Purple Snow @WhiteTrees
Purple Snow @WhiteTrees
Sometimes i cover myself in oil and fight nude with the hobos down the street for a piece of cheese
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Ask me but no butt cheeks
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You are like my house cuz' i don't want to leave you  merkmaker
Are you a drill sergeant? Because you have my privates standing at attention.
it's really strange... I don't know you... but i care for you. I really do... and no, i'm not one of your current askers. Just. Take care of yourself. mentaly and physicaly
that's hard to do when you have people always mocking you and nobody caring about the feeling
How old are you ?
But.... I haz a boyfriend......
Pls don't ruin my dream
also dakchicum smells funny.....
Do it
Yes I can D:
only maybes :( what must i do to have u huggle me!
Have sexy time with darkchicm
:3 haiiii ^-^ can we goes back to huggings? :D
D: maybe
Well i just realised you have over 10'000 followers so making you sift through them is a bit mean :/ My name is Vanquisher :3
oh hey :D
I'll give you a few hints, I'm your follower, I wear a mask, and my name begins with Van :P
van dam :D
I'm not darkchicom you probably don't know who i am :/
who are you my mysterious romeo :D
Why must you do this? i thought i had finally found a friend :^(
dang it darkchicom !
Gay no? I feel hurt! :(
No? but gay is more fun, try to convince me otherwise!
gay no D:
Yay ^-^ gay is always more fun :P
no! D:
........ Depends if you want it to be gay. Otherwise it's fine :3
it's gay :D
good, then it can be less awkward ^-^ *friendly non-sexual hugging*
is this gay?
did you want it to be.... More than a friendly hug?....... because, that's fine as well :3
no :D
of course, this is a fwiendly hug ^-^ :3
D: :S :U
I'll try my best :P *hugs*
:) please be gentle :D
I could hug you from behind if you want? :3
alright but no jabbing my butt :D
You mean to keep warm? LIKE PENGUINS! YAY! let's hug! :3
but what if our genitals touch :u
Awwwwwww you shouldn't be lonley *Hugs*
lets hug naked :D
Am i a lightbulb :D?  Dark
NO, my waifu merkmaker is!
kawaii  merkmaker
you're just like a light bulb, you always light up my day