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tbh// i like the display a lottt Lavisha Mehtani

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Likers get// movie 💙🌎 Indu Kundam


Ek murgi aur uske teen bache road cross kar rahe the. Road cross karne ke baad murgi ke ek bache ne kaha, “Aakhir hum paanchon ne road cross karliya”. Paanch kaise? .. .. .. .. .. Socho Socho … .. .. .. .. .. Kaise Hua? 🐓 🐥🐤🐥(🐥) ? 😁😁

if we interchange the position of 'U' and 'A' then we get the sender of this question😂😂😂

Likers get// 💋 Niharika


What is Sex?

Sex is a sensation caused by temptation where a guy sticks his location into a girl's destination to increase the population of the next generation do you get my explanation or do you want a demonstration? 😂😜😝

Tbh_ You seem to be sweet.❤ Ayushee Dash

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Like : Ow - Sweet 💕 Aditi Gasti

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Tbh, I love your dp and bg👌 lakshita kamani

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Pap of yours?

One Word.// Cute. Drishti Kaushik.

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If I was ur gf : people call us "The cutest couple" 💯 NaVyA ♡


Tbh/Cute Hetvi

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Message - You are sweet👌😚 SanikaDharod

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one favorite word;😏😂 His Ex Your Next❤


lg-fi// Your Bg👌 Rishita Soni

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Tbh, I love your Dp Pragati

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