Zaheen Gill @ZaheenGill
I was never the girl next door
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views abt gurleen ..
Bff! One who can entertain my nonsense.
Why does it feel so good, so good to be bad??
Gives your ego high.
What if malulik purposes u?
He will not.cause he knows I tend to break faces on such situations.
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Views on vanshika sharma
good person.idk much now
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where you from?
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Sorry, we could be good frndz* typing error :p  Jhilmil Singh
Chill! I didn't even pin point you. :D
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Heyy pretty girl :* You're very friendly, and a nice girl ! Obviously, you're pretty :* very !! And we could good friends :) -and owsm dp :* :D Stay blessed !  Jhilmil Singh
Omg! You stole my heart with your compliments love.
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Hope he finds his gal soon @·@
Lol.He does not want a girl to bug him.Sahi rahega life main yeh banda.
Do yu like maulik?
As a friend,yes. TBH - You're my buddy! ! A beautiful one! ^^ .. Umm sorry for being rude sometimes.. u know the reason. .lol Dp rate 10/10! Tc xx. C ya.
My bud.and thanks for always being there
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Kya aap humse dsti krengi ?
Sure anon..ur name?
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which aap?
Some random app..honestly i don't remember it now.i just kinda stopped using it cause it was kinda buggin me because it started becomin' slow in function
How can you be happy without money?
Amm...just hang around with ppl whom u like and just keep yourself occupied with stuff that u like and makes u feel happy..that's it.Don't crib for something u don't have
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oh thanks alot :)  HamXa Chaudhary
Dp rate = 8/10 ..:)  Hardeep..
That's not much
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followed ! follow back ? :)  HamXa Chaudhary
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Baley baley
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wht is ur age ??
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Hey ur like a faggot!!!
maggot! you stalking me
U unblocked me..?  Joshua Johnson
lol..dude i never blocked u
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Hey beautiful!!! :)
Compliment- cute  Simer ohri
osm insta Dp
ohk thanks
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Uff shit!!XD  Joshua Johnson
lol! Chill ^^
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