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49 languages is a global community. We already have more than 120 million members in over 150 countries. We are a community built on core values, on togetherness, trust and mutual respect. Teenage years are often a voyage of self-discovery. We make the journey easier by giving our members the option of anonymity. It fosters uninhibited, truthful conversations. It encourages opinions. It builds self-confidence.

We have created a place for our members to have fun, share information, make friends and express themselves freely. We want them to do this in a safe environment. So we are working hard 24/7 to create and maintain robust and wide ranging safety measures. If there is one thing that matters to us as much as our passion for asking questions, it is the well-being of our members.

Our Commitment

When was still just an idea of its founders, we believed that our long-term success, and the benefits of our site to our young users, would hinge on the healthiness of the online environment that we created. The speed with which has grown and the prominent role it plays in millions of lives around the world only highlights the responsibility we have for your sons and daughters, your students, your friends, for you. It’s a commitment we take very seriously.

So we are doing everything we can to make our world a happy, fun and safe place to be. We outline these things here on our site but if there is anything you are concerned about, please do not hesitate to ask. Our commitment to our users and to you – their parents, guardians and teachers – begins with our promise to reply as fast as we can.