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Xaré @XaRe1
Ask me
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Yo so, sexei
Jajajaajjaja me traumo
¿dónde naciste?
Brazil... por que como anonimo? :l
Christian. HAHAHAHA<3
Christian what? x_x
Too shy hehe
I dont get it :l who's shy?
Oh.. and who are you dating? ? Do I have a chance?
Ask me in private for names. IDK it's up to you hun
Would you go out on a date with me?
Already dating...
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Mention 5 things that you like a lot
Mm.. Rainy days
Fast cars
Live Jazz and samba music in a coffee bar
You are beautiful
Thanks you, i'm very sure that so are you :)
P.s: why put anonymous?
Where would you like to live?
What is one thing that many people don't know about you?
Im crazy about GDragon haha<3
What are you busy with today?
Have a network banquet dinner
Aww YO si te extraño y mucho amigui!!
Aw quien eres baby<3
Are you good at swimming?
Noo but i can survive in a pool lol
What is the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite sex?
His looks, style and manners :)
What's the worst thing someone can do on a first date?
A quien extrañas?
Familiares y amigos aun que ellos a mi noo
Tienes algo que confesarle al mundo??
Noo, si soy un angel :D
Pocha jajaja!
Naco jaja se quien eres
Extrañas a alguien de zac?
What is something you do every single day?
Eat and listen to BigBang lol
How often do you drink coffee?
I used to drink it everyday, mostly when I wake up too early but now I'm trying to drink more green/black tea
Why don't you answer my questions?!
They're either too personal or to vulgar.
What's your favorite hobby?
Drawing :)
You have been in so many different countries.. are you a spy?
If you could have any view from your home, what would it be?
the sea and the lights from the city