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Define the word "Muhabbat"


Mohabbat buri bimari,
Lagi tujhe toh teri zimmedari.

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Talk or not//- Talk Talk Talk *_*

Tanishka De

Sure 💕

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Best compliment you have received?

Friends say
that I'm like all the 6 from 'FRIENDS'😂❤

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Lg // dp rate - 10/10 , ow - fav 💕

Thank You❤❤

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Talk- Your display is really cute!!😋😊🙋🏻

Tuhina Bhattacharya

Thank Youu ❤

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Lg// Question - Pap something for me ❤


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ur display🙈

Reeya shah

Thank Youu ❤

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Tbh, cute display❤

Jalak Gala

Thank Youu❤

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Tbh, That baby in your display is so adorable.😭❤

Ayushi Chheda

Yess, she is Adorable❤❤

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tbh- that dp is cute 💕

Rupal Juneja

Thank You 💕

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kids of Gashti ( who*re) 😂 hum tumhari maa ko kaat ke kha jate hai cow ko.. cow ki neck kaat ne me maza aata hai bahot 😂ye aukat hai tum indians ki 😂 apni maa ko nhi bacha sakte kashmir kaisi bachoge😂 cow piss drinkers 😂 world know our army @Pakistan_army can destroy india in seconds 💪

Grow up.

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it is never too late to ........... ?

Pranati Pareek

Its never too late to set another goal or to dream a new dream 💯

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like = ow: display ☺💕

Surabhi Mukherjee ❤

Thank You ❤

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Like-Question// Pap ♋️

Harshita Dalvi

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Dear ex....... ??

Pranati Pareek

She doesn't exist.

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One word - nice page

Kayuri Bafna

Thank You♥

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I simply love your display. 😌❤🎈💞


Thank Youu♥

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