:) 1D "Where We Are" Tour 2014

Harry yesterday in Mexico!

Are there any shows in Italy in 2014?? :D Elisa

No yet! But another announcement coming soon!

:) 1D "Where We Are" Tour 2014


Everybody are soo exited for ,,Where We are'' tour 2014 i can't wait <333 Jerome †

Yeah! It will be great tour! :)

:) 1D "Where We Are" Tour 2014

I know that many of your idols are missing, but If you agree put like! :)

Hey ! Love 1D <3 ★Renata #ProudDirectioner ★

They love you too! :)

Y'all will be touring in the U.S., right? :)

Yeah! Guys will be soon in USA :)

:) 1D "Where We Are" Tour 2014

Put like if you're proud Directioner! Love u all :)

:) 1D "Where We Are" Tour 2014

The video diaries will be back again when the WHERE WE ARE TOUR 2014 starts!

When will start the tour? #followed :) x

2014 :)

will it have in Philippines? Jess' Fur ❥

Check it here! More countries soon :) http://www.onebigannouncement.com/

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Where We Are?