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is it annoying when guys have a tough time focusing on your face
Yeah it's really annoying. It's so obvious too
1-10 how cool do you think she is
I haven't met her yet so idk. She seems really nice though
do you know your roommate yet?
Yep I do!
when do you leave for college
August 22nd
is it tough finding bikinis
Yes you have no idea
even without a relationship?
Idk to each their own
how do you feel about sex before marriage
I don't really care I guess
do you wear contacts
Nope I don't
why not? you wear thong underwear right?
Yeah I do but idk I feel like it would just be weird
if it were socially acceptable would you wear thong bikinis to the beach
No probably not
you may have the body of a goddess but dont ever forget you are much more than just a body
I don't but I'll remember that
don't ever let a guy take advantage of you, you deserve the best
I won't don't worry. Thank you so much
when artists try to capture the beauty of the female form you would come to mind
If you say so
beauty doesn't describe it, more like a masterpiece
No way
your body is the epitome of woman
Wow thank you
i could go on forever
Could you?
but do you actually want me to stop? :)
No I really appreciate your compliment :)
your face is just stunning
Oh stop :)
i mean i want to be your friend
Okay then be my friend
you should add me to your list of friends
What do you mean?
do you work out?
Yep I work out
you have a fine booty though
Haha thank you
can you twerk?
Not really
would you ever cut your hair short?
Nope I look bad with short hair
smooth legs are sexy at least
Yeah they are I guess haha