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Adham Yousry @adham97
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Ya 3m aboya ysafer w hatafa7ak kol youm :P  Marawan AbdelGawad
Hahahahahahahah la kda ntfehem 3'alat :p
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Msh olna awel l shahr :P XD  Marawan AbdelGawad
Mn hena le awel el shahr matkalemnesh :p
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Bakrahak btw -_-  Marawan AbdelGawad
Feen el mac yalaaa
ew3a yaad teftker nafsak 7ad mohem yala :p
ana asef ya basha :p
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followed yaaa  Mohamed Usama
lala msh ha3melak follow fakes :p
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Do you think that the egyptian president "cc" can improve the egyptian economy?
Kolo fel keletsh
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are you a stalker?
Bs ya baba
What would you name your first child?
Youssef :')
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adham yousry
esmak adham eh
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Aiwan tany.
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betesta7amy/a kam mara fel esbo3
Bgd walahy?
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long,short hair, or veiled girls? what do you like the most
msh hatefre2 :p
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Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!
Bs kda.
Post a picture of your favorite celebrity!
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smile and laugh it's free
thank youu
Mr presidet msh fady lel kalam dah.
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who knows about you everything?
No one knows "everything" about me
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Do you wear any t-shirts with funny sayings on them?
Yeah OIS.
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Which country do you want to visit?
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Enta ts7ab ezy mynf3sh hatmoot
Aiwa 3eeb msh fady ana
L2 y 3m b sfa 3ma
Wenta t3rafny mneen b2a :p
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Coldhearted fash5
Ana? Ashan msh ayez asa7eb? :p la enta mareed :')
Aked hya
Wenta meen b2a :p
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