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what makes you happy?

Sexy bitches

Aaron why'd you stop using ask

Because its shitty af

Start using ask again :(


If she was insecure about her body what would you tell her to make her happy?

k im deleting askfm
or the app
yeah jist the app

If she weighed more than you would you care?

nah im skinny af

Do you Like girls with big bums even if they aren't muscular (it's easier to twerki and shake)

like skinny or fat

Post a pic of what is infront of you


Do you like it when a girl shows off her bum or boobs?

ye but not too much

Do you like crop tops or regular length ones?


Do you like tight fitting clothes on girls?


What do you mean depends on the girl?

there could be some bi girl who i have nothing in common with or some bi girl that i would have a great relationship with...
i rather a straight girl

Would you date a bi girl?

depends on the girlll

Favorite features of a girl?

lips eyes

why did that anon say fuck you im done?




Who does this have to deal with?


what happened


just say it

i ate cake

what happened


You're not exactly secretive


What books do you plan to read?

the b i b l e

Fuck you and I'm so done

omfg shit spreads like wildfires with niners..

kissing doesnt seem like your just friends ?

your point..?

They need to just tell you who they are. I'm not even apart of this and I'm getting frustrated ahh


thank you rose


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