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I seriously loved Shane Walsh, what do you think would have been the biggest change in the series if he was still alive?  McKayla McIntosh
I liked him too! I wish he was still around. I think the biggest difference in the series if he were alive, would be that so many characters would have still been alive. I think he would have taken care of threats immediately, and lots of drama and death would have been avoided entirely.
Hey, when does TWD start back up? I forget.
October 12th! :)
i think I have an addiction to the show.....All my friends are totally jelly loll  McKayla McIntosh
Haha, who doesn't have an addiction to TWD?!
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Will be new actors in season 5?
Yes, there will be!
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Do you ship Daryl and Beth?
I'm not really into the whole ship thing, but I would approve of their relationship, if one should form! I think they're pretty cute together.
Am I the only one who finds the Governor likable? And.... mind following me? :)  ChandlerRiggs IsPerfect
I think he was definitely likable to a point! He had a sort of good side/bad side thing going on, so I think one side of him was very likable. And sure! :)
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F, Marry, kill; Rick, Beth, Maggie. . .?
Holy crap, this is hard! Okay, I think I got it. *F* Rick, marry Maggie and kill Beth! Thanks much :)
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What kind of surprises do you like?
Anything that has to do with The Walking Dead ;D
What three things in life you want more than anything else?
Daryl not to die, Glenn not to die, and October to HURRY UP!
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Hey I'm a new account can you follow??(: ~DontMessWithTheDixon~  Lindsay Dixon
Done! :)
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do you have a twitter account other than the walking dead army? if so, can you tell us what it is? :)
Sure! My personal account is https://twitter.com/Xeroxed_
What is the one thing you could not live without?
The Walking Dead!
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What is the meaning of the life in one word?
TheWalkingDead :D
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What scares you?
The Walking Dead Series Finale..
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so whats the deal with beth?
Who knows?! It looks like she's being held captive by someone, maybe.. But we'll see very soon!
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When does it come back on !!  breanna
For the USA, October 12th!
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Rick or Daryl?
That's not even fair, man! Ugh, if I had to pick... Uhh.. Hmmm... Daryl.
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if you could meet any cast member of twd, but only one, who would you pick?
Ohh wow.. Thanks for making this hard, lol! That's super, super tough. I think it would be a toss up between Norman Reedus and Andy Lincoln. Given the opportunity, I don't think I could actually choose! Someone else would have to choose for me, haha!
Would you prefer to have the power to fly or be invisible?
Either one would be amazingly helpful in the zombie apocalypse, but I'd choose flying, merely because that'd make life in a zombie apocalypse 100x better.
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How do you usually start a conversation?
"Hi, do you like The Walking Dead?" Works every time!
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Soo does Glen die? And where's Beth?!!
I don't know the answer to either! We'll have to wait and see :)
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Ok thank u I'd be honored !!! I'll post it tommorow!  hanna grimes❤(✔)
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OOmg ...hey if u need help at ALL with ur incredible page just send it to my question box I would lovvee to help ya out. Ask any questions and if Ya want to turn down my offer then do it politely plz  hanna grimes❤(✔)
Thanks much!
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In the tv show the only survivors from the VERY beginning are Rick Glen Daryl Carl and Carol . Who are the survivors from the beginning in the book ( PS imA start reading them)  hanna grimes❤(✔)
Oh man, there are quite a few characters that are in the beginning of the comic that were never in the show!
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Hey hey hey spammer Hanna here I just wanna say Carl is the best and can I draw u a walking dead pic!!!*  hanna grimes❤(✔)
Haha, hey there! We love Carl, too! Oh my gosh, if you want to, that'd be amazing! ♥
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