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are you walking around getting inspired?

I don't understand the question. Can you dumb it down for me? My brain is off because it is break.

When is practice during break?

9-12 am. it's like summer so just go anytime you want between then and coach will be there.

what's your fav lip balm ?

nivea. the blue one.

Likers get a question?

likers don't get a question.

How often do you work out?

I've been slacking.. I haven't gotten to the weight room in like two months.. :(

How often do you have Starbucks?

Uh.. Maybe once every two or three weeks(?)

favorite place to go on a date?

I like the park (picnics), the beach, movies, and Disneyland never fails.

favorite summer memory?

the beach <3 every time I went over summer was super fun. I went like 10 times but they were all great memories. Also spending a few days in San Diego with my sister, cousins, and b. that was really fun too(: gosh.. I really miss summer.

You seem stressed lately. keep your head up(:

I am. Thanks, bean <3

tumblr account?

feel better aithy! hope you get well soon!! <3

Thank you! Aha it's not a big deal, don't worry. I'll be back soon.

you fractured your hip? that legit sounds so painful. was it an over extension? one of my friends had the same thing cuz she overextended while running

Not really. So basically my ligament pulled off a piece of my bone. It was an avullsion fracture in my anterior interior iliac spine. So like my upper hip ish.
My hip started hurting during practice literally two days before our first meet. Like three weeks later after resting and seeing a chiropractor (kinda didn't help too much) I felt better enough to run. So I competed at a home dual meet against Whitney but ran in the 800 which isn't my event. I hadn't had any practice since three weeks prior and even then I never trained for the 800. The most I had trained for during practice was 600. I got third place behind Mary and Tania which I was pretty proud of considering all of those setback. I felt fine after so my coach decided to take me to the invitational the next day where he told me I was running in a 4x200 relay (weird event). I warmed up really well and practiced with my relay team and everything and since we were towards the end of the meet (like 7:30pm) we had a lot of time to get ready. I was all good but it was getting only a tad irritated before the actual event. We get on the track, I'm pumped, we go, amara hands off the baton to me and I'm getting out strong and getting a good lead but as I get out of the turn (first 100m) I fell a pop-like feeling in my hip and and kind of like lag a bit (think of a computer lagging) but I continue like it was just a random spaz. I keep running and feel it again and it's bad this time. It hurts more and more as I continue running. At this point I'm limping to get to Sophia Bustos who is the third leg. I desperately give it to her and I can barely walk. My coach watched and said it was like I went from 100% sprinting to all of a sudden 2%. So now the crew is like kicking everyone off the track and I'm like I can't move. My coach comes running to the exit to get me and I'm barely able to limp. My hip feels like it's dislocated and I'm just holding it as I try to walk. My thigh became numb that night when I got home because some nerves in my muscles got irritated. To this day my right thigh is still slightly numb. It's a feeling I can't really describe. I completely couldn't feel it when it was more injured and it's still kinda numb but I've gained more feeling in it.

how'd u sprain ur ankle? btw hope you heal fast & soon (:

I rolled it during practice. We were shuffling from the ten foot line to the net and I just rolled over it and then fell. I heard/felt it crack which was pretty unpleasant.. It's still pretty swollen and I can't walk on it at all without holding something to support me. Hence the crutches.. I'm hoping for it to heal in like a week or two(?) idk. I just don't want it to be a fracture because that's bad. I'm leaning more towards the stupid sprain.

to whoever sent aithy the hate, you're so unfair and judgemental... I personally know how hard this chick works and most of the times, she too hard on herself. I's safe to say that she gets injured because she works hard...

Thank you, Diana! My fellow witness right here, guys. I'm just injury prone... :(

Your always hurt. And tbh I know your gonna deny this and give reason on how it's not true but you milk the shietttttttttt out of your injuries and quite frankly it's annoying af. Like how are you even allowed to play sports. You never actually did track. Your always hurt. Don't deny it

Do you seriously think I go through this for sympathy and pity? Because that is so ignorant. I went through months of preseason training for track, do you really think I went through those exhausting practices just to get injured and watch my chances of even competing go down the drain? I didn't fracture my hip from falling or anything. I fractured it from working and pushing myself too hard. I fractured it because I wanted to run. I fractured it during my first and last real chance to showcase what I worked so hard for. Do you even know how it happened? Do you even know how hard I work for sports? I don't go through all of that mental and physical exhaustion for your pity. I don't do it so I can get attention. I do it because I'm passionate about the sport. I do it because I want to help my team. I do it because I want to break records. You don't even know how bad I want to break that 400m record. That track season was painful. More painful than the training. I had to sit there and watch everything I worked so hard for go to waste. And this volleyball injury is stupid. I admit. It's a stupid sprain. But if I could walk, I would. Trust me, it hurts more to not be able to play and contribute to my team. We only have seven players for our game tomorrow and if you honestly think that I want my team to have to play all around the entire game, that I'm milking this entire injury, you're seriously so ignorant. If I could play, I would. But I literally can't. So I'm sorry I can't be as strong as you are because I'm sure you spent everyday during your precious summer working out, weight lifting, and you probably now spend two hours a day conditioning your butt off after school. And you know what's annoying af? This anonymous hate. Say it to my face. Like how are you even allowed to speak?

What is your favorite type of flower?

white roses <3 so pretty!

If you woke up tomorrow,you were 34, none of your family members knew who you were,you had all your educational credentials(college graduate etc..) 60 thousand dollars and a new car, What would be your first move?

I think I'd try to remember what happened before this so I could change it back. Like in "Big".

Who has the most piercings you know. I wanna ask someone about getting ears pierced?

I have my two lobes and a cartilage piercing.

Who do you want to ask/to ask you to formal?

I doubt she will but, Annie Kim.. She already has someone to go with though... :c

What was your favorite part of the bonding event?

I only got to go to the last half hour of it -.- I really wish I could've saw the magician

Where do you fall asleep besides your bed?

other peoples beds, car, in class (especially Spanish), in stores, on the bus, the bench outside of star tours at disneyland, at the beach, at restaurants, at the park (half hour naps with Annie), in the weight room, etc.

What makes someone attractive?

Anni(c)e ki(personality)m

Are you going to formal this year?


Why do you say my whole name LOL

Evan-Thomas May

Aha I just do that with a lot of people, evan may. you made me crave chipotle :/

Do I run? HAHAHAHA do I look like a runner or something :l LOL that runner's high just isn't my thing

Evan-Thomas May

lol THEN WHY DO YOU WANT RUNNING SHOES, silly?! I bet they're super expensive too!