Will Shirola @WillShirola
Will Shirola @WillShirola
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How much of a shopper are you?
i don't know... maybe later. ill talk to u on tuesday though. :) you'll know who i am then :)
nah pls kik me ... don't be scared pls
if I kik u, ill get really nervous and say something stupid :( if I wasn't so shy around u i would :(
pls I won't judge we will just be ourselves !!
pap of a hot selfie
pap of a hot selfie
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I don't get it why people hate on u cuz ur amazing and super nice to me. we barley talk though and when we do i feel all awk and get nervous so ya bye
lmao right well thanks . u should kik me cuz u seem like a nice person (: will_shirola
favorite song?
we dem boys by wiz kahlifa
Ur bogus
lmao eby
What sound drives you crazy?
sound of joes voice
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What do u do when you see a hot girl
say whats up . that pond is beautiful just like u
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What would your stripper name be
fast willy
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what do u do in your spare time?
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jw do u hate priya then
a litle
i like u lol
ok txt me
ur cute
who do u like
whos the girl tht makes u smile
How was she rude shes nice just rlly loud
nah bye
what makes u smile?
this girl
one girl from school that you are forever stuck in the friendzone with
um probably halle
I feel like a little kid playing hide and seek as a 14 year old lol
lol I always do that
boobs are ass?
Im in 1 of your classes tht u have with priya u guys always said hi 2 each other wht happened
she was rude
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
Which celebrity would you like to meet?
ehh I'm super tired though :/
me too