Hey days >myajeffferson Jimayajefferson


Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?


you uppppppppppppppppppp

im uppppp

who loves me the most? Boss Man Allen


You Real ?

Yes :)

what your name skype so we can talk on skype i can't find you on skype that why i want to know want your name on skype k.m

It's in my bio :)

hello, you are my idol !!! <3 tania


Why you don't be here 3 months?

I dnt have time, I'm sorry

I miss u so much my amazing Zendaya. You are perfect <33 :) I'm forever z-swagger <3333333

Thank you so much! Love you and all my zswaggers

you are so pretty k.m


Hi Zendaya . Love you :** ♪♥∞ julczi

I love you too!

Im a big fan

thank you :)

Hii Coleman

Hey lol :)

OMG OMG OMG i luv u sooooooo much im ur biggest fan pls follow me @shucks123 Sharina Su'a

I love you too

Hii Daya! xx

Hii Ceyda.

what would happen if there was no dance Harry's Official Princess

No world.

what does dance mean to you Harry's Official Princess

it's a part of me

Hola ¿Si tuvieras la oportunidad de clonarte, lo harías? ¡saludos! pasate ;) te sigo! Enyelbert∞

Sorry, what? Xx

I love your song Replay☺️❤️ jaz

it means a lot to me, thank you.

you are an amazing singer, dancer and actor Mariee


HI,How are u??

Hii, fine and u?

Accept me please i sent u request!



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