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ZAZAROsan (دكتور نفسي ^^) @ZAZAROsamada
......*Ask if u wanna know about me ^^*...... My love ::‎@NouranYoussefMosaad ♥ best friends ::@VeroPao19♡ @Amk_9♡ @Bashirpassive♡ @ZZazzaroZZ♡ Happy to have u guys♡♥ My new nickname :: Copra {The Snake}
Instagram:: Zazaro_sincié☆★
I don't Answer fav.s Qs!!Only special Qs
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اصعب شي :'(
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followed.... back b2a  النجيري
Back ^^
ana ha2fl el ask b2a 3lashan el wa7d at5n2 walhy
Leeh tyb!! Dh l ask 7aga gamila!
a7b a2ol ll 2ly f dahya dahya da5dk howa da asln elly hae5lny a2fl el ask walhy ashkl 8eeeeeeeer mokrma :/
Elly alk X dahya A!! Ana m4 fahm 7aga!
اخر صوره عملتلها save?  ShawQy..(Zamalake) ♥
اخر صوره عملتلها save?
Rate: Cuff ❤ ❤  Veronica Bugova
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cuteeee  Cameron's bae
Yaa ♥
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im boreddddd  Cameron's bae
Me 2!
But I'm talking to my Gf♥
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ما الشئ الذي لا يمكنك الاستغناء عنه ؟
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yo  Cameron's bae
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First 1 = 18 Likes + Followed First 2 = 11 Likes + Followed First 3 = 7 Likes First 4 = 6 Likes First 5 = Dp Fist 6 = 5 Likes First 7 = Tbh or Lie rest = 2 Likes please ♥.
Ok ^^
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like = dare or tbh
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LIKE = DP <3
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ايه الناس العريانه دي مش ده اللي بيتبين عمتووونا ؛)
مش فاهم وجهة نظرك؟؟
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y3ny bimt7noky w kda zina ?  Bashir*
Ah bs mlha4 lazma
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b2lk enta btro7 mdrsa hnak wla bt3ml a wla btzaker lw7dk wla a ***  Bashir*
La brou7 magmo3a kda zy l dros X masr bs 3amla zy l madrasa! Mix ya3nii!
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Do you like spicy food?  AHMED BAHGAT [[1D]]
Not that much :/
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your whats up ?
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ﻭﺟــﻊ #ﺍﻟــﺤــﺐ ﻋـﻨـﺪ ﺍﻟـﻮﻟـﺪ ﺍﻛـﺒﺮ ﺑـﻜـﺘـﻴـﺮ ﻣــﻦ ﺍﻟـﺒـﻨـﺖ ﻻﻥ ﺍﻟـﻮﻟـﺪ ﻣـﻔـﻴـﺶ ﺣـﺎﺟـﺔ ﺗـﻘـﺪﺭ #ﺗـﻜﺴـﺮﻩ ﻏـﻴـﺮ ﺍﻧـﻪ #ﻳﻌـﺸـﻖ ﺑـﻨـــﺖ . . .  MusTaFa Muhaammed 74✌I ♛
اه والله :|
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~ مسآحـ♥ـة ~  Ibrahim magdy *RiP EL47RoRa*
~ مسآحـ♥ـة ~
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وابتسآمتك؟ يا عسآها مآ تفارق وجهك الجميل =$  Sara
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