Jasmine . @YouMustBeFake
Send me @ names for fake or not.
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How far in advance do you prefer to plan?
I plan everything at the last minute.
racist or naw?
or na.
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You don't do black guys?
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Black guys or nah?
Or na
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Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
I hate both?
Gorgeous af. :)
Thank you beba
‎@PURPLEmonroe got famous for posting ass signs .
OK? you're on anonymous talking shit. Who are you? obviously a nobody, what's your reasoning for being on my page talking about her when she has a page? bye bitch.
all yall jumping that girl lol :(
No one is, therefore shut the fuck up :).
Yaaaasss bhoo , lol .. Oooh , and followed ✔️  Biiiitch , I'm Jazzy ✊❤️✌️
Followed back love.
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Ahyee , #teamJasmine .. Ain't got nun on us , guiseee ✊✊ ..  Biiiitch , I'm Jazzy ✊❤️✌️
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you stay checking me smh lmfao  Bàdgal
Bitch what the fuck are you talking about? You can laugh your ass off while rolling down a cliff. You're not wanted. BYE.
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Lmaoooo no but your really beautiful  Jasmine
Thank you :)
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follow back?  Jasmine
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LMFAOO yes. i asked the real girl on twitter (btwimfranchesca) a long time ago asking if ‎@lovesofiax3 was her ask.fm page and she said it was a fake and that she does not have a ask.fm.  dont hate,masterbate
I don't understand this bitch honestly.
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on ‎@lovesofiax3 page why she known for booty yet in her likes the second picture shows "her" and a boy and she's got on shorts but no ass ?
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look at how "henny" and "sofia" type tho,they do their sentences like " I don't need that tho ." They use the same text
I never payed attention to the way they typed lol.
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lmfaooooo what other pages hun ? this is the only page I've ever made & i rarely get on it , again get your facts right & why you still on me ? like if im fake that has nothing to do with you , i can do whatever i want (:  Bàdgal
The devil is a lie, i remember this one page that JUST made an ask.fm and you were the first person to like her answers and shit, BITCH HOW? You are so obvious, shut the fuck up. I'm not on you? I just stated my opinion on my page nobody told you to comment on it. What you need to go do is reevaluate your life or maybe try counseling because you obviously need help.
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funny thing is ‎@lovesofiax3 did deactivate though )': she reactivated. lmfaooo  dont hate,masterbate
it said "no such user in the database" as if I'm stupid :').
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i can do whatever the fuck i want tho , worry about yourself boo .  Bàdgal
My point exactly lmfaoooo. Bitch get a fucking life. You have already made like 3 other fake pages cause your main one has gotten exposed multiple times. Hold on, I understand someone stealing a pictures but how the fuck are you suppose to steal someone else's life and their stories? :']. bitches like you kill me.
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i never deactivated tho , bitch get your facts right .  Bàdgal
Either which way you're still fake, how many times have you been exposed? Ohhh but yet you're still on here like you're the real girl, posting her pictures, saying your fiance is in jail, ect. You surely have no life.
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same person*
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lmfaoooo funny how both "Sofia" and "Henny" deactivated on the same day :'].
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you have nothing better to do huh ? lmfao please keep my @ name off your page k? thanks .  Bàdgal
Dumb cunt, you're on anonymous .
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What do you think about more than anything else?
People are so fucking fake, like I cannot deal with life RN.
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Get the fuck on with your pathetic life.
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