Zach Spink @ZSpink33
Zach Spink @ZSpink33
Dayton, oregon
Twitter: ‎@Zspink33 IG: spink_33 Snapchat: Z_Spink33
Ask me anything! :)
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Who is the boss in your house?
Hey (;  •Skyler Hayden•
Hey :)
Describe your life in five words?
I have two small balls
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I miss ya zach!
thanks :)
What are your plans for New Years?
I know forgot ;)
Damnnnn you are so hot! I saw you the other day and my mouth dropped open.... ;)
thanks cutie :)
that was mee, haha. "miss ya zach"  mckenna desnoyers
miss ya too :) txt me?
What do you think was the best movie of the year?
Hunger games
I dont know you, but you go to Dayton right? Cole asked me one day how I know you :P  Emily Rose
I do
Post a pic of your favorite shoes?
New team shoes :)
Post a pic of your favorite shoes?
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what are your thoughts on bisexual people?
Can't get enough of em
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What do you think people think of you?
That's I talk to a lot of girls but I don't :)
What was the last movie you watched that was really good?
Grown ups 2
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Hottest freshman?
Haley, Ellie, faith, Cheyenne, Casey, or Emma :)
What are the things you always take with you?
What made you happy today?
Knowing I'm still playing football
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Who do you like the most out of all the girls you talk to?  Victoria Marie Howard
I only talk to one girl
Victoria wants to know what flavor of Popsicle you like.  Cali Jones
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What are your favorite junk foods?
Do you think this week is going to be a good week?  Loryn Mackenzie Williams
Do you know breeana lundeen?
Not really why
5 cutest girls in your grade??
Kylie and Teddi
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lol you know the homie kaden?  Julian Ames
Yeah lol
What do you think is the best gift for wedding?
Chocolate :)
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Whats made you smile this weekend
Getting this babes number at the blazer because of kaden ogles :)