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Heyy please could you share my advice page? I've been inactive for ages but really want to get the page going again to help anyone I can, thanks! ~

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is communication important in ldr?

Communication is important in any relationship!

My sister in law faked a pregnancy to keep my brother, me and my cuzon are the only ones that know, should we confront her??

I think you should, it's not fair. give her the option to tell him herself or you will do it for her

So me and this guy like texted like everyday or every other day, we used to... And now he didn't respond to my text and hasn't texted me since, it's been like a week. Does that mean anything?

He could have just had nothing to say back to the text. Did he start the conversations before or was it always you?

It's kinda become an on-going relapse :/x

Ah no): Are you getting any help at the moment lovely?x

Why doesn't someone respond to your text?

Busy, not sure what to say back, forgot to reply, is bored of the conversation? Many reasons, It depends on your relationship with the person tho I think

my friend asked me to be fwb's with him, and I sort of want to, but I'm scared of what my parents would do if they found out. what should I do?

It's up to you what to do and as this message is quite old, I'm sure you've come to some sort of decision. All I will say to you is that it's your life and your choice. It's not up to anyone else what you do with your love life or with your body. If you want to be fwb then go for it, just be careful
- Natalie x

I relapsed after 10 months clean :/

Oh no):
Is this an on-going relapse or was it a one off?
- Natalie x

hi, me & this guy has been talking for awhile...& we like each other but lately my feelings for him has started to fade, we talk on the phone & all but idk, he really is a nice guy & all and idk why i feel this

Maybe your feelings are fading because nothing has happened so you're losing interest? What's the point in liking someone who doesn't want to develop things further with you and see what happens? You get bored and move on to someone who will want you. He might like you but if he isn't making the effort to try and be with you, you're probably just going off him thinking that nothing will ever happen. It's almost like you're protecting yourself from getting hurt
~ Natalie x

hi nat where have you been? you have been gone ages

Hello, I was in Hospital for the past 3 months! I am back though, sorry for not letting you guys know but I didn't have any internet access

I think I like one of my best friends, but he's already got a girlfriend. Should I tell him even though he's in a relationship, or should I keep it to myself?

You said that you (think) that you like him... I wouldn't say anything whilst you're unsure of your feelings because that may complicate your friendship and his relationship further. Whilst he has a girlfriend it's probably better to bite your tongue and not say anything because breaking up a relationship isn't cool ):
-Natalie x

What makes a guy more attractive? Cuz this one guy.. I used to think he wasn't before but he just keeps getting cuter to me. Does that mean I just keep liking him?

I think maybe you've developed stronger feelings for him so he's more attractive to you than before. I feel like the difference between finding someone attractive and finding someone continually attractive is that when you have feelings for someone in a romantic way, you can't find faults in them so it appears they're more attractive.. (Idk if this makes sense but I know what I mean haha)
-Natalie x

What does it mean when a guy texts you this, "dude yeah me too." Like the word dude? Cuz I've never said it before and that was the first time he said it. Does it mean he just sees me as a friend or does it mean nothing?

It might just be something he says a lot? It doesn't necessarily have to mean anything

I'm gonna ask you a question you may or may not have been asked or seen before but A girl offered me her hand in gym class the other day but she was too far in front of me to grab it if I wanted too. But I got a girlfriend I wouldn't have held the girls hand sexually Is it ok to hold?
My answer wouldn't differ alot from his answer, he's pretty right, i agree with him x

Have you read or watched 50 shades of grey?

No, i haven't actually i don't like modern or recent books x

a girl just walked pass me & said wow so fat....pls tell me how to lose weight just pls dont say im beautiful the way i am & all just pls tell me what i shld stop eating & stuff

Don't listen to her! Please just ignore her, she's just jealous or she's mad that she can't be like you, or she think that it's fun to do that, she's just trying to put you down so she can feel better about herself, you're not fat, she really isn't worth listening to, you're beautiful, don't let her put you down, all what people like deserve is to ignore them, don't make her reach her aim! That's exactly what she wants, to make you mad, upset,angry and uncomfortable and not satisfied with your body! So she can make you feel like shit and then it makes her feel better. So don't do for her what she wants, just ignore it and act happy and comfortable with your body, accept and love yourself and your body, truly. Because it deserves to be loved. have alot of self confidence, that will kill her and make her mad. And when she sees that you don't care and that she can't control or affect you and your feelings with the words she says and that all what she's doing is in vain, she'll get sick of it, and stop it. All what she says is so untrue, anything she calls you is completely not you, and she knows it herself!
Also my answer will be alot like the answer to this question except for some things and specially for the last part about losing weight and how beautiful and perfect the way you are and that you don't need to change or to lose weight but you asked me not to say all that, so there is also ways on how to lose weight if that's really what you want and it will make you happy, there are some helpful links and tips there:
More links:
You're beauiful and perfect the way you are, never forget that, don't let anyone put you down xx

im very big for my age :-( or are all bones the same? but the guys at my school, dont even take a look at me, & ya im rlly fat gosh is there good ways to lose weight very quickly

well no, not all bone structures are the same. everyone has his unique shape and body. and that's not something to be sad or upset about! We're born to be different. Don't look at it that way please, everyone is beautiful including you! You are NOT fat or ugly, you're very beautiful you have your own unique beauty, and who said that guys don't even look at you? That's not even a scale to say wether you're beautiful or not and you never know actually maybe alot of guys do but you just don't see them or they don't want you to catch them looking at you, maybe they're shy or like you secretly, and i'm sure someone out there is thinking about you as the girl of their dreams! You never know what could happen really, the right person will come, Alot of people see you beautiful because everyone have different opinions, right? Someone out there must think you're the most beautiful girl they have ever seen. I think you are beautiful! Even though i never saw you but no one is ugly, you shouldn't worry about your weight or body or anything. Just love yourself, your body and embrace it. Because if you see yourself beautiful and feel that you are, people will see you just the way you see yourself too! So please don't call yourself that you're absolutely amazing, you're beautiful in your own way. you have to be confident in yourself, because confidence makes people see you even more beautiful, have some self confidence, don't let anyone or anything put you down, be positive and accept yourself, i'm sure you will find someone who appreciates your beauty. Don't be ashamed to be who you are, be yourself and your one and only will come to you, he will love you for who you are not for how you look like or how your bone structure is or anything else, everyone has a soul mate even you have someone who was born for you and you're born for him, there's absolutely nothing wrong with you.
(Related question: )
And about losing weight you really don't need to, you're not fat, you're perfect, you never need to change yourself but if you still need to lose weight and it will make you happier, then you should do it in a healthy proper way, best thing is seeing a specilized a doctor to give a healthy balanced diet to stick to, they will tell you the best way to lose weight according to your body type although i'm sure you don't need to, you can start eating healthy, stay away from junk food and unhealthy thing, Avoid skipping meals, excercise and work out more even by the simplest ways like walking, drink more water.
i'm really extremely sorry for the late reply
And you're perfect, amazing, beautiful, gorgeous just like that, don't ever forget this xx

Why do I keep liking him?

And why are you upset about liking him? If you like someone, you like them that's it. You can't really control it or control your feelings towards someone. It just happens x

Do guys like it when girls text them first?

Yes i think anyone likes it when people text them first, it shows that they're intersted and they care and want to talk to you, it makes anyone happy unless they don't like you! It doesn't matter actually with some people but yeah i guess the most they do like it.

Hey just wanted to let you know that were back up and running and ready to answer all your questions. Feel free to drop up a question at any time. Be positive. - V

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How do I help my boyfriend through a loss of a family member ? :'( What I mean is, what do I say?
You can tell him that and also you don't really have to say anything else, sometimes silence is better and more comforting, just let him know that you're there for him, and that you're never leaving his side, sit with him, assure him that everything will be alright and time will heal, make him know he will always have you, give him a shoulder to cry on and tell him it's okay to cry, hug him, kiss him, cuddle with him and don't really keep talking to him about it and saying comforting stuff after a few days or weeks, because he needs to forget now and you'll be just reminding him of the one he lost and it'll make him sadder, give him a chance to start to forget and cope with it, he will also need someone to do things for him like arrange his stuff, clean his room, put his clothes in the laundry, makes sure he eats well, but maybe his family or mother will already do that, also don't stay with him 24/7 sometimes he'll just need to be alone by himself for a while to think or even do nothing, let him be, give him time and space, leave him for a while but tell him that if he ever needed you he will find you there anytime, and after a few weeks, you can start getting him out of the sadness mood, go out together, try to cheer him up, take him on a date, do something for him, but don't also make it extreme, he will still be alittle sad so don't act like nothing happened, just try to make him smile now and then, but still try to comfort him. I'm sorry for his loss. Good luck x

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