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missing sydnaaaaaaaay
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h.o shannon gearey
Wanting another one so soon?? Hahah well she is fab:) Such a good buddy of mine ever since worlds where we had tooo many good times, super shlow at 400s and still so young...not fair! Is a lil beeeebe with v good fashion taste I must say, has a nice family who all love me, especially Joel :))) She's just perf and a fave <3 ILY SHAN YAY I SEE YOU NEXT WEEKEND X
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Happy birthday! :)  Rosalind Crickett
Yay thank you!
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To kind  Shannongearey
Too* and your welcome x
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Ho  Shannongearey
The biggest poo out :))))
you're the baby remember a + b + b + y ---> (reshuffled) = b a b y
Who's being rude now hahahahah
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saaaaaaaah rude to me :'(
You're just being a baby ;)
miss me? ;)
im baaaaaaaaaaack hehe
Yaaaaaaaaaay Kate's back!
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Oh haaaaai
Been to gym yet  Amy Robinson
Yahyah, Michael wanted to go earlyyyy
Hi  Amy Robinson
Hello homo
Who were you with on New Years?
Zoeeee, Molly, Brooke, Petra for a bit and a few otherrrs
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Do you know of any good online shopping sites? :)
I don't really do much online shopping sorry! Only really for spikes, and I usually get them off eastbay I think:)
Hi  Shannongearey
Haaaai Shan, miss you x
Thoughts on Lauren Henry
Aww she's such a sweet year nine! Very fast and sporty, friendly and saaah pretty :)
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Thoughts on Brooke Somerfield
Real nice and lovely girl, known her since the greerton days, getting pretty quick now too!
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Thoughts on Amy Robinson
Amy's a muppet! Sooo talented in everything, perf bod, always a laugh, love training with herrr <3
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How did your brother ruin your dinner?
Can't really remember now! Just was at his usual annoying antics
Seeeeeing you in 2 days!!!!! Woooooooooo  Shannongearey
Wooooooooooooooooh xx
Awww why better? pretty good thanks
My brother ruined my dinner :(
How are you!
Awww I've been better, how are you?
Anyone you miss?
Of course
Abby is a homo  Austen
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who is stabby? is that his actual name?
Nononono hahah, that's our name, it's austen
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I really think you would suit the name gabby
Ew I don't think so