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I like green eggs and ham can u guess who I am That a good one Ay

Noo... But you sound strange.

U like James Moore

Who's he? Never spoken to him so, no I don't...

Happy Birthday Emma <3 have a great day <3 Love you <3

Danny Ninja Prince

Thank you Danny <3 love you too <3

Are you jealous of Danny talking to your mates all the time?

No i'm not jealous.

How did you make your first money?

By being alive :)

Emma you can sing amazingly and your hair is amazing <3

Danny Ninja Prince

Thank you Danny :), my hair isn't amazing right now though ;) <3

Can you sing?

not at all

How much do you love Danny?

I love him lots and lots and lots more than words can describe :) <3

Do you still love Danny even though you aint goin out anymore?


tights or leggins ??


if you gave a boy a girly makeover what would he wear ???

I wouldn't do that... :)

single or taken

Charles Culwick


okay thanks baby

Charles Culwick

good good :)

hows u baby xxx

Charles Culwick

im good, how about you?xxx

you're one of the ugliest people ive ever seen.

Your point is? I don't care what you think, I don't care what people think of me i'm happy the way I am. I don't live to please you.

Post you fave pic of Patch?

Post you fave pic of Joe?

Post your fave pic of Misty?

Post your fave pic of Matilda?

your pony in you background is so cute x

Thanks :) x


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