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Do u still here??


i feel insecure and lonely..

Well theres a reason flr everything, when did u first feel insecure?

My bf dumped me for someone else but I have to see him everyday, multiple times a day. He looks so happy and I want him to be happy but I feel like I'm dying inside without him. What do I do?

Well u need to move on, if he sees u with someone else and gets jealous u will know his feelkngs wrre true and if he doesnt than u know where u stand and mpve on

My ex got a new gf. And I want to be friends but she hates me and doesn't want me near him!!

Well if ur ex still cares about u he will tell her, and if your sure that ur just friends she has no right

what nail polish colour is good for tanned skin and the summer time, fluro orange or spring pink???

Well personally i like badge, dark purple, and a unique kind of red

Look I'm a teen guy that's needs advice with a girl could we just text?

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but shes my bestfriend that other girl did alot of bad things to me though

Then be honest and tell her if shes really ur friend she would care

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For the girl that weighs 50 kgs. It depends how tall you are.

Yeahh that too

Your friend has just broken up with her bf, what do you do?

Try to make her feel better and take her out

so my best friend is like friends with this girl that told me to kill myself and threaten to put us in jail and she is tellin me it wasnt a big deal what do i do

If the girl actually is threatening u and attacking u dont walk with both of them

I need advice!!

With what?

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So my boyfriend really hurt me this morning, and he knew I was upset but pretty much ignored it and talked to his friends. Then when we went to walk to class he started telling me to stop being sad. He knows I'm in really bad shape but just left me alone to go to class. Am I overreacting?

Well his actions are idiotic he should more sensitive to ur feelings and u should try to be more positive

I added u on kik!u have great advice :)


Thanks hun!

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boy problems its really bad

Ill try to help what is it?

U online?


Your really good at advice <3

Thanks babe

I need advice, do you still use this account?


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followed :)


i am 12 and i am about 50 kg is that ok or overweight?

Hun thats a little overweight but its ok just do more exercises

I'm depressed


can i get advice?


i get upset VERY quickly, how can i dont get upset quickly?

Hun thats just something normal everyone has flaws, maybe thats urs u just need to try to be more postive

Are you online?


I like this guy and he doesn't like me back what should I do?

Move on maybe it wasnt meant to be hun

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