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3ayz tsafr leh bara masr ?

da so2al wenaby! :"D

tb w 5aset ed eh , f modt ad eh ?

18 kg f 4ahren t2rebn :D

Have you ever fired a real gun?

i did bs mkn4 feh rosas :"D

Would you rather have white hair or no hair?

I love white hair , i think it will be good on me :D

If you could be invisible for a day, what would your do?


Which is the funniest name you've ever heard?

Bnhawy :"D

5aseeeeeet ya DaDa . 3mlt eh 34an t5s !!

ana bt5n tany ya3m al7ag :"D
mn3t alm2ly w alroz w almkaronat bs :D
bs rg3t azed tany now :"D

ted X w nas Ted X l gamda , 3aaaaa4

allah e5lek :"D

yassmin 7mdan di magnona :''D

w say3a :"D :"D

last track you listened to.?

yasmine hamdan, Ant alhwa

mfgooo3 . :P


a5bar Enactus eh ya wa74. ;)

walahi h3rf lma arg3 ismailia 3alsabt isa :D

you fav desert ?.

kolo gameel :"D

what's the weirdest question you've ever been asked ? .

t7b takol :"D :"D
ana 3latol b7b akol :"D

سيأتي اليوم الذي

ahaagr feh .. very soon isa :D

what's your favorite color ?

Navy Blue :D

السعاده هى...

Friends :D

كلمة تطيرك من الفرحة { . . . . . } ؟؟

gaeblk hdya :D
ana b7b alhdaya :"D

If you were a teacher, what subject would you like to teach?

Econometrics :D

What are you wearing right now?

هتشحنلى كارت ب 10 ! :'D

Pancakes or waffles?

Waffles :D

لسه بتروح تصطاد يا عبدالله ؟

tb3n :D kont hnal awl youm agaza :D

:D :D lol :D :D :'D

men tah :"D

3mlt eh f l natiga ya 3m ?

4 amtyaz w 2 gyd gdn El7amdullah ^^


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