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You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.
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If you could go to europe and visit anyone, who would it be and where?
hmmmm, I don't think I know anyone from there really
la or ny
You should do more lookbooks! Seriously yours is the best I love them so much they so inspiring I can't even describe you how much I love them!! ilysm!!!  Romi Nevo
I will! thank you :)
Where's a place in the world you would like to live?
I really would like to live in Southern California
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where are you from?
Likes get the truth?
Only if I know you
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who are ur faves with less than 2k?
mirk4t, califashion268, lrosecouture, gabriellegdm, julia cates, maddielucy15
do you watch youtubers with less than 2k subs?
Would you rather someone fake laugh at your jokes to not be mean, or have them just keep a straight face to show it wasn't funny?  Walt
Straight face haha
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Truth is that you're one of the coolest girls I've ever met, you just don't talk a lot ;) but we should definitely hang out soon!!  Tanner Waddell
Thanks Tan :) lets hangout soon!
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What are you doing an internship for?
undecided, I have some options
do you have your license?
I feel like we are soul mates
how old are you
could u talk to the girls if another person can join the collab to fill in kinda for Bianca? it would really help me out :)
maybz :/
I love how you post like everyday omg -olivia
what are you excited for this year?
hey abby! i love your channel and your sense of style is rad! i was wondering if you would check out my channel on youtube! i just started out and i'd love some feedback! thanks beaut! it's
love love love love, keep making videos!
I know these questions are really annoying, but since you are one of my favorite youtubers, i was wondering if you would mind checking out my channel? I am still new, but the videos will be getting better! My channel is BeautyWithBrittany <3
you're one of my favorite youtubers
that means a lot, thank you for telling me <3
When is imats
chocolate or vanilla?
high waisted pants or booties?
hmmm, tough one! I would probably say high waisted pants
i know that urban outfitters is a favorite store of yours and on your twitter you posted a photo regarding two shirts saying 'eat less' and 'depression' are you still going to buy from them as often? if at all?
yeah i will still shop there often, its just one of those things
girl you are gorgeous do not succumb to these haters
haha thanks :)