Purple Snow
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is this the payne residence?


No, i think you're looking for the people on the otherside of the street

what is your major in school?

major armstrong

Are white trees the trees covered in snow, or the tree in your pants?

the trees in snow

Have you watched Hataraku Maou? If not, what are you waiting for?

seen it
pretty kewl

can you tell where are we supposed to live if everyone is immortal?

immortal doesn't mean you can't be hurt
so we would just live normally but probably some people will take more risk than normal

futas or traps?


What is your sexuality?


I like you and I want you..we can do this the easy way or the hard way..the choice is yours

then no

Why you gotta be such a BAKA?!!?

Forget Sorrow

i ain't no cow

Why you don't love me?

who you

make pterodactyl noises


why u so awesom bro

why are you

Ola k ase???

playing heartstoner

Does brisa have a strap-on speshul4u ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

she doesn't like it

Best anime you've watched?

that's a tuffy, not sure.

What is the name of the school you attend?


If I jizzed on a muffin would you eat it?

nah, i hate frosting

Spell "me"


do you know that you are amazing !

i was not aware of this

are you a pervert?

nope, not really.

Be my waifu :3


I thought what we had was speciaaaalll!!!!!!!!

Who are you D:

Oak:"Are you a boy or a girl?''


you like white trees?

i have yet to see one

Do you like to get pounded by muscular sexy guy by force?

nah, das gey


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About Purple Snow:

Sometimes i cover myself in oil and fight nude with the hobos down the street for a piece of cheese