LeXuS @Akousticfunkbot
LeXuS @Akousticfunkbot
Animated Chick Who Makes Chill Music... 19... G O O D V I B E S.
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U. A virgin
I'm whatever you need me to be ;)
Do you know anything about BitCoin?
Seeming as tho I'm asking myself what the HELL is bitcoin that would be a no lol
your welcome
No. YOUR awesome :) LMFAO
u got sexy eyes cutie
Well shit hey it's whatever ;) lmfao wow thanks :)
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Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
I had a deep conversation with my boyfriend Tariq last night... We can talk about anything ❤
What is the most delicious berry?
How often do you think about your future?
Whenever I Open My Eyes & Whenever I Look Into His Eyes...
You're different, beautiful, soulful and them dimples ridiculous. Thought you should know..
Shiiiiiiiiiit ;) gracias love... Lol
What question do you often ask yourself?
How Do I Love That Man So DAMN Much ❤
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Who was your idol when you were growing up?
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Ok thank you for you the info (sorry for being so late)
I got you ;)
What shoes did you wear today?
Ol Dusty Ass Work Shoes lol
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Lol you have no idea
I know who this is.. And it's funny you of all people would say this lol
Im just gonna say that I'm happy for you and tariq you're gorgeous btw
I feel like I know exactly who this is....surprisingly. And thank you! ... Much love to you ❤
What would be the perfect gift for you?
Putting Tariq In A Box And Just Setting Him On My Doorstep ! You Gotta Leave For A Second After That Tho lol
Do you know anything about the prices and how that works?
Prices and how it works depends on the place and who you know ;) so I can't necessarily say lol
I plan on recording over instrumentals in a professional studio but I have no idea about how the process works. Is there anything you can tell me? It would mean A LOT. (I'm a rapper btw)
Well of course you need the instrumental. Preferably a WAV file so that it can be mixed an manipulated more. Then while using the DAW (or software) you are going to record various tracks ! The process is unique usually to whichever software you use ! But I'm sure you will do just fine :) <3
Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry?
SILVER!!!!!!!! I have a silver chain that I religiously wear ! It's rare that you don't see me with it...
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I heard Tariq dick little is it tru
Idk if I'm more worried about the state of society or who exactly wants to know the size of my mans dick so bad o.O
Do you have to be 18 in order to record in a recording studio? Like a public one?
No you don't ! All ages are welcome ;)
Tariq got a long dick?
Oh wow! Thanks for Asking! Wonderful! My favorite food is Mexican :)
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No scratch that I know nigga dick little
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Do you record your music at hone or at a recording studio? Just curious.
I record my music at home! I do everything myself :)
Thanks for the IG love. Just wanted to say your music is dope! Keep doing you.
Thank You. That's What Im Here For. To Give and Spread L oh vee E :) <3
PSSSSSSSSSST!!! You're beautiful :)
I'm Merely Made In His Image :) .... Thanks ;)
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