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Ask me a question
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u r absolutely stunning
Thank you
Did you ever think about broadcasting with another girl?
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Have you ever played Counter Strike
Yess i did :D
Are you afraid of zombies?
Would you go scuba diving?
Do you like video games?
Do you run faster with a knife?
For sure i do
Are Peppers cool or hot?
Have you ever peed in a pool?
From what i remember no i never did
Ever been to Canada?
What are the first things you notice when you meet someone?
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if I ever take a trip to Romania, would you show me the site's, dressed of course lol
aww katy u r so hot
would you go on holiday with someone you dont know?  Robert Körber
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:cutdick You really think it'll grow back? :P
for sure
Open cervix bb? :horny
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ur cool and cute..i like you..what`s ur skype id?..(u cn trst me and gv)
thanks i dont have skype
Alice from wonderland ?! :D
Katy... :GOATSE ;) -Zero
zerroooo miss ya
Did you made your back tatoo because all the guys told you that you are an angel ?
umm no my back tattoo is a tribute:)
Katy are U Indian ?
katy if you dont have boyfriend and i buy you a ring with diamonds will you mary me
I do have a boyfriend and i love him :D so my answer is no
is it you?  Robert Körber
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your bra size?