Purple Snow @WhiteTrees
Purple Snow @WhiteTrees
Sometimes i cover myself in oil and fight nude with the hobos down the street for a piece of cheese
Ask me but no butt cheeks
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Best anime you've watched?
that's a tuffy, not sure.
What is the name of the school you attend?
If I jizzed on a muffin would you eat it?
nah, i hate frosting
Spell "me"
do you know that you are amazing !
i was not aware of this
are you a pervert?
nope, not really.
Be my waifu :3
I thought what we had was speciaaaalll!!!!!!!!
Who are you D:
Oak:"Are you a boy or a girl?''
you like white trees?
i have yet to see one
Do you like to get pounded by muscular sexy guy by force?
nah, das gey
Are you the real fudge_packer IF so plz stand up
Are you the real fudge_packer
IF so plz
stand up
What if your life is just your imagination and what happens is because you want it to happen?  merkmaker
if that was the case, a lot of people must want the world to end soon
how can something big fit in something smaller?  merkmaker
if it's squishy then get with the mushie
Between the chancla and the belt which is better for punishment?
the belt is like getting hit with a fucken knife (hit not stab) while pouring hot salty water in your wounds compare to the chancla... at least that shit bends
will you (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ me?  merkmaker
of course i (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ you
will you (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ me?
is that sex talk for "i want you in me"?
What would you do if I had a fetish for you?
then you're the only one
I have a fetish for socks
I have a fetish for wondering what fetish I have
How do you feel about adolf-hitler
He's a jew
"Ask me but no butt cheeks". ButtCheeks is a nickname my DeviantArt friend gave me. Does this mean I can't ask you anything?
butt cheeks but not buttcheeks
Ecchi or hentai?
what do you think of Brisa
She changed
r u an boi?
My mom hits me
Would you have sexual intercourse with a man you find very attractive?
Das gey