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How does work?

Below is a basic summary of how works. is an online social network that enables people to send questions to each other and answer them, when they want to.

When you ask a question you can choose whether to ask it anonymously or you can reveal your name. If you want, you can choose not to receive anonymous questions.

All questions are received into your profile inbox. No one can see the questions in your inbox apart from you. These questions are not published onto your profile page unless you choose to answer them. As soon as you answer a question, the question and your answer will appear on your profile.

Everyone (even people who are not signed up to can see what you have put on your profile. You can delete anything on your profile that you decide you do not want there.

How do I create a profile?

You must be at least 13 years old to create an account and we also ask that you read our policies to make sure that you understand how to use

You need to submit a username and password which will become your login details. You will also need to enter your full name, email address and date of birth. You can also link your account with Facebook, Twitter or

You can change your security settings at any time. For example, you can make it so that you do not receive anonymous questions.


You can see the questions people have asked you by clicking the “Questions” link on the top of your profile page. The number in brackets shows you how many unanswered questions you have.

We will send you „Question of the Day” to get you thinking but you can get random questions at any time by clicking the “Get a random question” button.

As soon as you answer a question, the question and answer will appear on your profile.

You can ask a question by typing your question into the box on someone’s profile page. If you want your question to be anonymous, you can tick the box which says “ask anonymously”.

If you do not want someone to send you questions anymore, you can block them from asking you anything by clicking on “block”.


Your profile shows your name, your bio, and any answers that you post.

You have complete control over your profile. You can add or delete all text, photos or videos when you want. You can also tell us if you do not like something or someone by using the report button on your profile or someone else’s profile.


You can search for your friends on by entering their names, user names or email addresses. You can also find your friends from other social network sites by linking your account with those networks.


Your profile shows your name, your bio, and any answers that you post.

Make a gift

You can make a gift to another user – just click on the link “make a gift” where it will give you details of how to make payment.

Showing what you think of an answer

If you see something you like, you can click on the “heart” icon which will show that you have liked that answer.

If you do not like what someone has posted, you can use the “flag” icon to report it.