd trust him 100%, but I don't think I'd be against him either.
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are you excited for tonight?
Yes we are!!!
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Who do you think the lady in Gabriel's photo was?
Hmm, I guess I didn't even see that part!
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Do you think Bob will live?
I don't think so, personally. But maybe!
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Thoughts on Gabriel's secret?
No thoughts, yet!
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This new episode though!!
Was so good!
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How can I be a character on the show? I really wanna join the cast
I think your best shot will be Googling how to become an actor.
I CAN'T WAIT FOR EPISODE 2!!! <3 <3 <3  Jazzy C.
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How can I be a zombie for the walking dead, you know,like, one of the extras...
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favorite chracters that are dead or "missing"?
Oh wow, good one! T-Dog, Axel, Hershel, and Beth!
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an inspiring story!
About what?!
Yeah! -5!!!
Now 3!!!!
-7 days TWD!!!
Now only 5! Woo!
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Tell us a story?
What kind of story?!
I seriously loved Shane Walsh, what do you think would have been the biggest change in the series if he was still alive?  McKayla McIntosh
I liked him too! I wish he was still around. I think the biggest difference in the series if he were alive, would be that so many characters would have still been alive. I think he would have taken care of threats immediately, and lots of drama and death would have been avoided entirely.
Hey, when does TWD start back up? I forget.
October 12th! :)
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i think I have an addiction to the show.....All my friends are totally jelly loll  McKayla McIntosh
Haha, who doesn't have an addiction to TWD?!
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Will be new actors in season 5?
Yes, there will be!
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Do you ship Daryl and Beth?
I'm not really into the whole ship thing, but I would approve of their relationship, if one should form! I think they're pretty cute together.
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Am I the only one who finds the Governor likable? And.... mind following me? :)  ChandlerRiggs IsPerfect
I think he was definitely likable to a point! He had a sort of good side/bad side thing going on, so I think one side of him was very likable. And sure! :)
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