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Guys i am not sure why, but deleted all of my old questions so sorry if you sent me something and didn't get the chance to get an answer :/

Are you bi or hetero?


The ❤️ tattoo

love it ahah

Have you got a blog?

a tumblr? yes i do

Favourite food?

taco bell

Are you going to buy the iPhone 7? Do you like it?

I am not sure

I wanna ben like you❤

you are amazing just like you are :)

Where is Sebastián

With my mom

Are "Brinley clark" your real surnames? Why do you use them for internet?

My name is Acacia Brinley Clark so yes it is. Well i use them because it's my name

Did you used to call "keshaclark" on ig & tw? Why did you change it?

Just on twitter. Well i just grew up and since i have so many people following me it is easier to have just my name

Where do you live

I live in Oregon

Do you always edit your photos? What apps?

Normally i don't edit them. But when i do i just use VSCO and sometimes just the iPhone filters

What happened to Sebastián? 🐱 & to your dog? 🐶

They're still with me

Can you post a pic of your tattoo?

Which one?

I Love You😍😍😍😍😍😍❤💘

❤Jenni Marquez❤†

Love you too cutie 💛

Are you friend with Morgan demeola ?You are beautiful !

Thank you. I used to be

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Acacia Brinley

Guys look how beautiful my living room is!!!! It's not done yet but still

Post a pic with ur bf 😍

Dont you miss your parents? Do you talk with them everyday?

We talk every day and Facetime a lot

So you buy expensibe things. YSL is expensive

It depends on what you buy, my bag wasn't that expensive

How much did they Cost (the 3 palettes)?

It was $54 each

Have you got scars? Or are they fake?

I do have

What compliment does people give you the most?

That my eyes are beautiful :)

What do u do when u have a pimple?

If it's really really bad and i have stuff to do i just put a little concealer and that's it but if not i just leave it there and just put aloe vera

Do you wear a protective case in your teeths when you sleep? When i stopped having braces i should wear it

I do. I need to wear it every night but sometimes i don't ups ahah


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