Can you link the new here?

Are you getting a new account since you have a new channel? know what?
I think I'll do that.

Thoughts on TheAmazingAtheist, MrRepzion and JaclynGlenn?

1. Sucks ass
2. Sucks ass
3. Who?

Do you still think your old channel is awful?


What's the most insane question you have been asked on here?

This one

Now that you've canceled your upcoming channel, could you tell us your top 20 worst YouTubers (that aren't gligar13vids or you)? -Jake

20-2. Gligar13vids
1. me

Are you still going to make the new channel?

Probably. Eventually.
It's gonna happen, trust me. I'm too far into my first project to quit now.

WatchMojo thinks Pour It Up is good. Have they lost all credibility?

WatchMojo lost all credibility years ago, let's be honest here.

If you don't like the people who are trying to be nice about your late channel, why do you even have this page up anymore, shouldn't you have deleted it?

1. It's not that I don't like you, it's just that the constant questions got kinda annoying. Five daily, all from the same 3 people. PTSD starts to kick in at some point.
2. I don't know if you can delete pages. And I don't want to delete it because it's still the easiest (and by far most irritating) way for people to contact me. I come back and answer the good ones every now and then.

So you're not going to make a new channel anymore?

No, I'm still making it.
I just had a random fit of frustration. I do weird things in random fits of frustration.

what's your new channel gonna be called?

Matthew Dolman

well, it WAS going to be called TheDoubleAgent, but I've decided to kill the project.

Should I shoot myself?


So, since Bart Baker is going to be doing a parody of Anaconda - what do you have to say on that?

it'll be shit

Can I compare songs to movies, or does that apply to everyone and not just Asuka? -Jake

It applies to all sentient beings.

What's worse: "Anaconda? by Nicki Minaj or the movie Anaconda 2?

You can't compare songs to movies.

is anaconda going to be #1?

Unfortunately, the probability is high.

Will your new reviews contain any... manatees? did you know?

But don't you Want all of the worse-than-Hitler songs to evaporate?

Oh oh oh I really don't care.



So, who was better in Mercy, Kanye or 2Chains? -Jake




You have to admit, it has 2 Chainz' best verse.

Yeah I guess lol

Thoughts on Mercy by Kanye West?

Meh, itz aaiggt

Top 10 Best And Worst Songs of 2011? - Ev- ...Jake


How many times a day do you think Asuka checks your page?



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