Wynstelle L. Sy @WynstelleSy
Wynstelle L. Sy @WynstelleSy
⋆ Aspiring Musician. Warm HUGS ♥ pluviophile. BLESSED SINCE 1999 ✌
ask meeee :)
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tbh, idk you but pretty ka po! God bless!  Iannah Hey
thank you po:)
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hi idk you but you but you look pretty and friendly😊  Juliana Marie
thank you :))
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Helloo your cute and u look nicee! Take care!  Sophiaaaa
thank you :))
What is the one thing everyone is looking for?
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What's the most important lesson you've learned in life?
every person you meet knows at least 1 thing you don't.
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Which website or app do you use first in the morning?
facebook :)
What is the perfect number of hours to sleep?
8-10 :)
Where do you meet new people?
sns, store, friends of friends
Post your most liked pic on Instagram or Facebook!
Post your most liked pic on Instagram or Facebook!
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What do you look forward to most this year?
college :)
disappointed? what do you mean? why?
just don't expect too much from others, even fortune tellers won't be able to understand you sometimes.
do you hate someone? why?
I don't, but I am disappointed with some people.
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In three words, how would you describe your best friend?
How do you know that you're in love?
when you start to dedicate or write a song about that person.
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pano n mga naniniwala sa mga ibang god?? ano sa tingn mo gagawin nila?
try asking them, they know better than I.
Would you accept to be just friends with the one you once loved before?
no, I guess
What makes you feel proud of yourself?
when I learn from my mistakes and when I grow stronger from my struggles.
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sa tingn mo pag nagpakita n si God, matatakot n lahat ng tao? or ibang pwdeng mangyari?
matatakot siguro,fear that the world is ending... pero may mga tao naman na nahahanap nila ang peace and refuge sa time na ito...
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follow me in twitter please :( -‎@greyandboss  Lloyd
followed :))
cuz he is ugly :)
who is
why is the person beside me not ugly? :O
why is that person ugly then?
Is love complicated? Why?
no, love is simple. people make it complicated.
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First liker gets 50 likes, 2nd liker gets 25 likes while the others gets 3 likes from you. Alright, game? :)
too lazy...
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What do you think of dressing up pets?
I think it's cute, and disturbing at the same time.
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hi ganda
hi ganda