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Single? Kidding. What one pop music song to you wish to have the lyrics to printed on your tomb stone? Yes it has to be pop music. 2013-2014ish.
F*** death, I'm immortal.
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I was considering paying for you to have them enhanced but can only afford one boob. So you get to choose. - Still Totally MalaCritico
I'd rather keep my boobs the same size, thank you.
...but, if I had to choose, I would definitely go with the right one.
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Which do you prefer, left boob or right boob? -Totally Malacritico
Really depends on the figure.
Why do you ask, Totally MalaCritico?
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Do you find me signing my questions annoying? If so, should I just sign up for this site to prevent that? -Jake (sorry, this should be the last time I do that)
I don't mind the signing.
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What would you say if I was the real Slim Shady?
Sit down, b****, this is MY CLASS!
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I'm very happy for you and imma let you finish, but Asuka had one of the greatest answers of all time! - Kanye West imposter
Trust me, KWI, they don't.
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Are you sure you don't want the funky bass music? -Jake
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What is your favorite movie of all time?
Finding Nemo?
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Are you bored at the moment (question mark)
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Super serious question: Sandstorm - Darude. Thoughts?  Ellie Violet Axe
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What's the most unexpected thing to ever happen to you?
Mues following me on twitter.
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Can I have the new channel link so I can subscribe to it?  Asuka Pickett
It will be given out in a YouTube before the end of summer.
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What is the most unexpected thing that happened to you this week?
Mues started following me on twitter.
That's it.
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Did you finish your new channel?
It's up, yeah.
I have a couple videos planned.
I'll give a link out as soon as I can get the first video up.
Spoilers: it will involve music and the year 2013
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Prior to listening to Problem, what are some of your favorite songs?
Sober by P!nk
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Can you tell I'm quite bored at the moment (question mark)  Ellie Violet Axe
I could tell
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Can I touch your face?  Ellie Violet Axe
No, since were not even in the same country
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BEN  Ellie Violet Axe
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I've come to fix your plumbing *funky bass music plays*  Ellie Violet Axe
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What do you think if Sandstorm - Darude?  Ellie Violet Axe
If you have nothing meaningful to ask
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Do you like trains?  Ellie Violet Axe
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I can take criticism, you have nothing to worry about.
You don't understand , Jacob, I insulted you on a very deep, personal level in that thing.
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Did you hear about ben drowning?
I'm not PBG, dude.
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#4YearsOfOneDirection was a complete success. Do you agree (question mark)  Ellie Violet Axe
No... She was MY blog... I'll do it.
*points gun*
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Could I ever receive the script to that video response you were planning (whatever reason you wouldn't send it to me, I'm sure that it won't be the case)?
Trust me, you're better off not reading it.
I'll just summarize it by saying that I REALLY tore into your insight on society.
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