Wynstelle L. Sy @WynstelleSy
Wynstelle L. Sy @WynstelleSy
01/17 Lil' Bright Star. Listing piano as my hobby♥ Blessed by GOD since 1999.✞
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What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
watch kdramaaaaaaa! :)
Who knows the most about you?
God of course and my sisters :)
Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?
What is the strongest animal?
Lion ? :)
What's the best cheese to eat with crackers?
nacho cheese <3
What is your favorite love story movie?
Up HeHe :)
How do you like to start your morning?
with a bright smile
Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?
Last person’s house you were in?
sabay tayong matuto magbike XD  Chloe King
yaay. cge!! leggo :) buy me a bike first ha ha
How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?
still don't know how to
Hi hello K Bye  Chloe King
wierdoooo :)
What one thing do you need to do next?
do hw
lol hi wyns :3  Chloe King
hi chloeeee :)
Salted or sweet popcorn?
salted !
i hate you - Joongki oppa
HOW DARE . . . :'(
If you could change your skin color to anything outside of the natural palette of skin colors, what color would you choose?
When was the last time you saw an animal in the wild?
it's been a while. I forgot
HELLO :)))
What are you looking forward to in the new year?
fireworksss. pretty ones. no no to loud and noisy ones :X
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Do you have a Christmas tree? Post a picture.
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What's something you're not very good at but enjoy doing anyway?
Post a pic of your favorite shoes?
too lazy
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What drink do you prefer when you’re thirsty?
What do you want right now?