TellEmImDaNinja @WeezyIzMiSENSEI
TellEmImDaNinja @WeezyIzMiSENSEI
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What do you like to do on a rainy day?
Sleep and eat
Do you prefer fish or meat?
What's your favorite things to do in the summer?
Swim and enjoy being out of school
Are you happy with the amount of information in your head?
How often do you go to the movies?
Once every other Month
What is your favorite month of the year?
Do you like your name?
What's the worst movie ever?
The Hobbit
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Have you ever loved someone you have not met?
Who was the last person you talked to?
My sister
What do you want right now?
Ice cream
What’s the first thing you did when you woke up today?
Texted my Boyfriend
What is the best color for a car?
Are you good at swimming?
What makes you special?
A lot of stuff
If you owned a luxury yacht, what would you name it?
How would you like to die?
In my sleep
What image do you have as your desktop background?
A pretty nice pick of Nika & Wayne
What makes you crazy mad?
Black People
What was the the dirtiest job you have ever had?
Coney Island
What is in your fridge?
How many times a day do you eat?
When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
I'm so gorgeous
Where were you born?
Would you rather get a computer virus or the flu?
The Flu