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Abdullah Al-Hussaini @akh89
23 year old born on december 22. Originally from Kuwait but currently lives in Miami, FL. FCBarcelona supporter.
Follow me on Twitter @aboudi89 Instagram: AbdullahAlhussaini
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Which languages do you understand or speak?
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whats your favorite color?
Black i guess
U khal o 3am? O 7ag cham kid? Lana ashofk t76 bs wa7da laykoon in7yazi ;p
5al o bas wa7da ely a76 9wrha lol
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do you think there is life on a other planets
Go wedding 3alooya yalah 3ad why not ot a break no collage!!!
Imma try
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Mta btye il kuwait miss u
Why do I think about you a lot?
Cuz im the shit i guess? Lol
Cham mara rai7 il 3omra?
2 times and 7aj once
How comes cr7 bad b 3ink? Just cuz yl3b b madrid?
Ive never said hes bad
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should school offer cash bonuses for good test scores
Lol i wish
where would you wish to wake up to tomorrow
My place
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Shno twaq3atek 7ag natejat awl mobara thed madrid
2-0 for barca
1 year left to come baq or more;/
Something like that
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if you could live anyone life for a day who would be
Still me
How do you surprise other people?
In what?
do you like dance
Lol depends
Mn teshbah bl shakel?
Lol i dont really know! U tell me lol
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English band or musician?
Band: Coldplay
Singer: Eminem
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Whats is ur fav musician or band?
English or arabic ?
What makes life worth living?
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what is your favorite season
Winter i guess
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Egolk mn 3afna 3ifnah lo kan ghali ... O gola salam mni lo ra7al wel bab yosa3lo jmal ;***** mo kafo 7obk
Loool thanks
How would you explain color to a blind man?
What a hard question
Someone u love hadtek?
Not really
La sheed 7ailk mn awal yoom we want u back in kuwait
Lol how cute