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Skinny or big girls?
big bitches
Skinny or big girls?
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Have you ever been in love?
with my reflection
but they seeing someone right now
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Why you given up kidd
lmao on what kid
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Do you consider yourself a creative person?
no shit
i heard you packing
how'd you know im moving soon ...
Boy pls  ayeeisha
lmlm please
are you addicted to fucking
uhmmm define addicted
define fucking
What about a monkey coochie??? Cum on.... you can dig it
oooooooooooooohhhh cute
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What about a horse dick???
lolollol idk mane
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I said u were cute >_< lol  ayeeisha
-_- not a question lmao :]
I think ure cute?
I think ure cute?
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How long can u last in a wet pussy??? Just curious
uhmmm longer than a dry one
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What kind of girls you like
ones with vagina's
you sly fox you lol
no lol
hey bb remember me y dont u love me
Are you single
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Was there more to the question you ask me???  ayeeisha
lol ahahaha..........................................nae
come on man love me
Skerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttt ANON ass
That's your girl in the background, and so would you cheat on her?
thats my babe Venessa Hudgens nope NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
What da fuq kind of answer is "false"?
What da fuq kind of answer is "false"?
who? Its Me!
who? Its Me!
how do u know all dese fine bitches?
would you fuck me?
who do you know right now that you won't be mad or regret losing you virginity to?