Mshallah jmeeeeela <3<3 ya 79'ah ely bya5thech

haha thank you 💗

Brother from another mother? Have one?

yess mu one

What should a real woman be able to do?

accomplish all her dreams and goals without distractions

Do you believe that each individual on Earth has a soulmate?


It3arfeen a7ad isma Manaf ?

Manaf abdullah mukhrj , w Dr.Manaf Ashknani bs

Shno albramj aly tstkhdmenha 7g 9owarech please;*


ممكن اتعرف عليك ونكون اصدقاء ونتواصل مع بعض αβό εzσσz


A5ys youm in ur life? W why?

lots of bad days and good.. el7mdellah

Are you frightened or curious about the future?


Ur fav song ? And why ?

currently, the weeknd - still got you

What would you do if you found a celebrity's phone?

decide a day and place to meet with that celebrity and return the phone as it is

I always look up to you and don't ask why

haha ok x

How old are you ?


ممكن لايكزز بلييييز ^_^ anoooos


9a7 el noom

9a7 bdnch

عيدج مبارك زوز

ayamch s3eda

Have you ever given up on someone? Why?

yes, because I can't handle anyone that's two faced

9aba7 el5air ya 3assal


Oboooooooooy jmelah <3

akhr wa7ed gal "oboi" ent7ar gabel la anwld b youmain .. thanks 😂

Someone you wanna seeeee right noow!!!!!? Who is it?

my sister

What r u gonna call your kids?

حمد، ضي، في، احمد

ودك تصير مشهور ؟ السبب ..

no, a7b el privacy

شي مهم لازم تسويه اليوم ؟

maku shai muhem for today

Do you make decisions spontaneously or chart out a plan first?


شرابك المفضل ؟ .. Rida

snapple kiwi&🍓


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