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So as you're here.Ask.
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I love u Zaheen
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whom do you miss the most from past?
Jasnoor and Shriya
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You don't date anyone?? Damn I'm living a lie. 😯😢  Arsh Seth.
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bby.. i miss uh..  IsHita Singh ❤
:) Me too
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What if I propose a pretty girl like you!? 😊
I'm sorry. I don't date anyone. You'll find someone better.
That's it?  Arsh Seth.
What do you want to achieve in 2015 which you weren't able to do in 2014?
I really wanna read at least one thick book which has some 900 pages. That'll be all.
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oh thanks alot :)  Hamza chaudhary
No issues.
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btw how do u know ... who this is?!!
Thoughts on armaan dhaliwal??
i know,u know i know that u love me! u know ,i know, u know tht i love u!!
I know whose this.
u r the only one for me!
teri sangati? LOL  Maullick
That was not making even smile.Huh I hate you bud
and now?  Maullick
Tughe meri sangati lag gyi naa..tabhi akal aa gyi *truth*
First impression - don't remember but you always seemed to be a really cool person.... I was right xD you're really chill and you're pretty :) it's always nice talking to you  flying nacho
First impression - Beautiful Face with a stupid mindXD  Maullick
Cause you were too dumb to rate my Ken.
i luv u ;)
I know it. <3
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Hey crazy girl! That wasn't mah attitude.... It. Was just tht u misunderstood
Whatever you say then.
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