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Will you play Everybody's Gone To The Repture?

I was considering it but I would wrap up the other games first

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What is your favorite dish?


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Will you play Watchdogs 2?



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Hey Weasel, will you come back to playing The Escapists eventually?



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For Anarcute what do you need to play?? Computer, Anarcute but what else? Please answer. Thank you for your time


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How did u become so famous

Carrots. Every single day.

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Hey c: Will you do more We Happy Few videos? These are absolutely amazing. Have a nice day!

I would love to give it another spin in the future, maybe when it leaves Early Access or has the story implemented?

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Hi Weasel. may I ask the name of the map you use in cities skylines?

Kurt Arne Thomassen

why u not settle the long dark nomad challenge?

It's surprisingly easy and just staying at a spot for 3 days is not too interesting. I figured, I would do other challenges instead :)

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where can i find the cities skylines map


It's called 'la Riviera' on the Steam Workshop

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Hey WeaselZone, wanna break out of my Prison Architect Prison?

Nah, I'm good where I am right now, but thank you!

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Are you going to make more simple planes videoes


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Hey weazel. I am joey sybesma (15) from holland (netherlands) I have a ton of animals including a fish tank, but it doesnt look that nice, actually it is ugly af. Ist a very nice tank but the inside looks like shit. I wanted to ask u something about yours, how do u keep it so nice and what kind of p

Joey sybesma

I usually just throw in a lot of plants that I like. I make sure to stack them by size (bigger, longer ones in the back). I use CO2 injection systems to keep them happy and a lot of light. I also have mystery snails to keep the remaining algae in check.

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Where is shoppe keep????

Available on Steam :)

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Will you ever do a meet n greet?

Sure, I have nothing planned for now though

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What country and state do you live in? And also, where did you get the food for your Unknown Foods video's?

Maryland in the US :) I got them from a grocery store not too far from here

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Are you an app developer?


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Cake or cookies?

Cookie cake.

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Why are you so cute?

I'm not.

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What are the names of your dogs?

Marley and jemma

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What are the most important advantages of Internet?

Are you circumcised?

What games have you been enjoying in your free time, if any?

Dwarf Fortress

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What is your name


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