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I heard you guys were and the picture
You heard right
I love you  Ryan Lanchbury
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hot or nots for 5 likers?
are you dating carley?
Why would you think that?
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Are you going to halloween haunt?
Already went
Top 3 hottest 9s at nd
Thoughts on liam smith
hottest 9s at cc and assumption?
hottest 9s at cc and assumption?
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Hottest person in waterdown
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tbh you're a qt and seem chill, we should talk sometimes(:
Thank you
what grade are you in?
Grade 10
fav girls at cc
Hailey warren
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Would legalizing marijuana be a good thing or bad thing?
Yeah, shits good
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thoughts on alex greco
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Likers get a rate?
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Do you think you're popular?
Why would i think that?
Hottest niners at nd
Adam brown
corpus' volleyball team is horrible lol
grade nines you want to get to know better at your school
Any of them that want to get to know me
Where do you go to school
you got shot??
Nope, thanks to Tori
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what grade are you in?
they go to corpus...
Really? Didn't realize
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Hey Zac it's Carley are we dating ?
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Are you and Carley dating? You know cause of her insta pic
Dont worry about it.... :)