You're my queen...I love you,I never leave you caca ❤️ Sude ⭐

Thank you for your support and I love you too


You are!

you are so fucking beautiful *-* i love you!

Thank you , I love you too :)

can you burp on command?

that's gross but I actually can ahah


You are!!!

How long did you have braces?

3 years

when you anwear me , i cry. i want to cry. but not of badness. i want to cry of happyness. try , fail , try again , fail better. - cacia ❤ i love you so much ❤

Don't you cry baby girl! I Love you

Are you ticklish?


You are the most beautiful girl in the world <3

Thank you so are you :) xoxo

But this is a fake account, this is a have 3 likes, acacia would have more likes than that

Ohhh i'm so sorry that i need to have a lot of likes to be "real". Likes don't mean anything at least for me. And as you may or may not know is a social network that people don't use very much nowadays! If you were here like 3 or 2 years ago you would know that i had a lot of likes if that is what matter to you ;) xoxo

hey acacia! it's been a long time, but you got me to log in here for a few btw. i didn't know you spoke italian! XD that girl needs to stop using your pics though... Andrew D'Indonesia

Wish i could talk italian ahah

You're one a fucking FAKE!!

got me like...

whats your name on snapchat?


do you have an official fb?

my fan page is my private page is

EHmmmm... real facebook page??? And a selfie

How did you get your legs to get that long?

hmm idk i just grew ... idk ... what kind of question is that? xD it's not like i have control about that

Hi Acacia :D Portugal Loves you :3

Hi cutie! I love Portugal too :)

did the Tattoo on your finger hurt ?? :)

A little bit but it's not an intense pain

I really hate it when I want food and then there isn't any :(

Same, i feel you

whats your snap chat?


Can u please share with us a photo of your tattoo roses? Thank you sooo much

what do you thin about the name venera ? ♥ :)

Pretty name :)

Real Facebook PaGE???

acacia have u ever go to Macedonia (FYROM)- Kichevo?!



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