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Safety & Security Essentials is a social network where people can post questions and comments to other people's profiles, with the option to be anonymous or not. Users can ask each other questions, whether they know each other or not, start new friendships and conversations – the whole idea is to have fun and create a unique online community.

As a member, you can also promote your profile to your existing friends on other social network sites and start asking and answering questions from your friends.

You can search for your friends on by entering their names, user names or email addresses. You can also find your friends from other social network sites by linking your account with those networks.

If you're a member, people may choose to 'follow' you and you can follow others too.

The fact that you can send messages without other people knowing who you are is what makes unique, appealing and so much fun:

  • you can ask and make comments about things that you might be too awkward or embarrassed to say if anyone knew it was you
  • people are often bolder and more honest when they are anonymous
  • when you receive questions or comments, you may not know who they come from, so it's an exciting way of connecting with new people and making new friends
  • if you're having fun chatting anonymously to someone, you might decide to be bold and tell them who you are – and find out who they are too, if they want to tell you!

And, if you ever decide you only want to talk to people when you can see who they are, you can always choose not to receive anonymous questions by visiting your Settings page.

So, here are some important pointers on how to stay safe while having fun on

Be Smart

  • Be smart about anything you say and post – and remember that anything you post on your profile is automatically public!
  • Don't give out publicly your email address, where you live or your phone number
  • Be extra careful when responding to anonymous questions – remember that you could be speaking to a complete stranger
  • Your password is for you and only you; don't give it out to anyone, even your closest friends! Giving out your password means giving access to all of your stuff. If you think that someone else may be using your account, let us know as soon as possible here
  • Think about what you post, especially if you’re upset or angry with someone – remember that everyone on the internet will be able to access it and it could create legal responsibility

Look After Yourself

  • You don't need to answer questions if you don't want to, especially if someone asks you something which upsets you or makes you feel worried or angry – and remember, if you don't respond to a question no-one will have seen the question except you
  • If someone says something mean or horrible to you, you can use the block button to stop them asking you any more questions, even if they haven't told you who they are
  • Don't respond to bullies or people being unkind to you - do the smart thing, ignore them and just delete what they say. And remember, you can also use the report button to tell us about someone who is being unkind, bullying you or bothering you and we will look into it (and no-one will know that you reported it except us)
  • You can turn off anonymous questions in your Privacy Settings – this way nobody will be able to ask you anything unless you can see their profile

Look After Other People Too

  • If you see someone else being bullied or being asked unkind or horrible questions, do the right thing and report it to us – no-one will know that you reported it except us
  • We want to hear from you if you see anything that you don't feel right about
  • If you look out for other people, hopefully they will look out for you – that way all of our members are responsible for each other

For more information, read our Abuse Policy, our Privacy Policy, our Terms of Use and take a look at our Dos and Don'ts page.

This policy was last updated on 17/02/2014