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well i don't think they sag....
They don't haha
i think they are really nice the way they are now though, big but not enough to sag
Haha thank you very much
do you wish they were smaller?
I do
is it annoying when guys have a tough time focusing on your face
Yeah it's really annoying. It's so obvious too
it makes me sad that you won't answer all my questions i don't think they're that weird
Text me if you really want to know
1-10 how cool do you think she is
I haven't met her yet so idk. She seems really nice though
do you know your roommate yet?
Yep I do!
when do you leave for college
August 22nd
are bikinis made in bra sizes or what how do you know what will fit
Victoria's Secret does bra sizes but everywhere else does just small medium and larges. If I get a large or extra large it never fits because it's too big around my ribs but it fits my boobs
is it tough finding bikinis
Yes you have no idea
even without a relationship?
Idk to each their own
how do you feel about sex before marriage
I don't really care I guess
if you had to lose one of your 5 senses which would you choose
Idk that's a really tough one. Id prefer to keep all of them
do you wear contacts
Nope I don't
you wear em everyday don't you
Yeah basically
why not? you wear thong underwear right?
Yeah I do but idk I feel like it would just be weird
if it were socially acceptable would you wear thong bikinis to the beach
No probably not
you may have the body of a goddess but dont ever forget you are much more than just a body
I don't but I'll remember that
don't ever let a guy take advantage of you, you deserve the best
I won't don't worry. Thank you so much
when artists try to capture the beauty of the female form you would come to mind
If you say so
beauty doesn't describe it, more like a masterpiece
No way
your body is the epitome of woman
Wow thank you
i could go on forever
Could you?
but do you actually want me to stop? :)
No I really appreciate your compliment :)
your face is just stunning
Oh stop :)