Zainab @ZMKaram
قـل جميلاً أو تجمل بالسكوت
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What time of day is your favorite?
12-3 am
What's something you do well?
Drawing as they say..
Heyyyyy ;*
Hello ;*
No as in graduated from high school?
Not yet
تضحك بعيني الدنيا لي رضيت ؛*
Cute .. no
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مشاء الله ضعفانه زنوب ؛*
Wain shfteny? :p
What is your favorite black and white movie?
I don't watch black and white movies.
ليش كل ما اسولف معاج تكونين منفسه؟ شدعوه؟
3ad shufai entai shmswya or maybe akrahch?
Jamel int bkel 9fatk jamel, w ana abek bshark w 5airk abek..
Eee yala kaa g3da ta5theny :p
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3anditch 7abib ?? Lat chathbeen.
Maku sh'3el?
Do super hero's still exist? Answer b3rf :(
Yes yes yess yeesss i don't know about u bs for me yes!!
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Lash tkabren?
What drink do you prefer when you’re thirsty?
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shbtsawin bil 3id?
Safart .. Twny ashuf ur question :p
What is your favorite black and white movie?
Madri I don't see black and white movies.
Why does your mother always take your phone?? :/
She wants me to focus on school! Nothing else just school
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What is your attitude to smoking?
I don't know I just hate it so much
تلبسين نظاره طبيه حجيه ؟
Yes B)
znoob malch 7s wynch ??
7s mu maly xD hahayy jk jk ❤ Kani 7bebty
A7bch  RMkaram
Amout fech qsmn bellah a3shgch ❤
Mno aqeel jaber ? BTW i misss youu zainoo
Brother from another mother ❤ .. Mnu intai??
If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
19 or 21
Accept me Ana koko
Wain i accept u .. ?
How did you make your first money?
I don't make it, i take it.
7aba ur schedule ? Wdch t'3ayreen shay?
Yes i like it bs aby my friends with me