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Lets not kid ourselves here, we all watched cartoons when we were young. My favorite cartoon growing up was "Hey Arnold!" What is your all time favorite cartoon?  Gregory Alan Bailey
I dont have one I watched alota cartoons and loved every single one of them but If I really had to choose one then id say "finding Nemo"
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pap ?
pap ?
How do you usually express your emotions?
by Painting.
How can you be motivated?
Scooby Snacks ! :p''
When one should stop learning?
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Dp rate: 8/10  Zeenia Hussain.
Thankyou :3
rate 8/10  Hajra bashir *_*
:3 thankyou
Hahahahha i was joking too .. What is with you and ali ? ;)  Aiza Rahman
Hahahahahahaha ♥ ♡ ♥
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koii si b ;)
Hahaa ... achi hain dono , crazy bhi. Aik completely pagal hai .. amd aik prohic ke khala hai HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA XD
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Omg DIE.. ;) Doctors are still better than artists.. Atleast they actually do something :p I never should have rated your dp... :/ ;) Mirror's opinion is not counted :/  Aiza Rahman
Hhahahahahahahahahahha .. chill Aiza iwas only jokin :D its fun teasing you :p
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Oh so when you say 11/10 its fine and when i rate you higher you go all ballistic on me ;) whatever... Anyways who told you that you were "khubsurat"?? He needs to get his eyesight checked ;)  Aiza Rahman
No not me dania wud say that and she wud be right cuz shes a doctor !! Thats the whole point !!.. and no it cant be wrong . Why cuz mirror told me yeah thats it mirror is never wrong ! .. did the mirror ever tell you you are thin ! No na .. exactly ! #lowblow
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thoughts on ghanna
Kaunsi wali ?
Not fair... My judges were totally fine... I dont trust her anyways ;) Plus its still a 7/10 :D  Aiza Rahman
Hahaha such hamesha karwa lagta hai .. and youre jus jealous of my khubsurati ... hmph . Dania say poocho who dekhna sae btae ge cuz she has good taste .. im pretty sure shes gona say 11/10 .. but she wud be right .. you knw why .. cuz shes a doctor.. oh snap !!
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It is supposed to be illogical abdaal :/ I have two medals in maths btw ;)  Aiza Rahman
Boy .. your judges must have been dexlecic. Cuz clearly ur maths is horrible .. you knw you wrote wrong . Still you write it ! Apna check up karai aiza. Aur dania ke de hue dawaiyaan kahan band karo. :p
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Hahaha okay 25/10 happy? :D  Aiza Rahman
Thats illogical. I dont approve .. apni maths theek karo aiza !!
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Dp rate: 7/10 plus you look cute ;)  Aiza Rahman
7?? ... SERIOUSLY?... 7 -.- What did I ever do to you. <\3
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hahahahahah dafa ho
Hahahahahaha XD
kya ghusao gay ? :O
Chocolate dipped bananas :'D
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spi bachy :3
Tangawal makaawa kaani oo be maandum.
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bakwas na kero -.- khotay
_|_ :*
it took u 3 days to take a selfie without retrica plus this is an old selfie (winters ki lagti hai :P)
Yes its from the winters ... and now im supposed to ask you what or of when do I put my selfie off ? ^_○ .. yea didn't think so .. luckyly I still have a life .. you shud go find one too.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IvhmzfGBXc check out my new video?
Can't :'(
Can you give me some likes? I will repay :) And can you give me some likes here https://www.facebook.com/EndziArtist and i can repay with likes or as you want :)  #Just Endżi c:
Sure .. a young artist like myself I wud love to promote you :) ..there done
selfie without using retrica XD !!!
selfie without using retrica XD !!!
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And yet another great response. Very impressed over here! You have a good head on your shoulders and that you're strong enough to never let someone else's ignorant uncalled for hate to bring you down is like a breath of fresh air. If you don't mind, may I follow you?  SandraRosa
Haha Thankyou B] .. I duno knw abt good but it sure is a big head :p .. yea sure and if you don't mind id like to follow you too :).