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Hey Aaron i was watching the history of wrestlemania a few days ago and HHH says he dont think the streak should end. Now with that said, do you ever think the streak will end? i personally dont. maybe a reverse of fortune match. if taker wins he has to retire.

Michael Cornett


How do you feel about TNA taping pay per views, and do you think they can live up to the WWE's Pay per views?

Danny Rubio

Answered on NoDQ&AV #294.

Do you think there is any legitimacy to the rumours of Zack Ryder turning heel, if so how do you think WWE will book this?

James Duncan

Answered on NoDQ&AV #294.

Hey, Arron. Cena seems to be getting a lot more hate from fans. It's no longer a mixed reaction but more of a negative one. Do you think John taking extended leave and then returning would help him get a more positive reaction, possibly making his character a little less stale when he returns?

Patrick Cullen

Answered on NoDQ&AV #294.

Aaron, I agree with you that shield does not need a forth member, Wrestling member that is. I feel that they could use a manager in the group someone to get them to focus one getting belts. Could you image if they could big back someone like Jim Cornette or use Arn Anderson as a Manager?

Clayton Blum

Answered on NoDQ&AV #294.

Hi Aaron. Stone Cold recently said he would come back for one more match if the price was right. If he did come back CM Punk would be the guy, hopefully not Cena. How would you book it? I thought Stone Cold could make a surprise entrance at the Rumble eliminating CM Punk starting the feud. Thoughts?


Answered on NoDQ&AV #294.

Hey AAron always watch the NoDQ&A videos every week, anyway my question is do you think WWE will have a popular legendary stable like Legacy, DX or The NWO face the Shield at wrestlemania 30 concidering their hot win streak and because there are no 3 man stables from this era can beat them that can

Eric Fitzgerald

Answered on NoDQ&AV #294.

Hey Aaron, with WWE posting an article called, "Does The Shield have a mystery member". Do you think WWE is teasing for The Shield adding another member to it's stable and do you think it would be a good idea? And also who would it be? Please answer in video.

Blake Sandmaier

Answered on NoDQ&AV #292.

Hey Aaron, do you think the UK will ever host another big 4 PPV in the near future? And possibly give Wade Barret a big push to make a big pop like the British Bulldog at Summerslam?

Ashley Sinclair Hind

Answered on NoDQ&AV #292.

I've heard that the six man tag match from last nights raw was fantastic. What did you think?

Adam Woodbridge

Answered on NoDQ&AV #292.

With what Teddy Long has been doing behind Booker T's back, Do you think this is a sign of Teddy Long going heel and trying to get Booker T's job?

Scott John Coope

Answered on NoDQ&AV #292.

hey aaron great show! if cena and taker match would take place at wrestelmania who whould win? please answer in video!


Answered on NoDQ&AV #292.

Hey, Aaron. What do you think about Cena Vs Ryback at Extreme Rules for the WWE Championship? I can't see John losing the title so early, which would mean ANOTHER loss for Ryback at a PPV. They promoted this guy as a monstrous, wrecking machine but so far all he does is malfunction at the big shows.

Patrick Cullen

Answered on NoDQ&AV #292.

my 1st question ever lol do you think they wwe missed out on turning Orton heel or and Cena heel fellt that if they would've shown Cena getting desperate slowly cutting corners too win then as the ref. not looking or hurting do something blatantly cheating too win and have a great close out too wm


WWE definitely had opportunities to turn both guys heel, but at the end of the day, they are a business and they feel it's best for both guys to stay faces right now.

what wrestlemania was better in your opinion 28 or 29?

That's tough to say because I enjoyed the first Rock vs. Cena match more but I enjoyed Punk vs. Taker more than HHH vs. Taker HIAC. I would probably say 28 by a slight margin because of the better crowd.

What are your thoughts on the rise and fall of Cody Rhodes?


I think the mustache needs more air time.

why are raw's ropes white? and not red and same with smackdown? plzzz awnser!!

The Pepper

They did it to piss you off. Seriously though, designs and colors change over time. Having the same thing gets boring after awhile.

Now that Cena's on his 13th world title and given his age and good health do you see him breaking Ric Flair's record of 16 world titles?

John McCormack

It wouldn't surprise me to see than happen. But then again, if Triple H loves Ric Flair that much he might prevent it.

Hey Aaron, do you think that Antonio Cesaro dropped the U.S title to get a push or do you think he will just be another jobber?


Probably the latter.

Hey Aaron, What are the chances of Rob Van Dam returning to WWE and if he does return how will he be used?


It really depends on what kind of deal they are willing to offer him. RVD is going to want good money with a light schedule. WWE's going to want him working as much as possible so it's a matter of both sides being satisfied. If you're going to bring him back, you might as well push him straight to the top and I don't know if that's something WWE wants to do. Bringing him back only to put him in an IC title feud seems like a waste of time.

Hey Aaron, after seeing Zack Ryder video release a new Z True Long Island Story do you see WWE possibly pushing him again for a US title run if he changes his character into a more believable competitive wrestler and if fans get behind him once again?

Alexander Rago

Who knows, and I'm sorry to say this because I like Zack, but I'm also wondering if anybody actually cares at this point.

HHH vs Lesnar in a steel cage match?, is this WWE taking a huge dump on the feud & the fans, this needs to be Last Man Standing or HIAC

Jesus Christ

This is what happens when you water down cage matches so badly that people no longer care. Cage matches in wrestling used to be something special.

Do you see Tony Chimel going into the HOF someday?

Matze Wagner

If any ring announcers go in, I think Lilian Garcia is the most likely.


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