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Pegi sound sikit adik tiri kau dekat twitter tu, asyik mengutuk mak kau je.
Sapa adik tiri saya?
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Aazief kalau I upload pic yg I snap dgn u haritu boleh x? hehe disebabkan pic tu dgn u so i lebih suka kalau u tak kesah i upload.. hihihi  Siti Nazirah
Go ahead, don't forget to tag me :p
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best swimmer, football and basketball player in nexus?
Jack, Brenon and Eric
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u looks like my friend's boyfriend aha how cool is that im so jealous
Is your friend selena gomez? Cause if she is then her boyfriend is me
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Aunty CT dah jumpa Ayden? Sebab haritu tak perasan dia dekat bilik Kak Alyssa. Or maybe dia melawat dekat rumah?
The only people there in the room 24/7 were Alyssa, Anas and their maid. So unless you're the maid talking to me on my ask fm I don't buy it that you were there. And yes, she visited at the hospital
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Peeta Mellark or Gale Hawthorne ?
Peeta brah
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i've seen some people trying to judge you here on ask.fm . don't waste your time thinking bout what they said. one shouldn't judge others when they dont know them personally. just saying. :)
Thanks for having my back Ganon
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what course do you plan to get into when you're on the university soon aazief..
Business management or Law. Whichever one
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u loook like afgan in a handsome way :)
I get the "you look like afgan" line a lot, but really I don't think i do
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i love you my zac efron
No no I'm aazief
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is hannah dania your ex?
When I was like 8. Ahaha Nahh we've been friends for awhile that's all
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Was this year a good year for you?
Yeh man. So many good memories made with good people.
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food that you love to eat?
pizza, burgers, steaks
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Tak percaya awak ank dato siti..bukti?
You have the internet why would i need to prove anything to you whatsoever
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Dato siti nurhaliza? Your mother?
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Aazief!!!! Tahniah untuk awak and family :) tak lama lagi jadi Uncle Aazief :p hehe  Liyana Batrisyia
hehe thank youu :)
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You senang nak rapat dgn strangers?
not really :p
i miss you
It'd help if i knew who this was
excited for a nephew? or do you sense him being an annoying toddler haha
OF course I'm excited, I'm gonna be the coolest uncle
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You've got so many stalkers or "fans". (by fans, I meant human beings)
o rlly?
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Among your siblings, you paling rapat dengan?
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How can you take a photo of you going into a car halfway through? Is the timing is really or its just you posing? And, who took the picture of you? Your parents? Friends?
My driver took it when I was going in :p
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How close you are with Tun M
Not very, my dad is close with him
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camne nak beza british & ameica slang?
Are you serious?
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pernah tak you tanya orang yang you tak kenal kt ask.fm anonymously ? ღ
jarang, and I tell them when I do
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