Abdullah Al-Hussaini @akh89
23 year old born on december 22. Originally from Kuwait but currently lives in Miami, FL. FCBarcelona supporter.
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1 year left to come baq or more;/
Something like that
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if you could live anyone life for a day who would be
Still me
How do you surprise other people?
In what?
do you like dance
Lol depends
Mn teshbah bl shakel?
Lol i dont really know! U tell me lol
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English band or musician?
Band: Coldplay
Singer: Eminem
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Whats is ur fav musician or band?
English or arabic ?
What makes life worth living?
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what is your favorite season
Winter i guess
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Egolk mn 3afna 3ifnah lo kan ghali ... O gola salam mni lo ra7al wel bab yosa3lo jmal ;***** mo kafo 7obk
Loool thanks
How would you explain color to a blind man?
What a hard question
Someone u love hadtek?
Not really
La sheed 7ailk mn awal yoom we want u back in kuwait
Lol how cute
whats ur username on chatous?
Chat what? I dont think i have one
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what is your favorite tv show
Prison break
Hot tea or ice tea?
Hot tea
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Shay tstamt3 lman tsawgla ( shoes,clothes, sunglasses)?
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Mta tabdi dawam o mta rad miami?
Ana eb miami now
What color are your eyes?
Light brown
Have you ever played golf?
Hal qwat madrid hal mawsm afthal ina tkhali il mobara aqwa amta3 bl ta7dyat , wala ina t7s 7adafa ina ikhlik t7ate barca
Ma fhmt
What makes a person rich?
Money? Duh xD
Mat7ss 9af madrid hal sna bikon qawe?
Waznk above 50? Mara tbar3t b damk? Il mohm ma3lik amer iktb tweet shaj3 rab3k bl tabr3 bl dam 3ndna naq9 bl kuwait , bs shar6 io wazn above 50 o il 3omer abive 18 o mashkoreen
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If not now, then when?
Later, xD