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imagine enk btakl mayonez with rice?
"mayonez" ?
like  Mohamed Mido
شو هاد ؟
شو :o
Crush ;) ?
No ;) ?
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I love youuu
ooohh emm sheee :')
First three songs in your favorite playlist?
Breath of life
Bleeding out
Love me again
tab leh kda i hate you ;(
why :(
bye i will miss ya ;( ro7 fe dhya :)
leh keda :(
h ra2ek fya ?
gameel gedan
post a picecher
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I came back to cairo today. A week and Im getting back to ksa, a month and im having an exam, another month and im having another exam :')
How do you spend the majority of your free time?
Drawing :')
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Do you have any sisters?
nooo :')
A aktar no3 ma7shy bet7ebo??
wara2 3enaabb :')
kol sna wnta tyb
wenta/y tayeb shokran :D
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50=50 like and followed xD  Mohamed Mido
Tb a3mel workout :s
msh fady bakol :ss
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Adham dah 3ady 5ales :P
mohanadddd dah 3aady 5aaalesss 5ales :p
ADHAAAAAM !! <3  Ahmed Samir
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Enta lo 3mlt workout teb2 moz awy
msh kda? :ss
Ahmed Attia bey7b rowan bayen awy 5alih ylm al dor.
tb enta mal omak. la bgd malha?
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mmkn likes w Follow lw mCh hyda2ieeek :)! THnxx <3333  George ♥
La McH HayDaY2Ni 5AleS