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Hi :) I was just wondering if it's ok to add you on Facebook or if only people you personally know can add you. Anyways, keep being your wonderful self! life gets hard but it only makes you stronger. Remember that there will always be people who care about you :)

I am actually just about to turn my Facebook profile into a 'like page' so if you want, in a day or so that will be ready and you can like it? :3 xx

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Hello!! Just wanted to say that you are amazing individual and an inspiration :) I'm 19 and transgender and I'm just starting to some out to my friends. I wish I had the confidence to dress like you in public. Have a great day!

Thank you so much hun! <3

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I hate myself I really do -_- im ftm and I hate it it :/ I hate being transgender everything is so hard im so fucking short im like 5'5, I been on T for 3months and I have to bind everyday -_- lets switch bodies u have what I want and I got what u want, fuck biology I hate being this way, any advice

My advice would be to not worry about not being born cis, being trans makes you special, EMBRACE it! be confident with it! <3
Though i know a lot of the time that is near impossible ._. but ergh, just stick threw hun <3
btw, 5'5 isnt too short xx

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Hi you're really really beautiful. Take your breath away gorgeus. Never stop believing in yourself! Have an amazing day!

Thankyouuu :'3

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I used to be because they had free Facebook but then they stopped it so i moved to Telstra.

why do you want to be a woman? i don't understand you r so handsome

Ew. Please don't call me handsome.
If you have me on facebook or something, i will post a video ONE DAYYYY about what it feels like and to understand us, its not just like.. you want to be a woman, oh why you look nice as a guy thats not what trans people want to hear, because we don't want to be the opposite gender, we ARE, but our sex doesnt match that, out anatomy doesn't match that. So to give you perspective, ill use myself as an example. Its like a completely normal girl, born with a vagina you know, cis girl, but she has a screw up in her hormones, and she develops as a guy, grows facial hair, broad shoulders, rough skin etcetcetc everything a girl doesn't want. But we aren't aloud to change it. We are forced to go through the wrong puberty. Now this has happened many times where a natural born female has had hormonal trouble. So they are completely female in mind and soul but their body starts developing as a man, they can go to a doctor and get the tablets to stop that and go through the correct puberty. But transgender people, its exactly the same, their mind and soul is the opposite sex but there body is growing with the wrong hormones, but they aren't aloud to change it just because their gender doesn't match the sex they were assigned at birth. It really is torture.

So i don't know if this is a guy or a girl, so just imagine yourself, growing into the wrong body, if you are a male, imagine yourself growing boobs, everybody expecting you to take on a female role, or if you are a girl, the opposite. It would make you REALLY uncomfortable and you would want it to change right? thats what it is to be transgender, its not a matter of choosing, its what we are and making our bodies match who we are to live a comfortable life.

Hopefully i didn't bore you too much, i didn't mean for this to be so looong D: But hopefully that gives you and others reading this some perspective on what it is.