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ZAZ B| @ZAZAROsamada
nothing to say but I'm a poet! I like singing! I'm on the right in my Dp Best ppl ever : Azzaro♥--Ba4ir♥--Gawi4♥--7ilmy♥--M7md H♥--‎@LalooshAwad979
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I don't Answer fav.s Qs!!Only special Qs
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part mn song u like?  ŘąĎwâ➰|2308|⚜
She's Ok, I'm Alright. She's a wake, I'm up all night. And nothing really matters! Nothing really matters.
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pap ^_^  ŘąĎwâ➰|2308|⚜
pap ^_^
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Ocean  Kyla Jacobson
Thanxx pretty ^-^
thank god u didn't like my rate answer! cuz u'd get a higher rate than BMS *-*
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I wasn't serious omfgg  Aleks❤
I know xD xD
New drawing in my Dp what do you think?
who is this ¿?
let's have sex ( check recent 😁)  Aleks❤
Hhhhhh No thanks ^-^
Post a picture of you wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses.
An Original RB sunglasses B|
I'm on the left ^-^
Post a picture of you wearing your favorite pair of sunglasses.
To be honest; You're a smart guy with much pride, love to make friends & enjoys life. Stay happy! ☺️✌🏼️ ~  Yara♡
thanx hon ^-^
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Hhhhh same group
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bk ^-^
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heyyyy its Aleks, look at my singing video you'll have to scroll down tho  Aleks❤
k I'll ^-^
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اتمني امنيه ☺  sandy ♥
اطلع من كل البﻻد العربية! والله ناويها مش قاعد في حتة بيتكلموا عربي فيها
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لكل اللى اتبعتلهم سؤال من عندى واخره #Ahmed ده dare والله بس ماشى ؟ اللى مستغرب متستغربوش وخلاص XD #maya  ♡♥Nestle ♥♡
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معلش يا فارس اصله dare رخم XD متخدش فى بالك XD #maya  ♡♥Nestle ♥♡
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Check My Last Answer 🙈 -Ahmed  ♡♥Nestle ♥♡
elly hya A??
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ياااي واخيراا في اشي اتسلى في ^^ اوك اعطيني الككك تاعك
ابعت/ي الكيك تبعك و بضيفك
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عادي لو ندخل على الكيك و نقيم صور ناس معك بنفس قروبك
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ehh 3llaktt kikk be rate?  SaraMostafa.
eqr2y kda esm l group
ehh 3llaktt kikk be rate?
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.  ZAZ B|
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