Khaled Adel @ZarzOora
Khaled Adel @ZarzOora
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5aled RaGlon 3azem Yazhab ela Must w Ya25oz Mo7adratO w YatSanka7 m3 aSdeQa2O :D wl MofaGa2aaaah enahO Yatdangal ela l GYM leyabne fOrmet l Sa7eel xD 3ash Ya 5aled :D
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to infinity n beyond ∞
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What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
WhatsApp xD
Which is your song of the week?
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just some likes please and we will start <333 :):)  cute people ... jaast.
Here we Go xD
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send your names for thoughts :D  cute people ... jaast.
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can you give us some likes please ‎@ramihoudali btw the dp *_*
Sure, tnx alOt <33
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i love u ♥
U tOo <3
Shoukran <33
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followed ♥  Dody 50 Like+ folllowed = Gift
han7awar xD
~ Do you play any online games ? ♥  amr alyazori ✔ #Gaza
3eeb dna Gamer adeem =D
Aion BattlefieldP4F NFSWorld CrossFire Conquer SilkRoad Rakion xD
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What is better than chocolate ?
More Chocolate x'D
~ do u need money to be happy ? ♥
We don't need no money we can make it all work xD
-Lana del rey
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like = dp rate + tbh ♥
Okieeee xD
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#Selfie #Sis ❤
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#pray to Gaza ♥  amr alyazori ✔ #Gaza
#Support Gaza <3
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followed ♥ some likes yala :Pp  amr alyazori ✔ #Gaza
Back xD
Ya Mesaiatneee <3
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nice profile ♥  amr alyazori ✔ #Gaza
laa nta mn nharda hatb2a Sadeke <3
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Followed :D <3 Bk w shwyt ikes paa lw momken :s ‎@ahmedwael258
Backk xD ahOm reg3o tane :v
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Mumkin Likes Btw Followed Mn ZmaaN :))  Mo-DY Afndy
nto bteshta3'lone ?? l followers bi2elo -.-"
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l Back l Mateen xD
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Tbh u r hot :) x  tanisa franco
Ooh babe xD
tnx Sweetee <33
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Who knows you the best?
tO7a <3
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like = 5 likes + question
Okie, Yallaaaaaaaaah xD
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ya tafeh xP :D  BoGy "el far7a la7za :')"
طبعا تافه .. مش في اسك .. خليك فريش xD
ya tafeh xP :D
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followed :) back b2a <3 lw el answers 3gbtk do some likes :)  Halim
Baaaaaack xD
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tbh: one of the best friends i ever got !!  Eric :3
Ooh babe babe lalalala xD
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