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like=long tbh?
PAP of where you want to be right now?!
PAP of where you want to be right now?!
رسالة ل دوفعت 12 el gdeda حبو بعض 😂😂
like = tbh + bf + ow
-tbh - bf - ow
You're stuck on an island. How would you spend your time?
Infinite supply of books and movies.
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Esmaha nashart l m3loma * 😂😂 aw l fact aw l 5abar 😂😂😂  Marawan AbdelGawad
Yadi el neela 😂
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Oxsem bellah mana ya bared 😂😂😂 de l nas l msada2any bs 😂😂  Marawan AbdelGawad
Nashart el esha3a 5alas?😂
Ya e5wany 😂😂
Bs ya abdelgawad el kalb 💣💣💣
MAshAllah l da7 f kol 7eta 7ata 3al ask :p 😂😂❤❤  Yasser Rahmo
Msh m3na eny ba7ebaha en ana zakertaha la etlaqan 😂
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Why did you like it
I like the study of electrons w kda it's new
Thoughts on quantum mechanics?
Only branch in physics i liked, or only branch in physics i didnt hate
Have you ever broken any bones? If so, how many and which ones?
All my limbs were broken 😂
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Like=tbh please 🙈🙊
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Would you like to be high school popular ?
Nope nope nopenopenopenope
In which city you would like to live?
London-New York-Dubai
Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
Nope, attraction maybe love not
baladna ya3am a3mel eh 😂😭  Mohamed Usama
Rabena m3aak😂
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fe sohag ya3am 😭😭  Mohamed Usama
Leeh kda yabni😂
What is the last thing you do before bed?
Read 😌
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ya3ad3aam 😔😔😔 wash7shny yaad 😢😢💜  Mohamed Usama
Usamaaaa enta feen yabni
اوا اوا اوا 💃💃💃😂
Enta far7an awy kda leh danta re5em zayo😂
ولا انتي خلاص مش حثة💃💃
5alas b2a.
Are you allergic to anything?
Im allergic to each and everything.
edeny 7anan men el ana mesh 7atho ba2aly zaman 😂😂😂💃
Edeni mn 7obik hatha